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What is Travel Software?

Travel Software

Travelling is one of the most favorite hobbies of people around the world. Exploring new places and enjoying refreshments after hard working days help people relieve the stress they have to face every day. Moreover, having a trip, especially with family is a bonding method to connect family members. As a huge impact of travel on people’s life, there are many trip management agencies to provide the best experience for “travel-holic”. In addition, people now tend to be interested in travel software development to lessen their workload.

There are available apps that represent various business domains. Our travel management software development not only deals with booking flights, cars, and accommodation, it also exceptionally work on organizing travel partnerships with hotels, airlines, cars, and hiring companies, and other apropos services.

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Top Travel Software Development Services

Leverage our years-long experience and agile development process to satisfy your business needs.

Customer Reservation System Development

Your customer can log in to the system with valid credentials and search for the required services from the list provided in the app. This feature enables your customer to view the list of services based on the categories like flights, cars, buses, and hotel etc, registered in the application. This feature lets them select the service and view the respective fare charts. Your customer can view and reserve/book the services based on the categories by making payment. Once the services are booked/reserved, they receive a booking/reservation confirmation message by SMS / Email.

Tour Management System Development

This feature enables your customer to search facilities based on various factors such as travel agent and packages, Transportation, Booking hotel and tour. They can view and select the services based on location, packages, pricing etc. Based on the selection, your customer can book the tour and avail the facilities by making payment and receive booking confirmation through SMS / Email. Using this feature the app owner can manage the details and track the information of the online customer, travel agent, packages, transport, hotel books, and tours.

Hotel Booking Service Development

This feature entails your customer to search and view the list of hotels based on the location and select the hotel from the list. Your customer can also search the hotel based on pricing. This feature helps them to view the list of amenities and helps in choosing the hotel as per the location with the details like hotel info, hotel overviews, Photo gallery, room type and amenities details, season/category wise room rates, cancellation policies, Offers discounts and promotions. Using this feature they can book the Hotel Room by adding the number of visitors, the checkin /checkout date, time and other basic details. Once the booking is done, your customer will receive a booking confirmation message by SMS / Email.

Tour Guide Application Development

We have developed many apps that help users to have better tour guide experience as well as the best articles and videos to satisfy users’ wanderlust and help users plan amazing trips. Also they can enjoy their trip then later have comments about their experience.

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