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HDWEBSOFT is a prominent Cloud Software Development Company in Vietnam. With years of experience in working with major cloud providers – such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud platform, we offer top-notch Cloud Software Development Services to help corporations accelerate their transformation and maximize advantages from cloud environments.


Cloud Software Development Services

In the era of virtualization, cloud-based software development offers great value-added to business owners with their cloud storage and computing power.

HDWEBSOFT, a top-rated Cloud Software Development Company in Vietnam, assists businesses in leveraging cloud technologies’ advantages via our custom Cloud Software Development Services. Our experts are skillful and experienced in getting the most out of cloud technologies’ advantages for corporations’ application migration or reconstruction. To be exact, we conduct an in-depth analysis to identify your existing IT infrastructure and a detailed plan for cost-efficiency and essential criteria included before development or migration.

Briefly, we carefully develop your cloud-based solutions to meet the business’s requirements and adapt them to the needs of specific IT infrastructure.

Application re-architecting

Application re-architecting

We leverage cloud-based software technologies to scale-up your applications. We re-design the architecture from monolithic to microservices. Besides, your application’s functionality can be exposed through APIs.

Cloud discovery and optimization

Cloud discovery and optimization

Our experts will evaluate your current IT infrastructure and resources, which are over-provisioned or under-utilized, for cloud storage optimization.

Cloud migration

Cloud migration

We analyze the infrastructure and plan on a migration strategy, which is best suited to your business orientation. Precisely, we make your application transition streamlined and flawless.

Cloud native development

Cloud-native development

We get the most out of cloud technologies to equip potential scalability and flexibility for your business model. We build serverless apps with AWS Lambda or Azure Functions.

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All industries can find the essentials in Cloud Software Development

HDWEBSOFT has our hand on various successful cloud-based solutions for numerous industries. We can choose the optimistic configuration for each software & solution. That makes us an outstanding Cloud Software Development Company.

E-Learning - Cloud Software Development


Leveraging cloud computing for a well-structured, ideal, and robust virtual classroom management e-Learning solution.

Education - Cloud Software Development


Enhancing the user experience by personalizing learning paths with a solid data-driven pipeline and intuitive interface empowered by cloud-based solutions.

E-Commerce - Cloud Software Development


Creating a robust data analytics platform for better relationship management, accurate retail algorithms, and logical workflow orientation with cloud computing.

Travel - Cloud Software Development


Utilizing the cloud’s capabilities to obtain accurate forecasting and data analytics on products in high demand in various markets, and adjust resources accordingly.

Hospitality - Cloud Software Development


Syncing the big data resources of the travel destination and lodging industry for a personalized vacation experience during the trip. To be exact, your web-based application encompasses huge amounts of information that is well-arranged for the best users’ experience.

Healthcare - Cloud Software Development


Developing a patient-centric environment by implementing cutting-edge technologies with cloud computing for a more accurate diagnosis, medical analysis, and patient symptom report & management.

Healthcare data is really sensitive, we need to ensure HiPAA compliance before publishing the software, especially on cloud platforms.

Fintech - Cloud Software Development


Getting the ability of monitoring financial services and flexibility thanks to cloud solutions’ advantages.

Retail - Cloud Software Development


Taking advantage of cloud computing to integrate data for the entire supply chain for customers’ value maximization.

Utilities - Cloud Software Development


Enhancing your competitiveness in the utility market by implementing cloud solutions, which solve data access issues and provide real-time business insights.

Real Estate - Cloud Software Development

Real Estate

Leveraging the power of machine learning algorithms to enhance tenants’ experience and space management with cloud-based analytics.

Logistics - Cloud Software Development


Accelerating the transmission of data to smarter fleet management for improved transportation and logistics services.

Marketing - Cloud Software Development


With a cloud-based network construction and cloud-native approach, it is beneficial for next generation digital development services.

Be innovation with cloud-based solution

Cloud Software Development for your business needs


Innovate faster

Cloud Software Development allows bold and rapid innovations for enhancing productivity. Precisely, it provides unparalleled computing power for streamlined workflow and rapid growth with flexibility added to the development process.

In fact, the virtual environment boosts design development and increases frequent releases to the market. As a result, Cloud Software Development Services help strengthen and uplift your business position.


Optimize expenses

Besides faster innovation, Cloud Software Development is also beneficial for expenses optimization. To be precise, it eliminates the work of hardware maintenance, monitor, and management by the empowerment of cloud computing.

In addition, cloud-based solutions are at the highest level of security with a logical data arrangement and storage. These features help save IT infrastructure operation and maintenance costs during the implementation phase.

hacker attack and data breach, information leak concept, futuristic cyber background with broken lock

Increased security

Security is what makes Cloud Software Development preferable to many business titans. Data storage in the cloud has been proven to be safer and more secure than traditional internal storage.

A cloud-based solution encrypting and storing data in databases prevents unusual, unauthorized access or cyber security threats. In a word, it is a comprehensive and high-risk prevention application.

A cloud-based solution is an ideal technical tool for business growth

Cloud Platforms & Technologies

HDWEBSOFT has years of experience in working with giant cloud providers and other notable Web Application Development and Mobile App Development technologies.

A brief look at the major cloud platform providers

AWS Software Development - Cloud Software Development Company

AWS Cloud Software Development

Amazon Web Services (AWS), first released for cloud computing in 2006, is a pioneer of cloud software development. AWS leverages serverless services like Amazon Kinesis Streams, Amazon SQS Queues, and AWS Lambda functions for empowering a seamless, streamlined, and flexible data collection stream.

Azure Software Development - Cloud Software Development Company

Azure Cloud Software Development

Microsoft Azure or Azure cloud software development was first announced at Microsoft in 2008. Azure is robust cloud software development with the lowest on-demand and discounted instance pricing. Azure also features comprehensive networking capabilities, including connecting virtual networks across different regions and supporting numerous site-to-site connections to virtual networks.

GCP - Google Cloud Platform Software Development - Cloud Software Development Company

GCP – Google Cloud Platform Software Development

Google Cloud Platform (GCP), first launched in 2008, is a set of cloud computing services running on the same infrastructure as Google’s own products, such as Google Search, Gmail, Google Drive, and YouTube. Thanks to its intuitive UI, lower costs, preemptible instances, and variable compute options, it is an ideal alternative to AWS and Azure cloud software development.

Other Cloud Services - Cloud Software Development Company

Other Cloud Services

Besides, we can start using any platform like Heroku, Cloud9, DigitalOcean, Hetzner, Cloudways, etc. They may not be as powerful and multi-purpose as AWS, CGP, Azure but they have their own power for niche projects.

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Cloud Software Development FAQs

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is defined as a group of remote servers leveraging internet-based hosts to store, manage, and process data instead of local hosting. Cloud computing reduces the cost of development since it can work on other’s infrastructure and hardware in the most efficient way.

How does HDWEBOSFT know cloud computing is right for your business?

The benefits of cloud computing are undeniable; however, it is mandatory to evaluate whether the Cloud suits your business perspective. Precisely, if you need a technical tool that can fulfill your requirements in scalability, a cloud option is good for you. Besides, understanding your existing IT infrastructure is well-recommended.

  • Service
    • What does your current business model need to enhance?
    • How is the security of your model?
    • Does it meet your requirements?
  • Technology landscape
    • How is the traffic?
    • Region factors.
      • Remote access (if any).
  • Cost
    • Is the cost of your on-premises solution reasonable?
    • How is your budget for upgrading services?
  • Ease of migration
    • How was your latest experience in migration investment?
    • How much did you spend on it?
    • Do you have any contractual or vendor obligations that prevent you from migrating?

Once you have answers to these questions, you will realize whether cloud computing is right for your business.

How much can you save by using cloud computing services?

Basically, it is possible to save up to 80% of the cost for a premises-based solution by using a cloud-based solution (SaaS). In fact, it depends on your work with the cloud navigator for IT savings with cloud-based services.

Last but not least, cloud cost saving is the main criterion of a Cloud Software Development Company.

Learn more about our Cloud Software Cost Saving.

What training does my IT staff need to manage the Cloud?

Cloud layers have an impact on cloud manageability. To be precise, The higher you go in the cloud, the less management you have to do. The IaaS manager is responsible for all aspects of the virtualized environment supplied as a service. Besides, for SaaS, Monitoring can be confined to data management and identity and access management.

If you are planning on migrating your current model to Cloud, it is advisable that your IT staff take training courses to take the reins when a cloud-based solution is ready. Major cloud providers and third parties offer training and certification to help IT professionals become more comfortable with these processes.

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Cloud Software Development Case Studies

As a leading Software Outsourcing Company in Vietnam, our Cloud Software Development Services are well qualified to fulfill your current and future business needs. To be exact, our Cloud Software Development allows your business to expand while maintaining a flexible and reliable software architecture.