IT Outstaffing Services

HDWEBSOFT is a top-tier Outsourcing Software Development company that offers various technology services for your business, including the Outstaffing model. We are honored to be your IT Outstaffing Company partner in reducing the burdens placed on your IT Department. IT Outstaffing Services provide remote employment with well-trained talent, who are the responsibility of the provider company in terms of payroll. However, They are completely dedicated to you all-time rather than working from project to project.

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The outstaffing is the model of team augmentation through the hiring of external specialists from another software development company. Typically, these specialists are based in other locations, including cities, countries, and the mainlands.

Our IT Outstaffing services include:

what is it staffing
Business forecasting in it outstaffing

Business forecasting

Our IT staffing services deliver advanced solutions that are tailored to the latest trends and upcoming changes.

planning in it outstaffing


We anticipate future needs and organize our work accordingly, ensuring accurate estimation of the stages of IT staff augmentation.

Custom IT team in it outstaffing

Custom your IT team

We will carefully select the ideal matches for your project based on your specific needs for IT outstaffing services.

Supporting service in it outstaffing

Supporting service

We are always ready to support you during the outstaffing process as well as after a successful release.

Product improvement in IT outstaffing

Product improvement

Our staffing solutions are ready to help you adjust your product at any stage and enhance its features to meet market demands.

Boost your performance in IT outstaffing

Boost your performance

As a leading IT outstaffing company, we evaluate the market and strive to optimize the performance of your project and IT team to gain a competitive advantage.

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Outstaffing Services have been provided all over the world due to the numerous benefits they can deliver to businesses. The following are the primary advantages of IT Outstaffing Services.


Flexible hiring model

IT Outstaffing Services is the most cost-effective way to hire auxiliary personnel. Therefore, staff resources are dedicated to you and your IT needs, while the vendor handles payroll.

quality control

Complete command of the development process

Outstaffing is often the best option if you cannot afford to hire in-house professionals. In fact, you are able to collaborate with your provider resources as if they were members of your team. You could assign them daily tasks that require interaction and instruction, which would expedite your development process. Furthermore, as a project manager, you have complete access to these trained skilled talents and can manage their work. As a result, you can manage and ensure the procedure’s quality.


Access the pool of IT specialists with the experience your project requires

If your company is having difficulty finding an IT specialist who meets your business requirements, IT Outstaffing Company can assist you in resolving this issue. To be specific, staff at the vendor firm must have experience and knowledge in technology, software, and so on. As a result, they have a certain level of knowledge and are able to meet your IT needs.


Lower cost

Due to the heavy lifting in management, the hourly rate of the outsourced team members is usually lower, and you avoid the project management hours that your vendor usually adds to the estimate. Therefore, the savings can be substantial, allowing you to optimize your company’s costs.

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At HDWEBSOFT, we implement an individual approach to each client as the project scope and requirements might have. Some clients come to us with a brief project description, while others – with comprehensive information about their projects (documentation, design, mockups, and wireframes). No matter what requirements you have, we are always ready to help you. Do not hesitate to join us to create amazing projects.



Get in touch-friendly to open your chance to build a potential win-win relationship.

nda signing

NDA Signing

We are always ready to sign your non-disclosure agreement or can provide you with ours.



Share your ideas and expectations with us, and specify the project requirements.



We discuss project requirements with clients and clarify the details, outline the project roadmap, and conduct interviews with software engineers if needed.

mobile analytics


Commercial project estimation in terms of time and cost, suggestions on architecture, technology platforms, tools, and methodologies.



HDWEBSOFT takes pride in being one of the top software outsourcing companies in Vietnam and a dependable partner to corporations worldwide, with over ten years of experience in providing high-quality software outsourcing services. To avoid additional fees, our professional consultancy team will accompany you at every stage of the project, which distinguishes us and keeps you on budget. We make every effort to ensure that the content in the software we helped create meets your expectations.

Last but not least, with field experts on our team, we are committed to providing the highest quality products and services to our customers, as evidenced by our previous resounding success.

Have your business growing with specialists.


With over 12 years of experience, HDWEBSOFT provides all major areas of IT Outstaffing Services.

spatial analysis

Offshore Software Development

HDWEBSOFT provides the foundation in terms of dedicated office space, operating systems, and a managerial eye to oversee the development process as these specialized app developers work for you. Learn more about Offshore Software Development.

call management

Custom Software Development

Your software template is not dynamic enough for your new use cases? We are presently here to listen to any customization requests. We can give out the best solutions wherever your software has been made by using a famous open-source or privately developed codebase. Learn more about Custom Software Development.

projects and workflow

Web Application Development

Our expertise lets us create various web solutions for e-commerce, enterprise web applications, mobile web applications, up-to-date platforms for advertising, sales, and more.

tablet smartphone

Mobile App Development

Our UI/UX designs provide the best user experience and user-friendly interfaces with effective navigation, high information availability, and enhanced performance.

feature engineering

PHP Development

Based on the latest technology standards and frameworks, our full-stack PHP developers provide the following full-cycle web development services.

unstructured data analysis

Vue.js Development

From simple web development projects to complex single-page apps, Vue.js could always be a perfect fit with a high level of flexibility. We leverage the best features of Vue.JS to build dynamic web pages, social media apps, and a variety of other applications.

big data

Magento Development

Magento empowers thousands of retailers and brands with the best eCommerce platforms and flexible cloud solutions to rapidly innovate and grow.

cloud computing

Cloud Computing Development

Cloud Software Development Services to help corporations accelerate their transformation and maximize advantages from cloud environments.

HDWEBSOFT catches up with all technology updates and delivers the best for your project.

Outstaffing Services FAQs

What is the difference between IT Outstaffing Services and IT Outsourcing Services?

Outsourcing companies typically handle the entire project of the hired company from A to Z. The client rarely evaluates the development team and the provider company works on multiple projects from multiple clients at the same time. Meanwhile, an Outstaffing company provides employees to the clients to work on their projects full-time. To manage work quality, the client could monitor the development team.

Why would I choose IT Outstaffing Services at HDWEBSOFT?

With a team of well-equipped skills with many years of experience, HDWEBSOFT will bring you solid human resources to complete your project in the best way. In addition, with an outsourced team from HDWEBSOFT, you will save a certain amount of cost without having to do cumbersome procedures. We are proud to bring you quality service at a reasonable price.

How can HDWEBSOFT solve the lingual and cultural issues while providing Outstaffing Services?

Our members were trained through distinct projects with different industries. Therefore, we always work with the spirits of:

  • Active: Respond to any query as soon as possible. Contact clients frequently to verify any issues. With HDWEBSOFT, communication is key.
  • Can-do: We do our best to deliver the most effective solutions and address all your questions. Never say I don’t know and I can’t do it.
  • Keep consideration: Before providing any solution or answer, we consider all the aspects to bring the best approach for your business.
  • Language support: We ensure all the team members reach our quality in English skills, which help you to have the greatest experience with our services.

During implementing Outstaffing Services, how can HDWEBSOFT commit to having high productivity?

With more than 12 years of experience, we understand what are your concerns when it comes to high productivity. At HDWEBSOFT, we commit to reaching your expectations by monitoring well-known issues of software development models.

  • Time zone issue
  • Lingual and cultural issues
  • Communication

Therefore, we believe that we could solve those problems well without any hidden costs and still keep improving productivity.

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