Engagement Models in Software Development

There are multiple different Software Development Engagement Models readily available in our arsenal to set you up with the most productive way to work. We also provide consulting services if you need experts to help decide what to choose.


Our Engagement Process

Our software development team comprises experts with the capability to deliver a project that would meet your financial requirements and other needs. It’s worth mentioning that our expertise allows us to use a variety of tools, frameworks, and programming languages to complete the project. We strive for perfection and are willing to go the extra mile to provide our clients with the best software solutions.

Our Engagement Process

When selecting a software outsourcing model, you should take a look at several factors:

The required level of flexibility

The required level of flexibility

The available in-house expertise

The available in-house expertise

The core business objectives

The core business objectives

The amount of control you desire

The amount of control you desire

The amount of time for the project

The amount of time for the project

Consult with our experts to understand your business needs and specifications better.
Software Development Engagement Models From Hdwebsoft

Software Development Engagement Models From HDWEBSOFT

There is no one-size-fits-all solution as every model has its own perks and drawbacks. As such, they are only effective and applicable in certain scenarios. The most popular engagement models in the IT industry are Time and Materials Contract, Fixed Bid, Out staffing, Dedicated Team, and Offshore Development Center. It is recommended to consider the scope and requirements of the project and your business.

Up your game by consulting with our experts, who will keep you up to date about the models and provide counsel.

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Methodologies In Software Development

You should also consider the appropriate type of methodologies after deciding on a software development engagement model. Our specialists are proficient at splitting traditional frameworks, using a hybrid approach of picking the best elements from Agile, Scrum, Kanban, and Waterfall. Implementation of the said workflows, without saying, is a breeze.

Agile Method


When the final goal of the project is not defined and the development team is required to adapt seamlessly and effectively to the needs, Agile will be the most efficient. It places an emphasis on experimental software development and versatile design patterns. It also calls for evolutionary development and adaptive solutions. This model requires constant collaboration and teamwork among the involved parties.

Waterfall Method


When customers’ requirements are set and changes are unlikely to occur during the development process, Waterfall will suit best. In other words, it excels in static projects with small scopes and clearly defined targets. This will necessitate a reliable budget and time estimation. Because of the nature of this type, all the tasks are sequential, making sure that there will be no overlapping.

Scrum method


When it comes to the development of complex software with fixed lengths, Scrum would be the most appropriate. This method will be divided into sprints and require the team to interact with the customer when each sprint is completed. This is the most ideal for swing project development.

Testing will be performed thoroughly with the mindset that changes will be present.

Kanban method


Kanban is similar to Agile but includes a more sizable visual component. The main advantage is the ability to freely adapt and react to customer needs and demands rather than to predict them. As a result, this method offers higher flexibility, a more optimized workflow, and a more user-friendly interface.

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Our top priority is to find the best communication channels for our customers. Because we know that a well-organized interaction is a basis for outsourcing software development, the following channels are readily supported:



Instant Messaging

Instant messaging

Project management

Project management systems


Versioning systems


Reporting systems

Guest visits

Guest visits

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As each project’s scope and requirements vary, we take a personal approach to better serve our customers. Some may come to us with comprehensive information on the project while others with limited information on the matter at hand. Worry not as we take pride in our professional attitude and will help you with consultation and the development of your desired engagement models.

1. Come to us
Share your ideas and expectations, specify the requirements or send an RFP, RPI, and RFQ. Non-disclosure agreements are available.
2. We present
Our experts possess comprehensive expertise and will come up with the best UI/UX, architecture, and technology stack alternatives.
3. Negotiate
Both parties discuss the project requirements, outline the roadmap and clarify the details. Interviews with the necessary personnel are available.
4. You receive
You will get the project estimation, and suggestions on the structure, technology platforms, tools, and methodologies.
Commercial project estimation in terms of time and cost, suggestions on architecture, technology platforms, tools, and methodologies.
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