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Up-to-date, data-rich, and detailed data – these features are all you expect to appear in the maps you deliver to your customers. Challenges may be holding you back from achieving perfect custom mapping solutions: incompatible standards, fragmented data, and high production costs. Facing all these challenges alone has never been easy, but don’t worry — you found us at HDWEBSOFT, an excellent engineering partner with map technology expertise multiplied by more than 12 years of experience in map-based app development services for your custom map features.


Our map-based app development services

We advance the technology offerings of innovative map-based solution providers and companies who deliver HDWEBSOFT map content in various industries, including transportation, logistics, automobile, and retail. With HDWEBSOFT custom mapping software, our clients will have consistent and data-rich mapping content delivered through optimized pipelines and get their maps valuable professional and personal assets for users. We work with proprietary, NDS, ADAS, and other standards to enable you to map the world faster and equip our customers with accurate and complete information every time they use mapping software solutions from HDWEBSOFT.

Data gathering

Keep maps in sync with the real world through crowdsourcing automated sensor data using Lidar, radar, remote infrastructure, ADAS cameras, aerial imagery, and in-field analytics.

Data processing and validation

Enhance map accuracy through structured, context-relevant, and valid data sets, building terrain models with real-time information presented with centimeter precision.

Map compilation

Speed up the compilation of thematic maps by aligning custom databases with proprietary or NDS formats, optimizing tile creation, and reducing map sizes through simplified polygons.

Applications and services development

Create cross-platform applications covering PoC and MVP development, UI/UX design, map data visualization, custom plugins, and complete platform modules.

Platform SDK and API development

Implement mobile, embedded, and platform SDKs and develop custom APIs to integrate third-party services for fleet telematics, indoor positioning, and traffic management.

Systems integration

Transfer data between distributed applications within one platform in a scheduled and ongoing way or securely connect your system with external data sources, services, and customers’ apps.

Embrace location technology for business applications

The other benefits of Map Based App Development


Maps for businesses

Custom mapping services have become valuable assets across various industries — agriculture benefits from interactive mapping solutions for fields that help farmers grow crops sustainably. Logistics services use mapping software solutions to build optimal supply chains. Transportation companies enhance the transit and delivery experience for their customers. Fleets save money on fuel and optimize drivers’ workloads using cloud mapping software.

We keep our expertise in mapping solutions relevant to each business needs of each specific industry. We enable mapping platform providers to tackle the challenges of gathering and structuring data to scale their business and provide customer-centric models. By this method, we migrate digital mapping software to the cloud, extract insights from spatial data sets, and translate endless coordinates into location insights.


Maps for vehicles

Geo data mapping, HD maps, and SLAM algorithms have recently enabled advancements in the driving experience. ADAS features and autonomous driving rely on self-healing maps with fast updates and powerful processing capabilities to make driving safer and more convenient for drivers. We assist digital mapping companies in producing the perfect mix of sensor data to display on custom digital maps with advanced machine-learning models for selecting and validating data.

Connectivity is critical in keeping custom map software up-to-date and always available. Onboard navigation systems require streaming map updates and robust integration with digital mapping services. HDWEBSOFT implements incremental OTA updates for connected cars to ensure the optimal size of map data and a fast map rendering process and increase the speed of custom map updates from months to minutes.


Maps for venues

Mapping solutions penetrate deep into users’ lives and business spheres. People can now access indoor maps for airports, shopping malls, and event centers. These large venues will easily get lost without assistance from custom map software. HDWEBSOFT indoor positioning and online digital mapping expertise enable businesses to be seen on venue maps while empowering users to navigate spaces and find whatever they came for.

Innovative mapping solutions for indoor environments have very specific requirements. Venues and buildings often limit and block signals required for map content updates and GPS positioning. This is why a specific approach is required for mapping within venues. We have expertise working with beacon-based and sensor-based tracking to guarantee an undisrupted and rich experience while navigating indoors.

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Technologies for the Map-Based Applications

Custom software development - Google Maps
Custom software development - mapbox
Custom software development - GeoJSON
Custom software development - OpenLayers
Custom software development service - mongoDB
Custom software development - JS5
Custom software development service - Firebase
Custom software development - Google Analytics
Custom software development service - redis
Custom software development service - Apache Solr
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