How to make clients comfortable with time zone differences

We are a software development firm located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. And we will show you how a long distance software partner can perform as effectively as an inhouse team. One of the most important points is to make sure we have a good process to resolve the distance and the time zone differences.


How we solve the different time zone issues

We are very active in communication. Honestly, no one can keep working overnight everyday. So our strategy is to avoid the dead-time as much as possible by applying these policies:

Emergency Plan

In software development and maintenance, no one can say the software will keep running well all the time.

We can work at night for important circumstances. Especially when we start transferring requirements, interviewing developers, resolving a major issue or delivering an important software package.

Well-Organized Communication Plan

This is the key of success for solving the time zone difference issue. For a project, HDWEBSOFT will define a clear communication plan to clients.

Basically, it will define the official working hour. The best official time for communication at HDWEBSOFT and at client’s size. Especially, we will have the best out-of-office time frame that’s best for communication.

Flexibility in Communication

Project leaders need to expand their time for communication after the office hour. So they may not be working officially but keep opening their messengers, emails to have feedback and reply for any of your concerns.

Frequent Status Update

Our commitment is to have as detailed as possible a daily report with the team’s needs from your support so you can check on your day time and unblock the outsourcing team next day.

Avoid Dead-Time

Bad time-management may lead to the situation that the team has no more doable task for a period.

At HDWEBSOFT, we will make sure no dead-time by applying the mentioned practices. We have a blocker report and flexibility in communication for that purpose.

Finding a team that can make you comfortable with communication?

Tools we used for communication and time management

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