White Label Software Development Services

Are you looking for software that you can mass publish or White Label Solution Development? As a leading White Label Development Company, HDWEBSOFT will satisfy all your software needs. Whether it is white label development on the mobile platform or web, we can handle it perfectly. Simply contact us and let our engineers take care of the rest – Enjoy mass profit at your fingertip.


What Is White Label Solution Development?

White labeling is the whole process indicating a company manufactures products or services and then sells them to another company which then rebrands those products or services and sells them as its own. White-labeled products or services will go on the market with the branding of the company that bought them. White labeling in the software development industry and tech worlds would include software, apps, cloud-based services and digital programs.

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How Our White Label Software Development Services Elevate Your Business?

You can focus on creating wonderful concepts and ideas and let us put the code together and create a white-label software product with your name on it. As a leading Custom Software Development Center located in the SEA region, we are proud to say that we have more than 12 years of experience in white label Mobile App, Custom Software, and Web Application development. And we LOVE doing it.

Extensive Expertise

Extensive Expertise

Our software expertise allows us to create White Label Solution Development that improves your core business, and potentially helps you meet your business goals. We will ensure our clients are in the loop with every stage of white label app, software and web development. This process starts with working out what your software product will do. Spending time with your staff to focus on a specific product will ensure what we develop reflects what you have in mind.

Point of Contact

Point of Contact

When it comes to White Label Solution Development, you might have an idea already, or you could find inspiration from the projects that we have already developed. Staying more than a decade in the industry means our software development processes are well-honed, and you will have direct points of contact to keep you up to date throughout the entire process, from creating a prototype to finalizing the product.

Integrating Technologies

Integrating Technologies

You will benefit from integrating your evolving white label software product with other technologies, from accountancy to system. That’s something we can do. We can also integrate with application programming interfaces (APIs) used by software products like QuickBooks, PayPal or Stripe and we can also utilize the code and transform it to other platforms like mobile phones, tablets, or desktops .

In addition, we can host the white label software for you, performing any necessary maintenance and updating. You will also receive complete training and the Intellectual Property (IP) is all yours.

Let HDWEBSOFT help you build your desired White Label App/Web/Software Development – one that is designed for you and your needs only.

What Are The Legal Problems Of White Label Software Products?

One of the most important issues when it comes to white label app, web, and software development is any legal problem. This stems from the fact that most of the technologies used in White Label Solution Development are mutually shared and open, which would entail legal issues. HDWEBSOFT knows how to organize the modules of our white label software to ensure that our clients will not have to concern themselves with such problems.

White Label Software Products: Legal Problems
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What Benefits Can Gain From White Label Software Solutions?

Time and Cost

Time and Cost

Software development is a time-consuming and costly process even with the best developers in your team. On the other hand, white label software comes with significantly shorter learning and training. As a result, it allows you to save valuable time and money that can be invested in other mandatory sections such as marketing, branding, and commercializing.



White label software ensures a certain level of quality, as the final product has gone through a process of trial and error to ensure that the software is at the highest quality standards. Additionally, the white label software developers are continuously working to improve the product, add new features, and respond to customers’ needs, suggestions, and feedback.



White label software is already ready to be sold so organizations with financial capability can easily scale up their market activities more efficiently for better growth.



Every time the end customers use the software, they will see your brand name and logo. This helps improve awareness and recognition and in turn, can help you build trust and positive brand image by putting your brand name to a certified and reliable product.

Let HDWEBSOFT, a leading White Label Development Company, help you build your desired White Label Solution – one that is designed for you and your needs only.

Different Approaches of White Label Software

When it comes to White Label Solution, there are two main approaches:

Multi-tenant approach

This shares a single infrastructure while supporting multiple partners, which means that you provide both the frontend and backend of the application to your clients via the cloud. Each client will be able to add his own brand identity elements and choose from a variety of pre-built features.

Backend-based approach

You sell only the backend of the application, leaving your clients with the freedom to develop their frontend side. Since you’re handling only the backend, this type of white-label solution is easier to support than its multi-tenant counterparts.

It would be best for your interest if we distinguish the difference between B2B and B2C white-labeling. To demonstrate, when a restaurant rebrands a food ordering app and then offers it to their guests, it’s B2C white-labeling. On the other hand, when a digital marketing provider rebrands a white-label CRM app and resells it to other businesses, it’s B2B white-labeling.

You can contact us for a free consultation service should you need more information on the benefits and approaches of White Label Solutions.

What Technologies Drive Our White Label Software Development Company?

We are proud to say that our specialists are seasoned in creating and working with a host of software builders. This allows our clients to flexibly build and preview the final product that they want.

Hybrid Technologies

Hybrid Technologies

When it comes to White Label Solution Development, Hybrid Technologies such as React Native App Development, Flutter App Development or iOnic are the best facilitators. With our expertise in such technologies, we can minimize any expenses related to development, operation and maintenance.

DevOps Expertise

DevOps Expertise

We understand that automation is an essential part of any business. That is why our engineers are also capable of working with and building DevOps systems which will enable labeling at a highest pace and fully automated.

Other core technologies

Other core technologies

We are proficient at ASP.NET MVC5 with HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and C# programming, WPF for desktop/tablet components, and WCF Web Services to link.

Our database of choice is Microsoft SQL Server, including the extensive use of the core Database Engine, Integration, Analysis and Reporting services. For bigger databases, we would use MongoDB, a NoSQL database engine. We can also work with Oracle or MySQL if required.

Accelerate your White Label Business via our comprehensive and cutting-edge DevOps Services.


You can find out more information about White Label Solution Development through our frequently-asked-questions section here.

What are the major benefits of White Label App/Web/Software Development?

It would be best for your interest to find out more about the Benefits of White Label Solution Development. As a result, we have prepared some information.

What are the key features of White Label Development?

  • Creating end-to-end products ready for sale and execution.
  • Configuring and integrating the new solutions with the main platform and requested technology.
  • Hosting the applications on the behalf of the customers on a specialist server hardware.
  • Monitoring the performance and extending support and maintenance to ensure smooth working of the services.
  • Managing the security and reliability of the white labeled products.

How to best use White Label App/Web/Software Development?

Here are the 3 common ways that organizations can make use of white label development services: Internally, Externally and Reselling.

How can I make payments to HDWEBSOFT?

Our main payment channel is through Wire/Bank Transfer. However, all other methods are still possible depending on our client’s requests and the nature of the projects.

How can we communicate and monitor the progress of the project with the hired developers?

You can take advantage of HDWEBSOFT’s unique project management system, which allows project monitoring, task assigning and following up. Our developers are also available through Skype, Hangouts, Email, Phone, JIRA, Slack, Teamwork and Basecamp.

Will I receive reports and updates on the progress of my projects?

Periodic reports are available on a daily or weekly basis. Also, we are always open to your preference.

Why should I choose HDWEBSOFT to be my White Label Development Company?

HDWEBSOFT is a top software solution provider for all your technology needs, specifically White Label. We have had more than 12 years of experience in the industry and helped our clients build applications, webs and software. In addition, our specialists are well equipped with the necessary skills for the job, making sure that the product meets all the market standards and your business needs.

HDWEBSOFT’s team is ready to help your company get a feature-rich and easy-to-use White Label Solution for the development of your choice.

Case Studies

We believe that action speaks louder than words. However, why choose only one when we can do both? HDWEBSOFT has been a leading White Label Development Company for years and has amassed a series of successful projects that we are responsible for. If you wish to understand us and our success more, kindly refer to the case studies below.

The Platform for Healthcare Knowledge: A Case Study
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