Warehouse Management System Development

With our 12 years of experience in the field, HDWEBSOFT leverages the most optimal software solutions to help companies adjust and improve their warehouse management and operations. We can also help build custom Warehouse Management Systems that tailor to your specific development needs, ensuring that they will meet the latest standards in the industry.


A brief overview of Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System (WMS) allows automation of inventory receiving and putaway, order picking and packing, shipping management, inventory tracking, warehouse navigation, labor planning, and more.

Warehouse Management System (WMS) can also integrate with ERP, order management software, product information management software, shipping carriers, and other systems to improve overall efficiency.

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Key Warehouse Management System Features

Warehouse Management System (WMS) helps manage warehouse operations, from only one to a host of warehouses located anywhere in the world. Take a look at the fundamental functionalities:

Inventory receiving and putaway

  • Product identification and verification with barcode or RFID technology.
  • Marking of items that require inspection by QA specialists.
  • Automated identification labels (for goods, pallets, etc.).
  • Storage recommendations (based on size, fragility, expiration date, and demand forecasts).
  • Support of the cross-docking.

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Inventory control and tracking

  • Real-time monitoring of inventory levels with barcode or RFID technology.
  • Setup of stock rotation rules (e.g., FIFO or FEFO).
  • The lot and serial number tracking.
  • Expiration dates and shelf-life monitoring.
  • Inventory transfer requesting and tracking.
  • Cycle count planning, scheduling, and assigning.
  • Inventory location identification.

Warehouse navigation

  • Automated creation of optimal routes.
  • Voice and visual navigation guidance.

Shipping management and scheduling

  • Orders merge into a single shipment.
  • Shipments history.

Order picking and packing

  • Order prioritization, grouping, and scheduling for fulfillment.
  • Automated picking and packing list generation.
  • Batch order picking.
  • Packing recommendations.
  • Order splitting.

Analytics and Reporting

  • Configurable dashboards with an overview of warehouse operations.
  • Automated report generation for warehouse management.
  • Inventory demand forecasting.
  • Multi-layer inventory optimization.
  • Labor demand forecasting.

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Labor management

  • Labor planning.
  • Dynamic task assignment.
  • Task interleaving.
  • Labor performance monitoring against pre-defined KPIs.

Reverse logistics processing

  • Automated inventory returns routing.
  • Return order tracking.
  • Marking of returned inventory.
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Important Integrations for Warehouse Management System

HDWEBSOFT recommends integrating WMS with:

Enterprise resource planning software

Enterprise resource planning software

To achieve better visibility into warehouse operations for all departments involved and for WMS users to be updated.

Enterprise resource planning software

Order management software

To keep customers and sales agents well-informed of available items.

Enterprise resource planning software

Product information management software

To provide easy access to item details to identify the items more easily and carry out quality inspections.

Enterprise resource planning software

Yard management software

To coordinate yard and warehouse operations, which facilitates faster shipments and items cross-docking between facilities.

Enterprise resource planning software

Shipping carriers’ systems

To track shipments and manage shipping costs.

Enterprise resource planning software


(Barcode or RFID readers, robotic shelf loaders or forklifts, etc.)

To increase labor performance and task execution accuracy and reduce associated labor costs.

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Develop Warehouse Management System with Success Elements

HDWEBSOFT always seeks to cover the following important factors that may bring the customer additional value across warehouse management processes:

Workflow optimization

Workflow optimization enables automated warehouse routing, task interleaving, recommendations on inventory storage, etc. This will increase warehouse productivity and minimize human errors.

User-friendly UX and UI

User-friendly UX and UI, which also comes with a mobile version, reduces training efforts and ensures smooth operation at all levels, from warehouse workers to supervisors and managers, to leverage WMS benefits to the fullest.

WMS’s flexibility and robust performance

WMS’s flexibility and robust performance accommodate the ever-growing scale and complexity of warehouse operations. It also efficiently handles seasonal surges in customer demand. Because of this, cloud-based systems are often prioritized for their on-demand scalability.

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Cost and Benefits of Warehouse Management System Implementation

The cost of custom WMS varies, depending on:

  • The number of warehouses connected to the system.
  • The number and complexity of functional modules required.
  • The number and complexity of integrations.
  • The complexity of data migration procedures.

The cost estimate of a full-scale custom WMS varies with key ROI factors of implementation including:

  • 5-40% savings on inventory loss and 50-99+% savings on inventory shrinkage due to advanced inventory tracking.
  • 10-35% increase in warehouse labor productivity thanks to labor demand forecasting and labor management features.
  • 99+% order fulfillment accuracy due to analytics-based guidance on order picking, packing, and shipping.
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Why choose custom Warehouse Management System Development

HDWEBSOFT suggests opting for custom Warehouse Management System Development in the following cases:

To reflect the specifics of your warehouse operations. Custom Warehouse Management System Development is built around your specific requirements while off-the-shelf products will require fine-tuning of warehouse processes or implementation of customizations.

To achieve cost-efficient high-volume orders as enterprise-grade licensing for WMS products incurs extensive payments.

To satisfy complex warehouse operations such as multiple picking types, varying demand, and diverse SKU portfolios with advanced functionality.

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HDWEBSOFT’s WMS Development Services

WMS Consulting

  • A thorough analysis of your warehouse and order fulfillment processes.
  • Gathering of key data to determine specific WMS requirements.
  • Selection of useful WMS features and integrations.
  • Estimation of development costs and calculation of the expected ROI.
  • Formation of a risk management plan.

Warehouse Management System Development

  • Introducing business requirements for WMS and software specifications.
  • Designing an optimal and scalable WMS architecture.
  • Developing the front end and the back end.
  • Ensuring stable integration with other systems (ERP, OMS, etc.).
  • Testing the system vigorously (functioning, usability, integrations).
  • Providing comprehensive support and maintenance for WMS.
  • Offering upgrade of existing WMS if required.
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