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Are you looking for high-quality Microsoft .NET Developers? We got you covered! HDWEBSOFT has the best human resources and expertise you need to execute and manage your .NET project as soon and effectively as you wish.

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    Hire Dedicated .NET Developers for Smooth Project Implementation and Scalable Business Operations

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    At HDWEBSOFT, we offer nothing but the top 1% of .NET Developers and coders. More tech and non-tech companies have been seeking to cooperate with us thanks to our provision of various options for team augmentation with .NET development in Web, Mobile, and ERP software development projects of any complexity and magnitude.

    It is quite challenging to land a good partner to hire quality Microsoft .NET Developers as .NET remains a powerful methodology for desktop apps and business apps of larger scale to reap the best benefits the Microsoft ecosystem has to offer.

    As a leading Offshore Software Development Company, HDWEBSOFT can provide you with world-level .NET Developers who have mastered technical skills and gained major experience in various industries.

    We work with 100% dedication to get you what you want. Leave us a message and we will take care of the rest.

    Hire .NET Developers: Services HDWEBSOFT Offers

    You can hire our seasoned .NET Developers to customize desktop and web applications utilizing the .NET framework. Our dedicated .NET programmers have proved their expertise by launching a large number of successful web apps for a wide array of business models and startups, assisting them in achieving their crucial business goals.

    .NET Web Application Development

    .NET Web Application Development

    Reap major benefits from the expertise of our Microsoft .NET Developers, who are proficient with ASP.NET frameworks and enjoy highly scalable web-based solutions.

    .NET Mobile Application Development

    .NET Mobile Application Development

    Hire the dedicated .NET programmers that everyone is looking for at HDWEBSOFT and work with talented individuals who are able to design and build the modern-age Mobile Application.

    Custom .NET Development

    Custom .NET Development

    Besides other business requirements, our offshore .NET Developers could develop custom solutions to transform and renovate your current .NET applications.

    Check out our professional .NET Development Services.

    Enterprise .NET Development

    Enterprise .NET Development

    Our .NET solutions are designed to meet the specific requirements of your enterprises and help make your business an enviable success.

    .NET Migration Services

    .NET Migration Services

    Take advantage of our hard-earned expertise to safeguard smooth migration, upgradation, and cutting-edge optimization of your applications without technical disruption and data loss.

    .NET Maintenance and Support

    .NET Maintenance and Support

    Hire our Microsoft .NET Developers of high proficiency for end-to-end run-time maintenance to keep your application up to date with the latest technological trends.

    Let’s cooperate with each other to carry out your .NET project! We care about it as much as you do.

    Key Differentiators of Hiring .NET Developers from HDWEBSOFT

    Hire .NET Developers of high caliber from HDWEBSOFT to gain your technological advantages in your chosen industry and target market. In fact, our full-stack .NET experts have unmatched skill sets and expertise in multiple industries such as Logistics, Real Estate, Marketing and Hospitality. With professionalism and agile approaches, they can implement your project in a relatively short time with guaranteed top quality.

    Control Over Project

    Control Over Project

    We offer you the transparency of the whole process. HDWEBSOFT provides engagement models for hiring Microsoft .NET Developers with direct management over not only the project itself but also the human resources behind it.


    Cost Saving

    Cost Savings

    Hire our .NET Developers to cut unnecessary costs in operation. This enables you to concentrate your finance on your essential business operations.

    Talented Developers

    Developers of Great Talents

    You can tap into our excellent pool of .NET Talented Developers and leave them taking care of your projects with industry-leading solutions.

    Flexibility & Scalability

    Flexibility & Scalability

    Hire our .NET Talents to easily adjust the scale of your tech team to promptly respond to the market fluctuation and customers’ demands.

    Regular Reports

    You can keep your dedicated technical team under your direct management and require reports on project milestones by hiring our Microsoft .NET Developers with a goal-oriented working philosophy.

    Security & Confidentiality

    Security & Confidentiality

    We always respect and maintain clients’ privacy, so your entire project profile is of strict confidentiality to us. We do not tolerate data leaks and thus are subject to financial penalties upon any leaking incident.

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    Our Models to Hire .NET Developers

    Whatever the competition you have been dealing with, hire our .NET Developers for your desktop or web app project to stay ahead in your markets. They work with great versatility and flexibility, properly and promptly reacting to such abrupt changes as a surge in workload.

    Team Managed by HDWEBSOFT

    Team Managed by HDWEBSOFT

    This model highlights our role in management with a dedicated .NET team and project manager. Specifically, our Microsoft .NET Developers will provide supervision over the whole process from inception to completion depending on your business requirements.

    Team Managed by Client

    Team Managed by Client

    Our remote .NET Developers will collaborate with your on-site team and/or project managers to bring you necessary offshore technical support and guarantee scalability as well as cost efficiency.

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    Hybrid Model

    The merging of two parties – your on-site tech team and our offshore .NET one – will bring out the best of both teams to achieve the desired outcomes within the planned timeline.

    Contact us now and enjoy our free consultation. What are you waiting for?

    Hire .NET Developers from HDWEBSOFT in 5 Steps

    Obviously, you may suffer and be concerned about a complicated recruitment procedure. That will no longer bother you as we carry out the simplest hiring process for the best Microsoft .NET Developers all tech teams are looking for. You can always recruit the most skillful .NET Talents at HDWEBSOFT by following these simple steps:


    Send us a request for .NET Developers;


    Consult with our in-house experts;


    Choose your desired engagement method;


    Sign the contract and start work;


    Scale your team.

    Check out the Microsoft .NET Developers we hire out. We guarantee the best quality.

    Engagement Models to Hire .NET Developers from HDWEBSOFT

    You can select any convenient engagement model of your choice as below to hire our quality developers, whom we have spent a lot of time and efforts to recruit, train and retain. They will bring you complete satisfaction and the project outcome of your expectation as they work with dedication and great expertise. We always guarantee top quality products and professionalism of our .NET Developers.

    Full-time Part-time Hourly
    Time 8 hours 4 hours Hour basis
    Period 1 month 1 month 25 hours
    Methodology Agile, Scrum, Kanban
    Communication Phone, Chat, E-mail
    Project Trackers Daily reports, Basecamp, Jira, Trello, Asana, Monday, Redmine and etc
    Send us your needs and prepare to be amazed by our .NET Developers.

    .NET Developer FAQs

    What is .Net?

    .NET is a software development framework and ecosystem developed and released by Microsoft in 2002 to allow easy desktop and web application development. The framework significantly accelerates the development process by offering safe and simple methods to develop an application. Such technology has gained significant popularity over the last few years, becoming the second most valuable framework.

    Hiring a .NET developer will help you cut down on implementation time and create feature-rich websites and applications.

    It has four different categories: .NET Framework, .NET Core, Xamarin, and Universal Windows Platform (UWP). Each of them comes with particular frameworks and libraries that are beneficial for the development of applications.

    What is a .NET Developer?

    A .NET Developer is familiar with one or more .NET implementations and is proficient in C# and possibly other Microsoft languages. Their main role is to design and build web applications and business systems.

    How are HDWEBSOFT .NET Developers different?

    At HDWEBSOFT, we carefully check the profiles of our Microsoft .NET Developers to make sure we only match you with the right talents for your needs. You’ll have engineering experts to work on your projects and we ensure that they can truly understand your goals, technical needs, and team dynamics.

    What is the no-risk trial period for HDWEBSOFT .NET Developers?

    We make sure that each engagement between you and your .NET Developer begins with a trial period of up to two weeks. This allows you to have time to confirm the most viable engagement model. If you’re completely satisfied with the results, we’ll charge you for the time and continue to offer the engagement for as long as you’d like. If you’re not completely satisfied, you won’t be billed. At this point, we can assign another expert who may be a better fit and with whom you will begin the second no-risk trial.

    How much does it cost to hire .NET Developers from HDWEBSOFT?

    The rate depends on many elements such as the website type, the scale and complexity of the website and its design, the number of pages and features and a few more. You can send us your requirements and we can estimate the cost for your specific case.

    Why should I hire dedicated .NET Developers?

    You will want to optimize your website development process. So, a dedicated .NET team can help you achieve that with their flexibility, enhanced productivity, prompt response to emergencies and cost-effectiveness.

    What are your payment options?

    Wire Transfer is our preference, but we are open to discuss other methods.

    Will my .NET Developers communicate in English?

    Yes, our .NET Developers are able to read and write in English. Speaking is on specific request, so for seamless communication, we can assign a project manager or BA to facilitate the process.

    What is the reporting process of the finished work?

    We provide you with timesheet reports and grant you access to tools of project management as agreed on our contract.

    How often do I get timesheet reports?

    It is done on a daily and weekly basis as a standardized procedure and more up to your demand.

    Let us turn your brilliant ideas into a successful product.

    Case Studies

    You can get 100% satisfaction when working with us. We have helped hundreds of worldwide customers achieve their business goals in the past 12 years. We take pride in our expertise and large pool of IT talents and we are ready to go all-in for your success. If you still hesitate to make the call, check out our success stories.