SaaS Development Challenges – A Transformation From Custom Software

SaaS Development Challenges - A Transformation From Custom Software

SaaS Development Challenges – A Transformation From Custom Software

Have you ever thought about monetizing your custom software? In fact, many corporations have monetized their custom software by transforming it into SaaS products. It is called custom software SaaS transformation. Specifically, you have your custom software undergo technical adjustments to make it into a SaaS product. However, every transformation has difficulties, as does custom software SaaS transformation. There are a few notable SaaS product challenges in transition development. Let’s look at SaaS development challenges under a technician’s scope!

Driven Demand

The demand arises when custom software operates smoothly and brings so many positive results that owners want to share, advertise, and monetize their well-tailored business software to the market. This software transformation brings enormous profits for the economy and participating individuals or groups such as developers, investors, users, and especially the original custom software owners. On the market, there are many existing transformation software that you have used at least once.

Notable Custom SaaS Transformation


Founded in 2004, Facebook was initially created for Harvard students only. Facebook’s user target has widened rapidly since it extended the usable age and spread to other North American universities in 2006. It was once recorded as the most downloaded app in the 2010s, with over 2.8 billion monthly active users. With the resounding success, Facebook is no longer a communication platform for Harvard students only but one of the most popular social networks globally.


AWS – Amazon Web Service, known as the most popular on-demand cloud computing platform, is a subsidiary of Amazon and was initially developed to support Amazon’s internal needs. Amazon monetized AWS by marketing to subscribers a valuable tool with a large scale of capacity, guaranteed security, and better affordability with its success beyond expectations. Gradually, AWS has contributed huge revenue to Amazon over the years and accounted for 32% of the ~ $41.8 billion cloud market in the first quarter of 2021. In particular, starting around 2017, AWS has claimed more than 33% of all cloud, while Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud just had 18% and 9%, respectively.


Initially, Custom SaaS transformation aims to advertise good features of a custom product to widen the accessibility to everyone who can benefit from it. The benefits which it has brought to the owners are undeniable. However, with the enormous profits, it has become more commercialized.

The Technology Market

After the transformation process is completed, products are ready to serve your needs. Custom software SaaS transformation, in a word, is an advanced version of the usual Off-the-shelf solutions. It is more competitive, functional, and expensive than Off-the-shelf software. Furthermore, it provides positive competition and fosters constant innovation and development from technology developers.


It goes without saying that they have more options in finding the most suitable software for their business growth. Although price is a determining factor in any investing activities, the suitability and functionality of a product play a vital role in technology investment. SaaS transformation products offer a reasonable price with a shortened implementation time. Furthermore, they have diverse functions, better interaction, and smooth speed, making them distinctive in the market. Last but not least, it offers the best user experience, especially the most suitable for start-ups.


It is a notable benefit since they can monetize and gain enormous revenue from their custom software, which they have invested for their needs only. From end-users, they become a supplier. Let’s imagine how their position and scalability have enhanced when their transformation product is as popular as Facebook.

Technical Challenges

Thanks to transforming from the base of a custom solution, the custom software SaaS transformation product inherits all the advantages and unique features of a particular business. Therefore, it is more attractive and highly rated than other solutions on the market. However, it has to undergo a technical transformation to achieve these successes. As a matter of fact, every upgrade has its difficulties, and so does the custom software SaaS transformation development.

In fact, the related SaaS product development challenges have been mentioned publicly on the Internet that you may easily come across, such as 5 Challenges Faced in Software Development Technology. Therefore, this blog aims to dive deeper into some critical points.

Multi-tenant Support

Multi-tenancy is one of the SaaS solution’s outstanding features. However, it is also a SaaS product development challenge for any technical transformation. Due to its independent requirement among various users, how they can live on the same service without being affected is a primary issue to cope with. In a word, the major matters are database management and resource sharing.
Furthermore, depending on the extent, you need a comprehensive solution for different customers’ autonomous data. In fact, it helps lessen changes in technique and technology.

Scaling Plan

A scaling plan is the second SaaS product development challenge, which has interaction with multi-tenancy. In fact, we don’t know what the future has in store, so the ability to have foresight and initiative will foster efficient work. It is believed that a scaling strategy should include short and long-term visions due to its significant role in business growth.

Specifically, it would be best to focus on resolving a certain number of customers in the scaling plan in the short term. After that, for a long-term vision, your scaling system should be designed for better reconfiguration if an explosion of customers and users occurs.

Vertical Scale

The vertical scale is a technical term for an upgraded configuration resource for a more significant customer pool. Let’s pull an example for better illustration.

For example, your server has only 8G RAM yet has double the number of customers. Therefore, a RAM 16G upgrade is a better choice for the development. In a word, vertical scale benefits your short-term vision when first launching.

With a closer look, the vertical scale’s advantage is convenience. You can upgrade your configuration by using turnkey without affecting the database or operating structures. However, the vertical scale has its limit upgrade, and therefore, it isn’t the best choice for long-term development.

Horizontal Scale

Unlike the vertical scale, the horizontal scale is about resource expansion. In a word, instead of upgrading the configuration from 8G RAM to 16 G RAM – you install another 8G RAM server to adapt to a double number of users. The feature that makes horizontal scale distinctive is the unlimited scale – as in theory.

Modern cloud systems have support in handling scaling logic and database sharding; however, it is a mandate that you grab the key of the changes to master the game. To clarify, all conditions must be predefined perfectly in advance; otherwise, it would be a significant challenge in the transition development.

Cloud Platform

There is no need to run infrastructure operations such as AWS, GCP, or Azure on your own with cloud platforms. The cloud platform provides various support to your product operation most reliably and securely.

CI/CD – Zero Downtime Deployment

You must upgrade the efficiency of automated build and test. Thanks to these automated testing environments, new releases are ready consistently and continuously. Furthermore, your product must acquire a Zero Downtime guarantee for the upper class.

However, you must find a reliable software development partner to transform your custom software SaaS without interruptions and backward compatibility. Developing a successful custom software SaaS transformation requires an experienced technical team with experts that master in-depth levels of each detail of your application. In a word, a trustworthy and experienced IT team will have your SaaS product overcome challenges in transition development.


Besides dependence on service tools, monitoring is equipped with AWS, GCP, and Azure. However, you should have your utilities and tools built for monitoring systems with a complex infrastructure service. It helps detect technical errors and provides solutions immediately.

Reliable Software Partner for SaaS Development

With the difficulties and complexities of SaaS product transformation, finding a reliable partner for your software development is mandatory.

HDWEBSOFT, with nearly a decade of experience in custom SaaS product development, is honored to have experienced developers on our team and provide top-notch services. Furthermore, we guarantee to ease your SaaS product development challenges at affordable prices quickly.

Our Vision

With the bold innovation to be ahead of every new wave, HDWEBSOFT understands the importance of software development to your business growth. We thoroughly analyze your issues to deliver an open technical solution for SaaS development for your future needs.

Skills & Experience

With over 12 years of experience in software development, we can propose the best solution in each stage that fits your budget. Additionally, the skills and knowledge we have gained over the years equip us with the ability to transform foresight into concrete actions for a core value and meaningful creation.

As a matter of fact, it would be frustrating if any software requires a whole new development or approach once the scale has changed. Therefore, with a focus on customer experience, we gather your ideas with the most suitable solution to develop a well-tailored and futuristic solution that performs well under any circumstances.

Our Resounding Successful Transformation SaaS Development

Based in Vietnam, we are proud to be a reliable partner and top software outsourcing company that international customers think of when the demand arises. We have had opportunities to collaborate with partners with a fantastic vision in software development and operating processes over the years. Therefore, as a part of the developing process, we keep your core ideas and develop your ideal software solution with the most suitable cutting-edge technology. Specifically, we hold meetings for in-depth discussions, including essential factors for a dream product, such as the company’s requirements, ideas, expectations, budgets, and technology consultancy.

Retailers on Amazon


We have experience developing retailers’ practical software solutions since some customers are Amazon retailers. Honestly, they have great ideas and a vision for long-term development; however, these ideas have not yet come true. Then, HDWEBSOFT came and developed a well-designed product from scratch with robust functions. In a word, we help them create helpful technology tools to accelerate their business and be ahead of the competition. After its effectiveness was proven, they decided to build other features on SaaS products. Therefore, we brought additional features to SaaS without redesigning any part of the existing product. To clarify, our experts only develop and unlock new features for customers and system admin.

Read more about the data visualization platform for Amazon retailers.

A Flower Shop


We also created software development for a flower shop. As you may know, there are various choices for beautiful flower orders. Additionally, the process is simple and user-friendly. However, the flower ordering process is more complicated than you see, especially for wedding flowers. The diverse selections from high-quality, unique, and rare flowers require meticulousness, logic, and tech-savvy. Traditionally, the customer approaches, samples, and quotes are time-consuming with labor-intensive requirements. Therefore, custom software appears to be an outstanding business optimization solution. With its efficiency, the software accelerates the process’s speed and reduces the workload burden. After that, the owner transforms their custom software into a SaaS product to share the great features and experience with similar services.

Read more about the floral proposal case study.


It is essential to have a concrete vision for your product. Custom software would be your internal operating system today but a popular application the next day. With its benefits and popularity, the transformation of custom software into SaaS development happens naturally. Therefore, a critical demand is to have a reliable and experienced custom software development partner to improve and widen the business vision for an effective long-term solution.

HDWEBSOFT, with nearly a decade of experience in software development, is honored to be a trustworthy partner for a resounding success in the product creation of many big corporations. With over 350 successful tech-savvy projects, we are pleased to serve customers worldwide and experience many industries. Furthermore, we provide top-notch services and deliver the best user experience in the most harmonious collaboration.

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