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With 10+ years of experience in Android App Development, HDWEBSOFT is honoured to be one of the top reliable Android App Development companies based in Vietnam. We will provide you with ideal, well-customized, functional Android Application Development at an affordable price with our top Android App Development Services.

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Android App Development Company

As an experienced software development company, HDWEBSOFT utilizes an Agile approach to Android App Development to ensure that you are informed at every stage of the process. We are honoured to be a trustworthy destination from small startups to big corporations worldwide such as the US, EU, UK, and Singapore. As a partner in developing your resounding app success, we prioritize customers’ ideas and transparency in every collaboration. Our expert developers will create an ideal Android App, which is a functional, visual, and futuristic creation.

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With the forefront of technology, we turn your dream apps into reality.

Why Android App Development?

Having a high reputation as the most popular mobile operating system, Android has an impressive 3.3+ billion active users in 2022. In fact, Android has almost 83% of the Asia market share, especially in India, Vietnam, Turkey, etc. Therefore, if you are running a business or your target customers are in these countries, its massive influence on your business growth strategy goes without saying. Unlike iOS, well-known for its niche audience and high-end iconic, Android provides more cheap apps with diverse purposes. Moreover, from an OS perspective, Android requires reasonable development costs and is best made for various devices. Last, but not least, it is the best fit for start-ups, emerging enterprises, and international, Asian-focused markets.

Android App Development Services – What We Do

Android App Development is a robust market since this operating system accounted for over 70% of all mobile devices worldwide, as recorded in July 2021. Therefore, it would be a significant loss if your business strategy didn’t include this OS. Acknowledging this surged demand, Our expert developers utilize an Agile approach to leverage your Android app creation. Obviously, with your ideal app in mind, together with our professional consultant team, we gather your ideas and propose advice on the best match features for your dream app within budget. Emphasis is the most suitable choice for new developing or emerging companies.

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Having our fingers on the technology pulse, our team always uses and delivers the best user experience in both technical and partnership. Due to the rapid development of technology, we keep ourselves up to date, which allows us to create the best innovative, creative, and functional applications. We excel at Native App Development, Hybrid App Development, Flutter App Development, React Native App Development, and more.

HDWEBSOFT’s advantages in Android Application Development

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In HDWEBSOFT, we offer an in-depth consultancy service to identify your needs and outline the whole process before further development steps. As a result, we can avoid unexpected additional costs and consult which technology will be your app’s best fit. In a word, even if you are new to the field with a tight budget, our experts can still create your ideal Android App.

Communication/ 24/7 Support - Android Development

Communication/ 24/7 Support

As a reliable partner of companies across the globe, we understand the vital role of communication. Therefore, HDWEBSOFT provides a 24/7 communication channel with our experts to immediately consult and solve your problems. Our development center is located in Vietnam but our Android Development Services support different time zones.

Consultancy Services - Android Development

Consultancy Services

In order to minimize the unexpected costs, our consultants will identify your needs and work with our developers to recommend the most appropriate technology for your apps. No worries! We keep your original proposal and develop it into your dream mobile app.

Business Applications - Android Development

Business Applications

With over 10 years of experience in Android App Development in Vietnam, our experts have developed 250+ projects in many industries such as Education, Hospitality, Retail, Real Estate, etc.

User Experience Orientation - Android Development

User Experience Orientation

We always prioritize clients’ experience in both technology and partnership. Specifically, we appreciate your ideas and requirements; even if they are challenging to achieve. In a word, no matter how far it requires, we would go the extra mile to satisfy your needs.

Reliable And Skilled Developers - Android Development

Reliable And Skilled Developers

With nearly a decade of working with Android, we are committed to offering top-notch services including Android Developers hire. Our developers are qualified for producing the best-in-town products with salient features.

Your success – Our Guarantee

Build Amazing Apps with our Leading Android App Development Services

As a leading Android App Development Company in Vietnam, we will provide you with the best services to suit your budget guaranteeing a resounding success. Hire our Android Developers as your dedicated team to take full advantage of our services.

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More about Android Application Development

Business scalability

Android has always been a robust developing market for any Mobile App Development as the most popular OS. Additionally, it has support from Google, one of the most famous platforms worldwide. Therefore, Android App Development, accounting for 71% of all smartphone uses in the global market, will be a crucial consideration in any business development strategy.



Android products allow leveraging the higher computing power for multi tasks thanks to more RAM and processing power. Furthermore, it runs more smoothly than other operating systems available on the market, and therefore, it raises productivity with many useful functionalities.


Impressive Features and User Friendliness

Android allows building more personalized and visual mobile apps with rich content from available sources supported by a new unified API. With user experience enhancement objectives, Android App Development is more friendly to users and compatible with many devices.


Wearable App Integration

As a hi-tech accessory, wearable devices have become indispensable items of technology lovers. Being always at the frontline of the trend, Android allows the integrating of wearable items to bring the best user experience and affirms its position in the technology market.


Augmented Reality

In technology 4.0, a 3D world has no longer been a new term to technical users. With augmented reality development, exploring a 3D visualization in the real world is less expensive than virtual reality. Specifically, it does not require headsets or extra equipment. Android is one of the pioneering operating systems to support AR on your phone. In a word, you can enjoy the AR app on your phone without any headset requirements.


5G Technology

5G technology, the latest mobile network, provides higher performance, improved efficiency, higher multi-Gbps, massive network capacity, and more reliability. With these upgrades, 5G technology has brought benefits to the global economy. Additionally, it increases the availability and speed while users are experiencing VR or AR. However, as of its new release, only some smartphone devices can meet its requirements, and Android adapts 5G technology criteria and provides a wide range of price choices.


Multi-platform Development Using Flutter

As shown above, Android OS receives support from Google. Therefore, it can create multi-platform development by using Flutter, Google's UI toolkit. This tool benefits mobile app and web app creation due to its fast development, impressive UI design, and various critical platform incorporation.


App Security Enhancement

Security is a crucial factor to prioritize once it comes to user experience. As its position, Android has a bold innovation in continuously enhancing its security. Therefore, to be available published on Google Play, your apps need to meet all requirements of the Android version due to each period; as a result, your apps are always more secure than ever.

Android App Development – FAQ

How long has HDWEBSOFT been working with Android app development?

With over 10 years of experience in the software development field, HDWEBSOFT, a Vietnam company, has provided solutions for Android App Development and created the “dream” apps for small to big corporations worldwide.

How many Android App Developers does HDWEBSOFT have?

We have over 30 skillful and experienced Android App Developers who aim to “break the obstacles” to create your best Android apps. Furthermore, together with our bold innovation to keep up with the latest technology trends, we do know how to create a team in which all members can perform to their strengths and develop mobile apps that exceed your expectations.

How can HDWEBSOFT determine which technology is good for a specific Android App Development project?

Project scale is the critical factor for any determination. For the startup MVPs, Hybrid solutions are our recommendation since it allows rapid development and affordable cost. Additionally, we do provide Native Android App Development Services for the best experience, but it requires a higher price. Therefore, we are always careful and consult our customers in detail before taking further steps.

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