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To increase data security and traceability of digital assets, Blockchain Development Services often make use of the decentralization technology of blockchain networks. As a leading Offshore Software Development company, we offer blockchain development services with end-to-end responsibility to help IT and non-IT enterprises of all sizes build their desired blockchain software.


Blockchain Development Services

Headquartered in Vietnam, HDWEBSOFT has been ranked as a top software development service. We have been pioneering blockchain technology and offering consultation and development services for a multitude of startups and companies of all scales. In greater detail, we have proudly deployed a wide array of blockchain applications that allow the mentioned companies to effectively manage their cryptocurrency exchange, eWallet and token.

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Blockchain Development Solutions HDWEBSOFT Offers

Cryptocurrency Exchange

With our superb development team, your digital currency exchange will amaze all customers. We will help you develop the best multi-service platform for any kind of untraceable and secure cryptocurrency transactions from any eWallet.

eWallet Development

We can help you build an electronic wallet that allows online investors to securely store and manage their cryptocurrencies. The wallet can function on various operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, iOS and Android.

Cryptocurrency Mining

By facilitating an automatic procedure, we provide you with the most cutting-edge application that can optimize the hardware and software cooperation to meet your personal requirements in digital currency mining.

Decentralized Application Development

Our encrypted and decentralized blockchain applications can handle a wide range of services for any industry and business model. More than that, we can ensure their error-free and zero-downtime operation.

Cryptocurrency Development

If you are interested in developing your own digital currency, our innovative cryptocurrency software technology can help you build the best alternative digital coin to secure your leading position in the altcoin market.

Private Blockchain Development

Our expertise in blockchain solutions can develop a secure and scalable permission-based blockchain network that can eliminate data loss, breaches of security and downtime across various sections of your business.

ICO, IEO, STO Development

We offer comprehensive consultation and development services for your ICO (Initial Coin Offering), IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) and STO (Security Token Offering). Such services include development of token, architecture design and maintenance for firm infrastructure, implementation of smart contracts and development of electronic wallet.

Smart Contracts Development

Our company offers Blockchain Development Services to help you get rid of repetitive processes of operation by employing smart contracts. All transactions on your platforms will benefit from maximum security, high transparency and fraud-free functionality.

We can help you build versatile blockchain apps to give you a great advantage in your industry. Let’s do business together now!

A Sample Blockchain Architecture

Presentation Layer

Allows users to interact with the blockchain network through websites or mobile apps.

  • UI (User Interface)

Application Layer

Instructs users on defining, invoking or executing digital transactions.

  • dApps
  • Digital asset transactions
  • Smart contracts
  • Chaincode

Distributed Computing Layer

Makes it possible for electronic signing, confirmation and execution of transactions and includes data block hashing as well as automatic updates on nodes’ copies of the shared ledger.

  • Transactions
  • Replication
  • Consensus
  • Security (Asymmetric Encryption and Hashing)
Blockchain App Development Architecture

Platform Layer

Safeguards the interaction between blockchain and other apps and blockchain-to-blockchain compatibility.

  • RPC
  • Web API
  • ERC
  • BIP

Infrastructure layer

Designates the network employed by the blockchain, participating nodes and physical and computerized storage for the ecosystem of blockchain.

  • Nodes
  • Storage
  • Network
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Industries Our Blockchain Development Services Excel In

Whatever your business or its scale, you can truly extend it beyond normal operations with our unmatched quality in Blockchain Development Services. We will bring you the best blockchain solutions that can help you remove operation disruption, build strong trust and unlock unprecedented values of your business.


Supply chain and logistics management

Our deployed blockchain applications can promote prompt validation and administration of supplier contract responsibilities, transparent management and tracking of merchandise origin, strengthened protection of supply, and many more functions to streamline the disruption-free cycle of supply chain.


Financial transaction management

Thanks to smart contracts, we can help you provide a multitude of services for cryptocurrency transactions that facilitate error-free, fast and safe methods for payment, currency exchange and lending operation without any intermediaries.


Health record management

Our blockchain development solutions allow you to securely manage and transfer confidential medical data among various healthcare institutes to advance the management of health records. This will significantly support precise patient diagnosis and treatment processes.


Asset management

Our deployed blockchain applications can make the records of your digital assets encrypted and thus unchangeable regardless of the industry you operate in. This will enhance proof of ownership and keep fraud or counterfeiting at bay.


Document management

The management of any document can enjoy protected sharing, comprehensive compliance with regulations and effortless record confirmation thanks to traceable document management.


Insurance claim management

We develop solutions that significantly reduce manual tasks to facilitate prompt and precise validation of insurance claims, accurate assessment, convenient payment and straightforward solution to claim conflicts.

Identity and access management

Identity and access management

To stop unauthorized access to your confidential data, networks, applications or gadgets, our company offers Blockchain Development Services that can build appropriate schemes for proof encryption of immutable data.

Ecommerce marketplace management

Ecommerce marketplace management

Our solutions can secure access for various vendors and make digital records of any transactions immutable. This will improve the traceability of orders and payment methods while reducing costs and speeding up payment processes without third-party services.

Electronic voting

Electronic voting

We can build a safe, corruption-free, and clean voting system that comes with diversified functions such as vote verification, vote storage, and vote counting.

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Why Choose Our Blockchain Development Services?

The Blockchain Development Services of our company always reflect our expertise and qualifications.

250+ top-rated offshore software developers

Software development experience in a wide array of industries including healthcare, telecommunication, banking, and finance


In-house C++,

Golang, NodeJS, Java, Python

and JavaScript developers

Clean and agile blockchain development solutions


Affordable and highly qualified Blockchain Development Services

Unrivaled expertise in various cloud-based platforms: Amazon Managed Blockchain, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle Blockchain and IBM Blockchain

Client-centric working philosophy for open and smooth communication and cooperation

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What is a blockchain app?

Blockchain apps are similar to traditional software apps in many ways. However, what sets them apart is their implementation of decentralization technology and crypto-economic systems which can greatly enhance security, build stronger trust, tokenize digital assets and create new network stimuli.

Blockchain has gained enough attention to be considered mainstream. With great versatility, this technology is now present in a large number of industries such as banking, finance, healthcare, and insurance, breathing new life to data access and storage.

What is a blockchain wallet?

Simply put, a blockchain wallet gives users the private key to securely manage their own cryptocurrencies: they can safely store and transfer digital currencies from wallet to wallet. This application often makes use of node hosting and provides computer-based storage.

What is decentralized finance?

Decentralized finance – also known as DeFi – is commonly used to refer to the economic paradigm shift made possible by decentralization technology such as blockchain networks. DeFi indicates the shift from a long-established centralized financial system to an economy with universal access. This is based on open, programmable, and composable protocols.

How long does it take to conduct blockchain development?

We can provide an estimate of completion time when discussing with customers. However, it is truly not easy to do so because the scale of the projects can vary significantly. Some projects are of high complexity and thus require more time to complete.

Do I need to have experience in blockchain before I contact you?

We can guide you through every single stage in the blockchain development process, so you do not really need much technical knowledge. Nonetheless, you are expected to be rather eloquent in order to communicate your brilliant ideas and requirements. This will help us a lot in choosing the right blockchain approach for your project.

Do I get the full code and property rights/trademarks of my product design?

Yes, of course. You are entitled to all the rights and trademarks of product design. We often include these terms in our service agreement. We also give you the options either to transfer the source code to your GitHub account or to freely access the code on ours.

Do you provide update services for my blockchain product in the future?

Yes, we do. We operate our business centering around the define-build-grow principle. Hence, we provide you with as many after-sales updates as you desire. Alter all, working with you is our pleasure.

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In the past decade, HDWEBSOFT has been proudly the ultimate partner for various software projects of all sizes. We have extensive expertise in software development in general and blockchain development in particular. If you wish to begin your journey in this blockchain-dominating world, we will happily and skillfully accompany you.