Offshore Software Development Company - Offshore Software Development Services in Vietnam

HDWEBSOFT software outsourcing company offers the full life cycle of offshore software development services. We focus on providing offshore development teams for developing sophisticated mobile and web applications.

We are an offshore software development company based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. And we will show you how our offshore development team can perform as effectively as an in-house team.


Offshore Software Development Company

HDWEBSOFT is one of the top offshore software development centers in the market, based out of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We offer the full life cycle of offshore software development services of the highest quality. You will also be able to save costs by working with us. Our offshore development teams have been working with clients from the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Offshore Software Development Company

We provide these offshore software development solutions:

Offshore Product Development

You are running a business. To operate seamlessly, you must implement the use of software that is appropriate and specific to your purposes. However, there are many things to consider, such as software product development, software product management, software development process, and software product life cycle, and you don’t really have the expertise to do all that. What are you going to do?

That is where we, an offshore software development company, come in. We can help you with different stages of the software development process, be it ideas, design, development, implementation, or maintenance, taking into account your requirements and your target audience as well.

We understand that choosing a high-quality offshore software development service provider can be difficult. At HDWEBSOFT, our talent and services are of the very highest quality. Let’s talk today – entirely free of charge!

Offshore product development image
Offshore Web Development

Your business has just started, and you want to have your websites and web apps up and ready to go. However, you are feeling lost. How do you find the solutions for all these websites and web app development things? What technologies do you need? What are the trends in the market?

So many questions, yet you need to focus your human resources elsewhere. Lack of expertise is often the biggest hurdle for new businesses in understanding and implementing new technology. Offshore Web Development Services is the solution. HDWEBSOFT is proud to be among the top providers of offshore web development services in Vietnam – our offshore software development center is known in the US, Canada, the Netherlands, and beyond. If you are having problems with in-house web development, let us help you!

Offshore web development image
Offshore App Development

Smartphones are prevalent throughout the world in this day and age. And of course, your business wouldn’t want to miss out on that segment of the market, and risk being left behind by competitors. You want an application developed for mobile phones, to help customers make use of your services better.

So, if your concern is offshore app development, come to HDWEBSOFT. Many startups and firms around the world have enlisted our help. You can talk to us now, completely free of charge!

Offshore app development image
Offshore Front-End Development

UI/UX is one of the most important aspects when developing a software or website. They are not only the “face” of an organization, company, and business but also a decisive factor to retain customers. After all, you would want to keep using software with user-friendly UI and UX. Are you wondering what technology to use – native or hybrid? Which is the most appropriate framework – Vuejs or Reactjs? What are the best tools for graphic design – Photoshop, Corel, Invisionapp, Figma, and so on?

Once again, you have all these concerns, but not adequate human resources to deal with them. So, contact us at HDWEBSOFT; we are one of the best in this field. And contacting us is free!

Offshore front-end development image
Offshore Back-End Development

Not only do your software products need to look good, but they must also run smoothly as well, on both computers and mobile devices. Your software has to be stable, and as bug-free as possible. Also, with cloud computing being the trend these days, like AWS or GCP platforms, you want to implement your software there in a proper and secure manner.

To do these things, you need back-end development. This field is just as important as front-end development for your company. If you are searching for offshore back-end development, HDWEBSOFT is the place for you. We can support you and your company anytime!

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Accelerate your business with strong technical expertise.
Offshore Development Center – Why Us?
offshore icon headache

Worry-free offshore software development center establishment and ongoing management

offshore icon life cycle

Full life-cycle offshore recruitment

offshore icon hiring

Finding and allocating the right resources to your exact needs

offshore icon flexible

Flexible & scalable

offshore icon commitment

Staying committed to your project

offshore icon strictly

Strictly follow the determined deadline and goal.

offshore icon complete

Total control over the operations via offshore software dedicated resources

offshore icon low

Low employee attrition

offshore icon availability

Providing resources that are difficult to find locally

offshore icon zero

Zero overhead costs, except a fixed management fee

offshore icon total

Total transparency in operations including even employee compensation

offshore icon pricing

Affordable pricing while still ensuring top quality

Creativity – Competency – Diligence are the outstanding traits of HDWEBSOFT

Learn more about offshore software development

Offshore software development has both pros and cons. HDWEBSOFT not only talks about its benefits but also deeply understands its weak points. That is the reason why we usually maximize the advantages of offshore software development services for software projects around the world.

offshore learn more about offshore development

What is offshore software development?


When talking about offshore software development services, many think of outsourcing. After all, these terms are interchangeable in various situations. However, offshoring is just a small part of outsourcing services, software development included. The term “offshore” means that you work with a third-party firm outside of the client’s country. For software development, outsourcing to a foreign company is either by hiring an individual software developer or cooperating with an agency. Offshore software development services can be custom software development, app development, web development, and so on, or the entire project, or only specific parts of it, can be outsourced.

As with any type of outsourcing, offshore software development services have many benefits, as well as drawbacks. It is imperative that you understand the fundamentals of this process so that you can make the best decision for your company.

The advantages

Offshore icon expensive
Less Expensive

Offshore software development services can help companies save huge sums of money. Outside of Western Europe and North America, offshore companies or agencies usually charge much less, largely due to lower living costs.

Offshore icon required
No additional training or administration required

Offshore software development, as well as other forms of outsourcing, eliminates the need for recruitment. Instead of spending resources on hiring, training, monitoring, and compensating new employees, companies just pay a fixed cost.

Offshore icon talent
Access to global talents

Offshore software development services give companies access to a large pool of international talent. Their unique insights and expertise may be very beneficial to the project and may contribute to making it one-of-a-kind, and an international hit. This is not usually possible in the case of outsourcing in the same country as the client.

Offshore icon market
Focus on your core business

Working with an offshore software development company means sharing responsibilities, which leads to a faster development process. Both sides are responsible for the process of managing the vulnerabilities and risks of the project. This in turn makes the whole process faster, meaning the client gets more time to test and market the product.

The disadvantages

Offshore icon num 01

Different cultures will have different interpretations of many work values, such as hard work and etiquette. Any issues related to culture, work ethics, language, and other sensitive topics may bring about undesirable results for the project, as well as the involved parties. So, all parties involved must respect and acknowledge each other’s cultural differences. HDWEBSOFT, as an offshore software development company, is highly experienced in overcoming cultural difficulties.

Offshore icon num 02

Miscommunication can occur not only because of the language barrier but also because of time zone differences. Communication between parties may slow down, or come to a halt completely because of such differences. Bandwidth may also differ between countries. These factors may make resolving issues problematic, but we at HDWEBSOFT are experts in dealing with these issues.

Offshore icon num 03

Outsourcing means you have to share sensitive data with your partner. This is especially concerning since it’s “offshore”, meaning in a foreign country, making security verification very difficult. Even with a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), there’s no telling if your partner overseas can misuse or abuse your data. HDWEBSOFT is committed to your data security.

Offshore icon num 04

Cheaper costs and the advantages of speed mean many firms ignore the dangers of offshore software development services. This may lead to the project not meeting expectations, since the partnered agency may not have enough experience or talent for the project. The quality of the project suffers considerably. HDWEBSOFT always provides the highest quality offshore software development services.

Best practices for offshore software development

It is best practice to keep your project goals in sight and maintain market awareness. Make sure you know the specifics of what your clients want and learn what your competitors are doing. What is worth taking inspiration from, and what needs avoiding? Make sure your roadmap is split into milestones, and have clear processes to reach them.

Plan carefully for your products. Make clear notes of specific product features and identify target consumers.

Analyze the tools you have and the tools you lack to make your ideas become a reality. Manage your resources well, and outsource as necessary, using the appropriate model, with a carefully chosen offshore software development lab.

Last but not least, build in-depth project requirements, as well as establish the quality standards to adhere to.


Offshore software models

Offshore icon osdc classic

This model is the most commonly used for firms around the world, and also has the cheapest pricing. In this model, typically there is a dedicated team, with an assigned project manager. Members are then chosen for their necessary skills and expertise relevant to the project, and ensure that the offshore development team operates correctly. These 2 teams work side-by-side to make sure that the project is going in the desired direction. This model is beneficial because changes can be made as the team sees fit in a timely manner, and issues can be resolved quickly through communication with the offshore development team.

Offshore icon osdc branned

This model is ideal for businesses that want to exert control over their own development. There are offshore software development centers around the world that offer this type of service, where you are offered a presence in the OSDC (offshore software development center) operation office. This helps you prevent operational risks, and you also don’t have to worry about legal and human resources requirements, as the offshore development lab is the one dealing with all that.

Offshore icon osdc trust

This model is best for firms that place a high value on the confidentiality of the project. OSDCs that offer this service will ensure that the offshore development team assigned to the customer will work for that customer alone, and any member of the team is forbidden to reveal the details of the project to anyone outside of that team. The team will also be distant from the offshore development lab. If you highly value confidentiality and tight security, this is the model for you.

How to pick the right offshore software development company?

As offshore software development services are rising, and there are plenty of choices for offshore development labs around the world, choosing the right agency can be quite a challenge. Here are some general tips to help companies choose the best option:

Offshore icon num 01

Don’t be shy, ask all your peers and colleagues for recommendations. Their input may be essential to getting a project done, and done well. If your peers and associates have outsourced before, ask them if they recommend those offshore development companies.

Offshore icon num 02

It takes great effort and time to choose the right offshore software development company. We recommend contacting multiple offshore development labs at the same time, and hearing what they have to offer. Compare them, and find the one that suits your needs the best.

Offshore icon num 03

Do not be blinded by how cheap it is to outsource a project to an offshore development company. Take your time to do research about potential offshore development labs to partner with. Check their websites, social media, and so on to ensure credibility. Reviews from previous customers may also be a good indicator to consider.

Offshore icon num 04

It is essential that the offshore development company you are planning to partner with is qualified for the project. You should look into the technologies the company specializes in, as well as the tools they employ to see if they are a good fit for your project. You should also check for relevant certifications to see if the offshore development lab is qualified or not.

The final words

Cost saving is increasingly more important to firms operating in today’s fast-moving markets, and offshore software development services are quickly becoming the popular choice for businesses looking to reduce costs. HDWEBSOFT helps you overcome the possible drawbacks of offshore software development services so that you can benefit from substantial savings compared to hiring, training, monitoring, and compensating new employees. We offer you the best possible outsourcing results based on the best international practices where you partner with a market leader in offshore software development. HDWEBSOFT is proud to be one of the tops in the field, with 12+ years in the industry, 250+ talented employees, incisive knowledge of many technologies, and trust from clients around the world. We welcome any opportunity to support you!

We treat your business as our own

How to start working with us?

At HDWEBSOFT, we implement an individual approach to each client as the project scope and requirements might have. Some clients come to us with a brief project description, while others – with comprehensive information about their projects (documentation, design, mockups, and wireframes). No matter what requirements you have, we are always ready to help you. Do not hesitate, to join us to create amazing projects:


1. Greetings!

Get in touch in a friendly manner to open your chance to build a potential win-win relationship.

NDA Signing

2. NDA Signing

We are always ready to sign your non-disclosure agreement or can provide you with ours.


3. Requirements

Share your ideas and expectations with us, and specify the project requirements.


4. Discussions

We discuss with client project requirements and clarify the details, outline the project roadmap and conduct interviews with software engineers if needed.


5. Agreements

Commercial project estimation in terms of time and cost, suggestions on architecture, technology platforms, tools, and methodologies.

Very clearly we know, we are serving your customers

Our Offshore Software Development Process

Our engineers are comfortable with any kind of workflow requested by the clients. For a specific project we have different options to set up a detailed working process:

offshore icon on demand
On demand

We can split traditional frameworks and use the hybrid approach, taking the best suitable elements from Agile, Scrum, Lean, and Kanban. Basically, we can set up the best process from your point of view.

offshore icon agile

Agile development methods are more efficient when the final goal of the project is not defined and the customer wants the development team to react to the changed requirements rapidly and effectively.

offshore icon scrum

To manage the development of complex software in fixed-length iterations, the Scrum approach could be the best match. The development process is divided into sprints, and the team interacts with the customer once the sprint is completed.

offshore icon kanban

This approach is based on Agile but involves a bigger visual component. The benefit of Kanban is that it gives businesses an opportunity to be reactive toward customers’ demands instead of trying to predict their needs.

Fast & Reliable

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Very clearly we know, we are serving your clients

Offshore Software Development FAQ

How much time does HDWEBSOFT need to start a new project?

It almost depends on your software development requirements. We have learned a lot about successful projects. So, it could take from 1 day to 1 week total communication time for a regular project. We have experience in initializing from the first touch to the kick-off moment. We have a large pool of resource backups. That way we can immediately pick the first team members to handle your project. Then we can ramp up your team within 2 weeks on average.

How can HDWEBSOFT solve the timezone issue?

We are very active in communication. Honestly, no one can keep working overnight every day, so our strategy is to avoid dead time as much as possible by applying these policies:

  • We can work at night for important circumstances. Especially, when we start transferring requirements, interviewing developers, resolving major issues, or delivering important software packages.
  • Project leaders need to expand their time of communication after office hours. They may not be working officially. But they keep opening the chat messages and emails to make sure the development team would be busy the next day.
  • Our commitment is to have an as detailed as possible daily report with the team’s needs from your support so you can check on your daytime and unblock our work the next day.

By doing this, we can make sure there is no blocker for the whole team and we always control our workload pretty well.

How can HDWEBSOFT solve the lingual and cultural issues?

We have been keeping training our team members before starting any projects. We are working with the spirits of:

  • Be active: Keep responding to any requests as soon as possible.
  • No guessing: Keep communicating with clients until everything is clear. Guessing is good sometimes, but in general, it will reduce productivity.
  • Can-do attitude: “I don’t know” and “I can’t” are not encouraged to use.
  • If you don’t understand completely, ask questions: This is the major key to success in communication.
  • Be considerate: To be more effective, we try to make sure to deliver detailed and short questions to get the best answers.
  • Language support: We have a supporting team with very good English. They have the responsibility to help all the teams with their best expressions.

How can HDWEBSOFT commit to have a high productivity?

We have more than 12 years in the industry. We can handle the known issues of software outsourcing development models. Hence, we can commit to high productivity in offshore outsourcing development.

  • Time zone issues
  • The lingual and cultural issues
  • Communication

We can solve those problems very well. Hence, we can avoid hidden costs and improve working productivity.

Do you have any question?

Technologies & Solutions

The technologies & solutions that are related to ReactJS, Angular, Vue, .NET, Java, PHP, Ruby on Rails, AWS, Azure, ML, etc.

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Start your technology project with us

Accompanying all your offshore software development projects.


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