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With your own software platform, you get an extensive development and deployment environment where all engineers can build cloud-based apps and customize ready-made solutions. The designs are powerful and accessible, software development platforms offer the resources to create, collaborate, and deliver solutions, services, and tools. You can build a platform for a wide audience from enterprises to independent developers. Our mission is to help you engineer and launch your own development platform.


Our platform development services

At HDWEBSOFT, the expertise in software platform development services date back to our earliest years. Our engineers are experienced in different development environment fields that can be applied successfully to build platforms. Our team can set up everything from development and database management tools to remote servers and secure networks. What you get is a set of software and infrastructure solutions built to meet your unique needs and used as a base for further development. Plus, your platform will benefit from cloud features that definitely support scalability, easy access, multi-tenancy, and strong security to reduce the amount of routine work for developers.

API Development Services

Building interfaces so developers can access platforms.

SDK Development Services

Making it easier for developers to build with platform tools.

Big data warehouses

Collecting, analyzing, and smartly processing large volumes of data.


Ensuring seamless integration of platforms, on-site software, and third-party solutions.


Protecting data and development environments.


Scaling performance capabilities up and down.

Monitoring and support

Providing 24/7 live development environments.

Let’s help your business’s IT with a solid platform

Benefit of Platform Development

Innovate faster

Using a cloud-based development platform for developing and deploying applications allows your team to work faster and gives you unparalleled connectivity and unparalleled computing power. If you need a well-structured app infrastructure and architecture, a cloud application development platform will be a suitable answer.

Adding flexibility to the development process, a cloud platform also streamlines the workflow and can decrease overall development time. That is why software platform design in virtual environments is efficient and decreases time to market. Virtual environments enable rapid development with fast and continuous delivery of functionality, make your business more scalable and more robust.

Optimize expenses

Building a software platform lets businesses reduce custom app development costs. This stems from the virtualization of the entire infrastructure, as a result, the elimination of the need for extra hardware to maintain, monitor, and manage software. Platform-based applications are more streamlined and cost-effective.

The majority of companies use platforms not only for development but also for storage and collaborative purposes. Businesses choose to move to a SaaS development platform or cloud development platform to have their data organized, securely stored, and protected. When implemented properly, the platform development model can lower operating and maintenance costs of IT infrastructure.

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Increased security

One of the main reasons that organizations adopt a cloud app development platform is security. Companies that have entrusted their data to virtual storage can rest assured that their information is secure and protected. Cloud-based security management is often more efficient than conventional in-house security management.

This efficiency is thanks to the encryption of data transmitted over networks and stored in databases. Cloud systems block unauthorized access to a company’s information so cybercriminals and hackers can’t get hold of it. Building products and operations on platforms mean providing a comprehensive, end-to-end security framework and risk resilience.

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