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Ready to boost your sales to another level? Then it’s time to take a look at our CRM Development Services. Here in HDWEBSOFT, one of the best CRM Development Companies in South East Asia, we can help you build customer relationships and streamline processes. Let us help increase sales, improve customer services and yield substantial profits.


CRM Development Company

We have worked with multiple businesses, from smart startups to enterprises with the aim of boosting revenue and improving customer relationships. Our CRM Development Services help to increase business efficiency, distribute workload evenly, boost ROI and attract new customers. In addition our experts possess extensive knowledge to make CRM Systems meet your custom needs and fulfill your business goals.

We strive to make sure every CRM solution we develop fits your needs perfectly.

CRM Development Company

Why your business needs a CRM Software & CRM Development Services

When you are finding it hard to manage your sales, marketing and customer relation, it is time to implement our CRM solutions. Look for the following signs if you are still on the fence:

CRM avoids Lack of centralization

Lack of centralization

It is difficult to keep track and make a lucrative decision when your customer data is spread through multiple sources such as sheets, cards or notes. Also, collecting and making use of the data is time-consuming and ineffective.

CRM avoids Communication breakdown

Communication breakdown

Your sales and marketing teams need to work together for optimal performance. That’s why the lack of communication between them can hurt your business performance and negatively affect your profits.

Turnover inflated costs

Turnover inflated costs

When your sales representatives leave, they often bring the relationships with customers along. As a result, your company may need to invest in time and money for new recruits and getting them up to speed.

Inability to close deals on the move

Inability to close deals on the move

It would be impossible for your sales team to keep track of the status of a deal while they are on the move. As your customer database grows, this will become more than just a teething problem.

Poor customer satisfaction

Poor customer satisfaction

Finding patterns and personalizing interactions with your customers will play a vital role. Failure to do this will reflect badly on your business goals.

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Enhance your business performance now via our comprehensive and cutting-edge CRM development services!

CRM Development Services

As one of the leading Custom Software Development Service companies, HDWEBSOFT have helped multiple businesses to build up their own custom CRM solutions. They range from small start-ups to mid-range companies and even enterprises. We also possess a wealth of experience in integrating CRM solutions to other platforms such as Google applications, Microsoft products and social networks.

Our experts will cater to your custom business needs, technical requirements and financial limits by delivering powerful and effective CRM solutions. There are a wide range of services available:

CRM Consulting

Our CRM consulting services will help you devise a strategy to promote sales, marketing and customer support activities. We will do our best to meet your custom business needs with bespoke CRM solutions.

Existing CRM Redesign and Customization

Whatever CRM system you chose, there is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” solution. You may experience difficulties when using the original system and want to optimize it for better productivity. This is when our CRM redesign and customization service shines. With our help, you can customize your CRM system to enhance your market and sales strategies, data collection, and customer satisfaction.

CRM Mobile App Development

Whatever CRM system you chose, there is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” solution. You may experience difficulties when using the original system and want to optimize it for better productivity. This is when our CRM redesign and customization service shines. With our help, you can customize your CRM system to enhance your market and sales strategies, data collection, and customer satisfaction.
CRM Mobile App Development Services

Custom CRM Development Services

Most ready-made CRM solutions come with countless features but may not address the problems you have. There are 2 issues that out-of-the-box solutions often bring: inflated costs and error-prone implementation. This is when custom CRM solutions come into play. HDWEBSOFT’s CRM Development Services offer custom CRM solutions that will be developed based on the workflow of your teams and on your specific needs, making them much easier for training. After all, they are designed to resolve the issues that you are facing and will encounter in the foreseeable future.

CRM Integration Services

The CRM platform is part of your company’s huge collection of hardware and software and it is extensive. Our CRM integration services can help connect each application with your CRM platform so your data can be accessed with ease. Our CRM development services aim to host complete, real-time and updated data to allow you to visualize the entire picture of your business and its customers.
Let HDWEBSOFT help you build your desired CRM system – one that is designed for you and your needs only.

CRM Development & Solutions

HDWEBSOFT takes pride in providing CRM solutions for over a decade. As a matter of fact, we are capable of building robust, high-performance, easy-to-use CRM solutions which help improve sales productivity, revenue and customer experience. Our CRM development services include:

Cloud CRM Development Company

Cloud CRM Development

Cloud CRM solutions are often built and maintained by the service provider on their servers. As a result, the service allows seamless deployment because it does not require software installation on your computers. Our cloud-based CRM systems are easily accessible from many platforms and provide real-time information. Here are some benefits of this solution:

CRM Solutions IconUser-friendly
CRM Solutions IconEasy access
CRM Solutions IconSupport multiple devices
CRM Solutions IconNo extra software or hardware needed
CRM Solutions Icon3rd party products integration
CRM Solutions IconEasy customization
CRM Solutions IconHigh data security
Mobile CRM Development Services

Mobile CRM Development

Complete mobile CRM solutions are available on many devices with Internet connectivity, such as smartphones or tablets. Now your customer service teams and their sales and marketing counterparts can access and modify key information from all around the world. Our mobile CRM development services can bring:

CRM Solutions IconImproved sales revenues
CRM Solutions IconHigher sales productivity
CRM Solutions IconBoosted customer experience and satisfaction
CRM Solutions IconBetter data quality
CRM Solutions IconSales performance tracking
Enterprise CRM Software Development

Enterprise CRM Development

We have amassed a wealth of experience in working with leading CRM systems and platforms like Zoho, Zurmo, SAP, Oracle, Sugar, Salesforce and many more. HDWEBSOFT is also capable of enhancing the already existing CRM solutions by adding the desired features and boosting functionality and scalability. Our enterprise CRM solutions will provide:

CRM Solutions IconImproved sales revenues
CRM Solutions IconImproved customer service
CRM Solutions IconBoosted sales productivity

Learn more about our ERP Software Development.

Still don’t know what to choose? Consult with our CRM development services now to up your game!

CRM Software Development Functionalities

Most CRM development companies will provide CRM platforms with hundreds of features. However, picking the right CRM features is crucial for your success. If you want to understand better about CRM features, it is important to look at the key CRM features available. HDWEBSOFT’s CRM development services offer a variety of functionalities for you to custom or adapt, depending on each vital block:


Organize the daily schedules of your sales team, analyze leads and manage work hours effectively to deliver high performance.

CRM Solutions IconEasy access of sales data
CRM Solutions IconAutomation of workflow
CRM Solutions IconLeads, contacts and customers management
CRM Solutions IconBuilt-in tools for collaboration
CRM Solutions IconSales intelligence, including reporting, visualizing and forecasting

Marketing and Customer Engagement

Allow customized client communication through multiple touchpoints.

CRM Solutions IconMobile communication
CRM Solutions IconDigital advertising
CRM Solutions IconEmail marketing
CRM Solutions IconSocial platform marketing
CRM Solutions IconCustomer segmentation
CRM Solutions IconCustomer journey log
CRM Solutions IconCode-free email and landing page model

Customer Service

Respond quickly to customer needs and increase customer satisfaction as well as loyalty.

CRM Solutions IconCase management through channels
CRM Solutions IconSmart case direction from communication channels
CRM Solutions IconComprehensive articles
CRM Solutions IconField service management
CRM Solutions IconCase upgrade

CPQ & Billing

Automation of quoting and responding to potential customers to secure deals better.

CRM Solutions IconFull automation of billing process
CRM Solutions IconFull automation of spotting upsell and cross-sell opportunities
CRM Solutions IconSupport multi-level pricing, seasonal programs, channel pricing and a variety of price books
CRM Solutions IconQuote generation based on your own custom conditions

Order fulfillment

Support high order volumes and promote rapid order fulfillment and delivery.

CRM Solutions IconOmnichannel order management
CRM Solutions IconReturn order management
CRM Solutions IconSupport drop shipped and back-to-back order
CRM Solutions IconSmart allocation of order to different inventory category
CRM Solutions IconSubmission automation for make-to-order requests


Reduce customer service workload and enable customer self-service.

CRM Solutions IconBranded customer portal
CRM Solutions IconKnowledge base available
CRM Solutions IconForum for customers
CRM Solutions IconCustomer document management
CRM Solutions IconCustomer service request submission
CRM Solutions IconOrder management
Instead of exhausting resources and force-fitting your business into a complicated and cumbersome CRM software, why not create a custom-built CRM at a fraction of the cost? Let HDWEBSOFT CRM Development Company help you build your system with reasonable prices.

Enabling data intelligence across all business functions of your CRM Software

You will understand the effect and ROI of your decisions before making one thanks to the data generated on a comprehensive scale. As a result, better customer engagement, cost reduction, efficiency boost and most importantly, high sales results will be achieved. Our CRM development services will provide you with built-in analytics to reap the following benefits:

CRM Development Automates BI Integration

Automation of business data collection that is much less time-consuming and more effective

CRM Development provides Real-time data Responds

Real-time data responds to business data changes, fully automated

CRM Development - BI Smart Suggestions

Smart suggestions on the next move based on your business process

Looking for a professional CRM development company? Look no more! Contact HDWEBSOFT – a top software development company in Vietnam now to start building your custom system.

CRM Technologies & Solutions

SugarCRM - An OpensSource CRM Development Solution
SuiteCRM, a Free CRM Software
Oddo a Python-based CRM Solution
OROCRM a PHP-based CRM Solution
MS Dynamics 365 - CRM for Enterprise
Saleforce, a CRM Platform
Oracle CX - CRM Development for Enterprise

CRM Development Case Studies

No matter what size your business is, a functional and supportive CRM system is a must. As such, a CRM system enables you to improve and build on customer relationships, boost communication and enhance lead conversion rates. Take a look at our CRM case studies here.