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HDWEBSOFT is an expert Mobile App Developer in Vietnam. With over 12 years of experience in Mobile App Development Services, our clients’ network is across the globe. Unlike other mobile app development companies in Vietnam, we are glad to propose and assist you from scratch at an affordable price. We guarantee to deliver our clients a great experience—for instance, mobile app design, mobile app personalization, mobile app security, etc.


Mobile App Development Company

Despite technical constraints, our products consistently exceed customers’ expectations. – HDWEBSOFT’s slogan.

HDWEBSOFT is a Leading Mobile App Development Company based in Vietnam. Our worldwide clients/partners are from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, the European Union, the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, and more. Our IT specialists have completed 250+ successful projects with various project sizes, from simple to complicated ones. We excel in offshore software development, software outsourcing development, custom software development, web application development, mobile app development, software testing, automation testing, and UI/UX design. Also, we guarantee to give you an outstanding experience when collaborating with us through our services including Mobile App Development Services.

HDWEBSOFT is the place that turns your ideas into reality. We have our finger on the pulse of technology innovation.

Mobile App Development

HDWEBSOFT provides mobile app development services

iOS App Development

The iOS platform, developed by Apple, is no longer new to technology users. iOS devices do a great job of bringing clients value. Together with unique and luxurious models, Apple products bring users a classy experience. With the iOS platform’s popularity worldwide, there is no doubt that your product should be formatted in favor of iOS software.

Learn more about HDWEBSOFT iOS App Development Services.

Have you ever questioned why only a few applications have high downloads and rank? — The app store offers a variety of users’ downloading purposes with over 4,000,000+ available worldwide. Yet, less than a quarter of the statistics have outstanding display parameters. Only an application with a great, pleasant, and smooth interface is one of the primary keys to success.

HDWEBSOFT is confident to propose to you a set of Mobile App Development Services, which is affordable and target-achieved. To clarify, we combine the fluidity of mobile UI/UX design and engineering to create beautiful and fruitful applications. As a result, our products are one-of-a-kind and applied the best techniques that Apple always promotes.

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Android App Development

iOS and Android platforms have always been big competitors in the technology field. iOS devices bring a sense of high class, whereas Android devices offer a wide range of prices and models. In a word, the market segment of Android devices is larger than iOS devices. Thus, it would be erroneous if you take Android app development lightly.

Learn more about HDWEBSOFT Android App Development Services.

Unlike iOS, Android standards are diverse, with over 20 Android versions for more than 2,000 different device types available on the market. These gadgets come in several sizes and resolutions; thus, making it challenging to create and check Android apps.

No worries! HDWEBSOFT, an expert Mobile App Development Company, is here to support you. Our IT specialists will hand you over everything about your product; in addition, we guarantee to bring your end-users the greatest experience ever.

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React Native App Development

It is incredible if your product is developed and formatted in favor of iOS and Android native apps. However, to produce the product on these two platforms, at the same time, your company must cope with some disadvantages. Typically, it is time and cost-consuming for production period, maintenance, and human resources. Additionally, it challenges your patience due to the long development and deployment periods.

Learn more about HDWEBSOFT React Native App Development Services.

React Native app development will be the best solution to ease your headache. It is time and cost savings due to its ability of app development with perfect compatibility on both powerful platforms. In addition, your position in the market will be on the increase, thanks to your application development speed and publishing frequency. Besides, there is no longer a requirement for two different teams to develop one app on two distinctive platforms. Imagine how productive your company is since you can create two apps available for significant platforms, whereas, with the same amount of time, you can create one iOS or Android app only.

From a positive perspective, React Native will redefine your methodology in iOS and Android Native App Development.

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Custom Mobile App Development

Do you need a distinctive, secure, and stylish application?—You found that there is no unique app among a million available ones.

HDWEBSOFT, a trustworthy mobile app development company based in Vietnam, is your best partner to solve your problem.

With over 12 years of experience in Mobile Application Development Services, our team guarantees to give a high-class level of Custom Software Development Services, including dedicated consultants, special maintenance, end-user experience, and clients’ objectives orientations. We do understand and know which are the essential factors for a customized mobile app for enterprises. What should be included for a smooth experience? What should be equipped for proper functionality? Moreover, we can build SDKs to avoid unexpected legal issues for your company once commercialize a part of your product.

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Mobile App Maintenance & Support

As a reliable mobile app developer in Vietnam, HDWEBSOFT comprehends that development is only a necessary condition in mobile app development. The sufficient condition is maintenance and support. In fact, the most crucial and decisive time for mobile apps is maintenance ability on marketplaces such as App Store and Google Play. It is vital that those applications run smoothly to gain the trust of end-users and profits for business activities. Therefore, we always accompany you anytime and anywhere. Moreover, we promise to provide you with the best Mobile App Development Services.

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HDWEBSOFT, your trustworthy mobile app development company in Vietnam, guarantees to accompany you at whichever stage your products are at. Moreover, we promise to provide full-lifecycle maintenance and support since we understand its importance to the outcomes.

Why should you choose us for your next mobile app development?

Reach skills professionals

HDWEBSOFT has worked on every application with a wide range of project sizes for all different industries.

We have partnered with several enterprises from the United States, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Canada, the Netherlands, and more. We create every single mobile app for companies from fast-growing start-ups to highly demanding security in the Fintech field. In addition, some mobile apps require high performance on their main screen densely packed with multimedia resources.

Quality services

“Our products always exceed customers’ expectations.” – HDWEBSOFT’s slogan.

HDWEBSOFT delights to be your trustworthy partner. Moreover, you will experience world-class customer service. Last but not least, we are willing to do our best to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations. We welcome all your questions.

Are you afraid that your mobile app will have some potential dangers?

No worries! We possess all the necessary equipment for mobile app tests before officially publishing on App Stores & Google Play. Specifically, we have the stimulated test and real test environment for many different types of devices. Besides, our QA engineers have brilliant and unique testing methods to eliminate your mobile app from potential dangers.

Affordable services

Your success – Our developing orientation.

In partnership, efficiency and productivity are our 1st priorities. However, price/cost is the most sensitive and concerning topic for individuals and organizations. In order to ease your headache, our professional consultants will suggest to you the most appropriate choice which fits your budget.

Personalized user experience

Even though mobile app development requires strict security policies with confusing procedures to users, we apply the best practices in UX design to relieve users’ interface burdens. As a leading mobile app developer in Vietnam, our products are easy to use. Users can have a full-powered experience when using the application. In addition, end-users will have a sense of security and the ability to modify applications’ inside options.

Privacy and security

In terms of customer ownership, we guarantee that you are the sole owner of our product. We assist you with the registration procedures to publish your mobile app on App Store and Google Play, following these markets’ registration policies.

On the other hand, in terms of users, we ensure the related privacy policies and specific security standards for different types of applications when exploiting different kinds of data. Furthermore, we know where data has been stored whether server or client, and needs to be encrypted.

Based on your needs, we can do further development

Custom iPad app development

Why do you need to create a custom iPad? Is it similar to an iPhone app?

In the early stage, the iPad did not focus on development. There were no special points to make it outstanding. Therefore, the developers were superficial in building applications – enlarged versions of iPhone apps.

Benefiting from Android competition, the iPad’s later versions have been enhanced significantly, such as configurations and features. As a result, the demand for serious iPad app development becomes urgent. With the growth of iPad technology and its size in the market, software developers have restricted some applications’ features so that they would be available on specific devices. In a word, the iPad requests more specific customizations.

HDWEBSOFT is ahead of the technology trend. We master the essential techniques to build the most efficient iPad app development since we can use the most out of iPhone logic combined with the superior performance of the iPad display.

Flutter native app development

Due to the postpartum, Flutter is a well-designed native application development, which has the same wise idea as React Native. However, its challenge is how it dominates the market when the shadow of React Native is enormous.

As a reliable mobile app developer in Vietnam, our IT experts take shortcuts, review technologies, and apply them in practice. We are in a state of willingness to develop Flutter-based systems, which are not inferior to systems built by React Native.

Learn more about our capacity as a Flutter Development Company.

Wearable app development

Wearable devices such as the Apple Watch and Motiv SmartRing are hi-tech fashion accessories. Therefore, there is a massive demand for wearable app development. Due to sizes, features, and performance limits, developing wearable apps is much more complicated and challenging than mobile apps. Our advice for development is meticulousness and fuel savings. We emphasize simplifying data exchange protocols and improving application performance.

HTML5 hybrid mobile app development

The hybrid mobile app has a native background and performs most of its interface features on browsers. In terms of application, there is no difference among the usual applications mentioned above except for technical. Besides, in terms of rapid development for mobile apps, Hybrid performs better than React Native. There are many available tools to build hybrid mobile apps based on HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. In fact, hybrid apps’ performance is slightly worse than native-based apps. However, in particular practices, the disparity is tiny.

We are confident that we can create and apply the hybrid app to suitable scenarios. Moreover, hybrid mobile app development is helpful and convenient when you want to share components with web applications.

Our Client-Centric Approach

Software Idea

From your brilliant ideas, we discuss targets and turn your ideal mobile app into reality.

Growth Chart

We are always by your side from maintenance to operation. We accompany the values that the application brings to your business.

Costs & Times

Our existence is tied to strict adherence to cost and time.

Customer Services

We have been enhancing and upgrading our systems to help you confront the digital storm with the best services and co-create success based on a balanced and harmonious partnership.

Our approach to the mobile app development

In HDWEBSOFT, we guarantee to provide you with the best product quality, which would exceed your expectations. With the concept of “Your success is our success”, we are entirely dedicated to every project as if it were our last to constantly innovate and develop to bring the best results for your businesses.

hdwebsoft mobile app development approach

We value the harmonious development of technical work with human factors. At HDWEBSOFT, a reliable mobile app developer in Vietnam, we always work with a high sense of responsibility and the most open-minded positive attitude to bring the best user experience. Above all, we dedicate to every single stage of development to stay at the forefront of app development based on popular technologies and be ready for future technology trends.

Our wide area of expertise

iOS, Android, React Native, Flutter, and Hybrid – We all excel in these technologies. Therefore, we can provide you with the best solutions for different resources.

Besides, we master the backend field, including the standalone API system building solutions and building on powerful platforms such as Firebase, Lamba, and MongoDB Realm. Therefore, we create a prestigious firm position in the market.

Strongly, all those factors contribute to competitiveness in our Custom Mobile App Development Services.

Wide Area of Expertise
Mobile OS - Future of Android

Mobile OS future Android

Google’s Android platform is getting better and better in both terms of features and performance. Previously, Android applications contained some limits due to weak configuration devices. Thanks to hardware revolutions, Android has been enhanced dramatically. Furthermore, Android is in the development era since there is no sign of cooling down yet.

Mobile web development – HTML5 – PWA

Mobile technology is booming. It includes strong hardware development and with it the power of web applications in browsers. Therefore, the web-based mobile application is always a technology trend that every Mobile App Development Services provider must continuously monitor and update its knowledge in a timely manner.

All the services with technology-based transition focus on supporting mobile devices. Manifestly, mobile web development is included. Basic websites are currently more mobile-oriented with the typical characteristic of web browser optimization requirements. In addition, it helps PWA applications save bandwidth and increase performance.

Mobile Web Development – HTML5
As having our finger on the pulse of technology innovation, HDWEBSOFT, a reputable and quality Mobile App Development Company in Vietnam, catch up with every technology move and know which is the best for your project.

Our familiarity

HDWEBSOFT, a youth enthusiastic Mobile App Developer in Vietnam, has been enhancing and expanding in all aspects. In terms of depth, we master the latest technologies. Besides, we have been making our profile diverse with more projects serving different industries in terms of breadth as follows:

Developers & Testers Working Togerther

Moreover, we experience creating a tremendously strong team based on the coordination of members with different professional skills. Mobile development is a niche field; thus, its workflows need a combination of basic models and flexibility in practice as follows:


HDWEBSOFT never stops improving and innovating to be at the leading edge of application development technology, keeping our position, and helping other businesses lead in their respective fields.

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Meet your needs on every technological beat.

Develop your ideal software product with each rapidly changing pace of technology.

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