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WordPress has proven its value in content management for a huge variety of websites. Chances are most of the websites you have ever encountered have WordPress incorporated in them. If you are looking for a reliable and effective system for web content management, you can hire WordPress Developers at HDWEBSOFT to help you. Our WordPress Development Services will amaze you in every possible way.

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    Hire Dedicated WordPress Developers

    Hire WordPress Developers Introduction

    HDWEBSOFT always takes pride in open-source technologies. We have recruited the most talented word-class WordPress Developers and are always ready to share them with you. With unmatched expertise in WordPress technology, we have always delivered the best options to our customers to help them flourish and lead in their chosen fields.

    With high transparency and agile approaches, HDWEBSOFT provides you with remote expert WordPress Developers, designers, and software engineers to work on your projects on different engagement models. Whatever the complexity of your project, we have the best solutions for you, so read on to learn about our WordPress Developers for hire.

    Send us information about your business case and we will offer you the best WordPress Solutions and Developers.

    Benefits of Hire Dedicated WordPress Developers from HDWEBSOFT

    Our WordPress Developers possess in-depth domain knowledge, professional collaboration, and high technical skills.


    Flexibility & Scalability

    Hire the top-rated WordPress Developers that everyone has been looking for to easily scale up your business. We are experienced enough to handle any of your business scenarios and requirements with guaranteed satisfactory outcomes.


    Cost Savings

    You can gain a huge competitive advantage from cost reduction and savings in daily operations and hiring & training of technical employees.


    Risk Management

    Hiring remote WordPress Developers from HDWEBSOFT can help you minimize risks greatly and increase productivity significantly while enjoying your disruption-free operation.


    Focus on Core Processes

    You can outsource your CMS project to us and focus 100% of your efforts on your core businesses and the fostering of your desired relationships with clients.


    Quick Launch Time

    We can finish all WordPress key functions in a timely manner to help you launch your CMS project as soon as planned.

    Don’t miss out the opportunity to reach your potential clients through a stunning online site. Contact us now to build your own WordPress website.

    Hire WordPress Developers: Services HDWEBSOFT Offers

    For higher scalability and faster transformation of your businesses, hire our professional WordPress Specialists to develop your website content management system.

    WordPress CMS Development

    WordPress CMS Development

    To maintain high CMS site productivity to keep up with latest trends, consider hiring our high-caliber WordPress Developers.

    WordPress Plugin Development

    WordPress Plugin Development

    Our highly-qualified WordPress programmers can help you build custom plugins for your brand’s infinite growth.

    WordPress Blog Development

    WordPress Blog Development

    To leverage the flexibility of WordPress for development and integration of blogs, get our WordPress experts on board now.

    WordPress Ecommerce Development

    WordPress E-commerce Development

    Our committed WordPress Developers can transform your business with our best solutions for E-commerce Development.

    WordPress Integration

    WordPress Integration

    Our remote WordPress Developers can build and integrate custom APIs to bring your users a feature-rich and highly functional CMS.

    WordPress Support & Maintenance

    WordPress Support & Maintenance

    We provide round-the-clock WordPress support and maintenance services with end-to-end responsibility.

    Send us information about your business case and we will offer you the best WordPress Solutions and Developers.

    Key Differentiators of Hiring WordPress Developers from HDWEBSOFT

    As an Offshore Software Development partner of choice for thousands of worldwide clients, HDWEBSOFT does stand out in WordPress technology with so much to offer. We are proud of our excellent body of dedicated WordPress Developers and are ready to build you a content management system of high performance and ultimate security.


    Top-class POC (Point of Contact)

    For the best collaboration possible, we offer WordPress experts and POC across all stages of the project to make your projects a success beyond expectation.



    We maintain high levels of extensibility to allow for smooth integration of WordPress latest features, enhancing the effective interaction with clients and readers.


    Technical Expertise

    Our WordPress experts can perform well on all tools, platforms and industry standards to deliver you a WordPress site of high functionality.


    Flexible Models

    You can select the most suitable engagement options for your business cases to eliminate unnecessary costs of hiring and training new technical employees.

    Kick-start your CMS project now with our top-class WordPress Developers.

    Flexible Engagement Models to Hire WordPress Developers from HDWEBSOFT

    Hire the top-rated WordPress Developers you are looking for to embrace the versatility and values WordPress has to offer to stay ahead in competition. We provide you with the most convenient engagement options as below to best facilitate your CMS project. Regardless of your choice, our highly-qualified WordPress Developers always deliver their best.


    Team Managed by HDWEBSOFT

    With regard to this model, our WordPress technical team (a dedicated team and project manager) is comprehensively responsible for the entire process. Our professional WordPress Developers will conduct and supervise the whole process from inception to completion.


    Team Managed by Client

    Our offshore WordPress experts will fully cooperate with your in-house specialists and/or project lead or managers to carry out the CMS project strategically, which will enhance productivity, speed up the process and streamline long-term growth.


    Hybrid Model

    This model incorporates the advantages of both in-house and offshore tech teams to produce the best tailor-made solution to respond to the highly-competitive business scenarios.

    Hesitate no more with our special deals to hire your dream WordPress Developers.

    5 Simple Steps to Hire WordPress Developers from HDWEBSOFT

    We help you get rid of your concern related to lengthy and complex hiring procedures by offering you the most simple process. Rest assured that you can always recruit the top WordPress Talents at HDWEBSOFT by following these simple steps:


    Leave us a recruitment request for WordPress Developers;


    Consult with our in-house specialists;


    Choose an engagement approach;


    Sign the contract and initiate work;


    Scale up your team.

    Want a successful CMS project without a complicated hiring process of the required technical employees? Check out what our WordPress Developers can offer.

    Engagement Models to Hire WordPress Developers from HDWEBSOFT

    If you have been looking for the best WordPress Developers to hire, you can easily recruit some at HDWEBSOFT. For your convenience, we offer three engagement models as described below. Each comes with its own time frame for flexibility, but we always ensure that our WordPress Developers perform with high productivity and accountability.

    Full-time Part-time Hourly
    Time 8 hours 4 hours Hour basis
    Period 1 month 1 month 25 hours
    Methodology Agile, Scrum, Kanban
    Communication Phone, Chat, E-mail
    Project Trackers Daily reports, Basecamp, Jira, Trello, Asana, Monday, Redmine and etc
    Are you looking for professional WordPress Developers? Check out our flexible and affordable hiring options now.

    WordPress Developer FAQs

    What is WordPress?

    WordPress is indeed a free and open-source web content management platform (CMS). This powerful tool is written in PHP that makes use of a MySQL database. To put it in a non-technical term, it is by far the easiest and most versatile builder for websites and blogs. With great functionality and flexibility, WordPress has been dominating as a modern and reliable solution for businesses of all scales and operations.

    How much would it cost to create a WordPress website?

    You won’t need much at first to build your own WordPress website compared to other technologies. With as little as $100, you can set up a professional website with a stunning layout using a wide collection of available templates.

    However, the costs can go up depending on the level of customization, plugins, site complexity and required expertise of the WordPress Developers. That being said, they can vary significantly depending on your situation. Send us your requirements and we will estimate the costs for you for free.

    Why should I hire dedicated WordPress Developers from HDWEBSOFT?

    Our dedicated WordPress Developers will work exclusively on your CMS project, guaranteeing you a quick launch time and top-quality results. We have been operating as a leading Software Development Outsourcing company in Vietnam with a wide array of Website Development projects around the world. We are well-known for our quality services, clean & agile methodologies, and affordable pricing options.

    Can I manage the WordPress team by myself?

    You can manage your WordPress Developers however you wish: give them daily assignments, conduct meetings and require periodic reports from them.

    Can my hired WordPress Developers communicate in English?

    Sure they can. For most of the situations, they can communicate well with you in English. However, if any stage of the process requires a higher level of English, we will assign a manager/BA to accommodate the communication.

    What are your payment options to hire your WordPress Developers?

    Wire Transfer is our preference. If you wish to use another one, just let us know and we can figure it out together.

    How can I communicate with my hired WordPress Developer(s)?

    We will have to agree on the channels for communication. Usually, common instant messaging tools are what we consider.

    How will I get project updates when hiring your WordPress Developers?

    You can schedule the update timeline for your own convenience and we are willing to help you with that. In general, you will get daily and weekly updates on the whole process as possibly agreed on our contract.

    Get ready to grow your business with WordPress. Contact us now for a free quote and consultation to hire our top-rated WordPress Developers.

    WordPress Developers & Case Studies

    To optimize your web content management, you should consider employing WordPress right now. With valuable experience in WordPress technology, we are always ready to lend you our best WordPress Talents to develop your CMS project of any scale and complexity. When you choose us, you already choose the best way to achieve your goals.

    The Platform for Healthcare Knowledge: A Case Study
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