Dedicated Software Development Team

One of the engagement models available at HDWEBSOFT is the dedicated software development team. This model allows you to hire an experienced team that is 100% dedicated to your projects and development needs.


Dedicated Software Development Team Model

Dedicated Software Development Team

We understand that every software development project is unique, so HDWEBSOFT offers several development models that satisfy the needs of different projects. With the dedicated software development team model, you can benefit from the best tech skills in the industry.

The outsourcing team, composed of specialists in the field, will work exclusively on your project. Ideally, they will cooperate with your in-house team and become a temporary part of your company. As a result, you can build your development team according to your project’s needs and scale it up or down in the future, depending on your business goals.

Accelerate your business via our comprehensive and cutting-edge dedicated software development team model.
Team Expansion or Dedicated Team

Team expansion and a dedicated software development team tend to be the most popular options when choosing software development models. Consider the most appropriate and beneficial approach for your project to achieve optimal results.

Team Expansion Model

Team Expansion Model

As the name suggests, team expansion is an outsourcing software development service that provides experts for hire through external contracts, usually on a Time and Material contract basis.

The most notable benefits of this particular model are that your company can reduce the expenses related to recruitment, payroll, and project management. Also, it is possible to scale up or down the development team. Another advantage worth mentioning is that it will reduce formalities with HR and employment, and this will help you focus better on the core business.

Dedicated Team Model

Dedicated Team Model

The dedicated software development team model is a type of outsourcing in which you hire a remote dedicated development team and hand over the project to them. The outsourcing company of your choice will decide on the personnel of the dedicated team and also includes a Project Manager, which reduces the need for hands-on management by the client.

This model entails a much broader partnership than team expansion because it covers various software-related services. For example, business analysis, design, UI/UX design, quality assurance, project management, support, and maintenance are all included. In the dedicated software development team model, the software service provider is wholly involved in the development process, so their incentive to deliver the best result is also higher. The party mentioned acts more like a close, trusted partner than a temporary service provider.

Still don’t know what to choose? Please consult with our HDWEBSOFT experts now to up your game!

The Benefits of Dedicated Team Model

The dedicated software development team is an effective and convenient solution for companies looking to expand their internal team or temporarily integrate a whole product development team in case the in-house development team is unavailable. Therefore, you can delegate management to us to a certain extent or manage your dedicated software development team yourself. Our transparent approach to management helps provide a detailed picture of the development process.

While hiring a dedicated software development team, the customers will yield the following benefits:

Sharing Economy

More cost-effective value than recruiting and paying in-house developers.

Retention Of Customers

No unnecessary hiring efforts as HDWEBSOFT guarantees a fast formation of the team.


Lower TCO as we remove the extra expenses for additional infrastructure such as employee benefits, IT and infrastructure costs, training costs, office costs, etc.


Ability to quickly scale the team.

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Software Development Outsourcing

Software Development Outsourcing

With over a decade of experience in software development, HDWEBSOFT has proven to be a reliable outsourcing partner for tech companies. We can deliver full-cycle software development services utilizing technology stacks and business domains.

Our clients can reduce production costs and time-to-market while receiving high-quality technological innovation. We are proficient in multiple methodologies, such as Agile or Scrum, to stay ahead of the game.

IT Staff Enhancement

IT Staff Enhancement

We also provide our dedicated teams to our clients on an out-staffing basis. Our dedicated software development teams are professional and can deliver maximum speed and flexibility interoperability. In addition, they help global IT companies scale quickly and manage transformational challenges while driving efficiency up and improving service levels.

Want to equip your staff with more skills while enjoying a seamless DevOps experience? Contact HDWEBSOFT now!
Free Trial Period

Free Trial Period

There is no billing for the first month if you are not satisfied with the results of our work.

HDWEBSOFT’s team is ready to help your company get a feature-rich and easy-to-use software development solution for the streamlined handling of your business.
Why Clients Hire Our Dedicated Teams

As a leading software development company, HDWEBSOFT’s dedicated teams consist of reliable and experienced experts. Such a workforce will provide the following benefits to our clients:

Seasoned IT Experts

Seasoned IT Experts

HDWEBSOFT possesses a host of experienced software specialists and project managers; therefore, our dedicated teams will be formed depending on the skills and expertise needed for your projects. We ensure your success and will offer support at every stage of the development process.

Multi-Channel Communication - HDWEBSOFT

Multi-channel Communication

We provide all means of communication to our customers, such as phone, messengers, video calls, etc. We recommend communicating daily and sharing progress to eliminate any emerging issues. In addition, we are open for two-way guest visits as this will allow us to understand our customers better and set better contact.

Flexibility - HDWEBSOFT


We are ready to work with any software development initiative, on any workflow type, and with the technology you need or prefer for your project. No matter in which time zone your company is based, we adjust our working schedule to have at least a couple of overlapping hours for everyday communication.

We can handle any software development initiative or workflow type with the technology solutions our customers need or opt for. In addition, we can also adjust our working schedule to ensure communication with the clients no matter where they are located.

Reliable Partner

Reliable Partner

HDWEBSOFT strives to meet the demands of our customers, help them improve operational efficiency, and give them the latitude to focus on their market growth and customer satisfaction. Take your business up to another notch by upping software development capabilities with a reliable partner by your side.

Reach out to HDWEBSOFT’s team right NOW to get a full-fledged software management system to help you facilitate business.
Take action now!

If you have doubts about hiring a dedicated development team, it’s best to get expert advice. Get a free consultation with our specialists in HDWEBSOFT. Just describe your project, requirements, time, and budget constraints. Depending on them, we will select the most convenient and advantageous model for you.

As each project’s scope and requirements vary, we take a personal approach to better serve our customers. Some may come to us with comprehensive information on the project, while others have limited information on the matter at hand. Worry not; we take pride in our professional attitude and will help you with consultation and develop your desired engagement models.

1. Come to us
Share your ideas and expectations, specify the requirements, or send an RFP, RPI, and RFQ. Non-disclosure agreements are available.
2. We present
Our experts possess comprehensive expertise and will develop the best UI/UX, architecture, and technology stack alternatives.
3. Negotiate
Both parties discuss the project requirements, outline the roadmap, and clarify the details. Interviews with the necessary personnel are available.
4. You receive
You will get the project estimation and suggestions on the structure, technology platforms, tools, and methodologies.
Commercial project estimation in terms of time and cost, suggestions on architecture, technology platforms, tools, and methodologies.
Instead of exhausting resources and force-fitting your business into a complicated and cumbersome software development system, why not create a custom-built software development solution at a fraction of the cost? Let HDWEBSOFT help you build your system at reasonable prices.