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If you are looking for a high-level framework for building dynamic and lightweight applications, Angular will be one of your best choices. In fact, Angular is suitable for Mobile App Development and Web Application Development. Therefore, it requires knowledgeable and highly-skilled Angular Developers to take care of the development process. With a decade of experience, HDWEBSOFT is a prominent Angular Development Company in Vietnam offering superior Angular Development Services. Indeed, we ensure the quality of each software development outcome.

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Angular Development Services

Being one of top-rated software development companies in Vietnam ranked by The European Business Review, HDWEBSOFT prides itself on building numerous successful software solutions. We, with top 1% Angular Engineers, leverage AngularJS advantages to build a streamlined solution. Furthermore, since a customer-centric approach is at the heart of operation, we guarantee to develop a highly secure and quality application based on your requirements.

In a word, with our top-class company for Angular Development Services in Vietnam, your applications will not only be upgraded but also get ready within hours of development.

Build an interactive UI and feature-rich application with our talented Angular Developers.

Angular JS Development Services

As a reputable Angular Development Company in Vietnam, HDWEBSOFT is proud to be one of the early Angular’s adopters in Vietnam. Having a pool of competent Angular Developers, we utilize the state-of-the-art technology to resolve complicated problems. In addition, we ensure a shortened turnaround time to build extensible solutions with reusable HTML elements. Equally important, our trailblazing products adhere to a strict software development method for the highest quality standard.

Custom Angular JS Development Services

Custom AngularJS Development

We offer full-stack development for a guarantee of a mobile-friendly, high-performance, and feature-rich AngularJS solution. A custom Angular JS app is built based on your current or new web and mobile structure with complete conformity to specifications.

Custom Angular JS API Development

AngularJS API Development

With API development, we eliminate redundant works to enhance effectiveness of Angular products.

Angular JS Maintenance & Support

AngularJS Maintenance and Support

In Vietnam, our superior Angular Development Services include maintenance and support in the post-development phase. As a result, we guarantee to deliver bug-free and stable performance angular applications.

Angular JS Custom Development

AngularJS Application Development

Our knowledgeable and highly skilled Angular Developers excel in building robust, flawless, and result-oriented applications. Indeed, these focus on user-experience with rich features and visual interface.


Custom Widgets Development

We offer customizable widgets from design to functionality. Generally speaking, these custom widgets often have simple designs and are reusable on various different partials. As a result, it shortens application development time.


Chatbot Application Development

Utilizing Angular Development, our company can build chatbots on any existing notable platforms such as Slack.


Third Party Integrations

Truth to be told, AngularJS, a friendly web framework, allows simple third-party integrations. Therefore, whenever using Angular to integrate an outsider, our Angular Development Team can easily upgrade and customize apps.


Real Time Data Streaming apps

Utilizing AngularJS, we build real-time application development. With our expertise, all enterprise-level solutions are well-developed according to each clients’ requirements.


AngularJS Migration and Upgradation

HDWEBSOFT, a top-rated Angular Development Company in Vietnam, is experienced in Angular migrations and upgradation to the latest version.

Build an interactive UI and feature-rich application with our talented Angular Developers.
Angular Development Company Expert Services

Develop your ideal Angular-based solution by our in-house IT experts. Contact us now for more details.

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Why Angular Development for Your Software?

Angular has proven its versatility in creating enterprise applications regardless of scales. Its below-described beneficial traits justify its popularity.


Segment-based Architecture

Angular applications are built with various independent segments. This gives them the ability to reduce time of development, the preparation for further renovation and updates, and the increased user-friendliness of complicated apps.


Comprehensive Framework

What makes Angular distinctive from any other tools is its comprehensive development. This allows developers to accelerate the development process while reducing the sheer amount of time and effort normally required on third-party integration service providers.


Cross-platform Framework

Angular development can happen across multiple platforms. With the need of zero third-part services or libraries, it can work as a one-for-all tool to develop both web and mobile applications.


Clean Code

Built on TypeScript, Angular can take advantage of static data types. While coding, developers can detect errors and solve them before testing. As a result, the development team can save time, run the process faster and train less experienced developers with the error spotting and correction mechanism.

significant community of angular development

Significant Community

The growth of Angular Development Services has been significantly increasing since its launch. As developed by Google, it has brought convenience to developers and served as a versatile ever-improving framework. Indeed, its success has never been questioned.

AngularJS can offer you many benefits across your business. Feel free to contact us for details about our high-quality services.

Our Code Quality Practices in Angular Development

Compliance to coding principles

HDWEBSOFT has mastered the technique to keep all financial data in one software location. Our well-developed ERP module is able to perform various tasks.

Creation of detailed labels for code variables

Documentation of the functionality and dependencies of a whole code

Commentary on how a specific code functions

Code division into short units

Employment of APIs and third-party libraries

Performance of unit testing

Maintenance of code portability

Employment of version control

Utilization of linting tools

Supply chain

Our ERP solution can be employed in custom-built management of the supply chain. Its application can be effective in the following.

Ad hoc review

Pass-around review

Walkthrough review

Pull request review

Inspection review

Inventory management

ERP modules for inventory management can benefit your business in many ways as below.

Maintainability Index (MI)

Cyclomatic Complexity (CC)

Depth of Inheritance

Class Coupling

Lines of Code

Whether you need a web, desktop or mobile application, AngularJS can help you. To learn more, contact us right now.

Benefits of AngularJS


Multiple Platforms

AngularJS allows developers to reuse a single code for other applications. This works on various platforms such as web, desktop and native mobile applications.


Progressive Web Applications

Utilization of AngularJS made it possible to design web applications with high performance and fast loading time. This substantially increases the competence of the web apps.


Desktop Applications

The Angular approach employed to make a website app can help develop desktop applications across such different platforms as Linux, Windows and Mac.


Native Mobile Applications

When combined with Ionic Framework, React Native or NativeScript, AngularJS can easily build native mobile apps with a desired interactive interface.


High Performance and Speed

With AngularJS incorporated, web applications can run smoothly at full speed.


Code Division

Code splitting can enable AngularJS applications to have fast loading time. Specifically, whenever users make a request of view on the pages, only one specific code will handle the loading.



Utilizing templates, AngularJS can build many features in a relatively short time with help from IDE and editors. Also, your own components can extend template languages to make use of a large collection of instruments.



AngularJS can take advantage of clean template syntax to generate fast and strong UI (User Interface). This helps create clear boundaries between the app and the view, keeping the application unaffected by any changes in the view.


Code Generation

High optimization of template code using AngularJS allows developers to create websites or mobile applications. Moreover, using AngularJS, it is possible to build data models on Immutable.js or RxJS with a large data requirement.


Angular CLI (Command-line Interface)

Command-line interfaces can speed up the process of implementation and project testing. The test data helps capture the output faster for instant deployment.


IDE (Integrated Development Environment)

During code writing, IDEs and editors are able to offer immediate help. This makes it possible to identify problems and solve them in a timely manner.

If you have any questions about how Angular can benefit your business, contact us now. We offer free consultation.

Angular Development FAQs

What is the Difference between Angular, React and VueJS?

Angular framework, the oldest of the three, was created by Google while React is a Facebook-based library. VueJS, also a library, has its own community. Regarding ease of use, VueJS is the easiest to master and Angular is the hardest of the three. In short, they all have great capabilities and certain similarities.

Learn more about our Vue Development Services and React Development Services.

Do you use Agile/Scrum methodology?

Yes, we do. In fact, this is the most chosen methodology for working in an orderly and monitored manner. Furthermore, our Angular Developers have to adhere to high quality standards for the best outcome.

How do you choose the code language you want to use in a specific project?

Our Angular Development Services work with the customer to define the project and its requirements. Also, we take into account various aspects such as the popularity and community of the chosen language, its intended capabilities, and its relevance to the needs of the project.

What is the added value of working with a company that employs local Angular Development Teams?

It is the zero language barrier. Face-to-face communication with Angular development teams will not be hindered and thus no confusion would occur. Moreover, working with local Angular development teams can improve effectiveness, transparency and speed of production.

Can I hire Angular JS Developers to augment my in-house AngularJS Development Team?

Yes, you can. Specifically, we offer team augmentation engagement where our experienced Angular development team works alongside your team to make the best out of insourcing and outsourcing talents to develop desired AngularJS models.

How much does it cost to outsource the project to an Angular JS Web Development Company?

The project cost depends on the following factors: business goals, the scope of the project, technological requirement, engagement model and many more. In fact, we can offer you the best cost-quality ratio.

Can I avail Angular JS Development Services for minor changes?

Definitely yes. We will assess the man-hour requirements for the changes and estimate the cost accordingly.

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Angular Development Case Studies

Our highly-rated Angular Development Services will satisfy any demanding client. We take pride in our top 1% AngularJS experts and our high-quality yet affordable services. So, let us lend you a hand to realize your business technological goals.

The Platform for Healthcare Knowledge: A Case Study
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An oil and gas pressure monitoring system
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