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HDWEBSOFT — your reliable custom software development company based in Vietnam. Our custom software development services are here to help you achieve your business goals! Our services are fully loaded with custom mobile app development and custom web application development services.

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Custom Software Development Company

The pandemic puts pressure on businesses to be more innovative. There is a growing need for companies to shift their types from traditional business to digital business if they want to succeed. In these challenging times, flexibility is the key to keeping businesses afloat.

We understand that transition can be difficult and expensive for any organization. However, we can make this easier for you.

We offer custom software development services such as web applications, mobile applications, system integration, QA testing, system security, and more. Our IT experts can assist with your digital transformation to accomplish your business goals. Our team can handle even the most complicated innovation and security issues that could compromise your business growth.

Custom Software Development Company
Do you have software development needs? Get in touch with our IT Experts for a FREE CONSULTATION! Let’s talk about how we can work together to achieve your business goals.

What is custom software development?

Custom software development is the process of building software production to meet explicit business needs. It is also known as bespoke software development. It can be customized at any stage to meet specific requirements. Each business has its own characteristics; therefore all businesses need a custom software development model. It is especially suitable for unique and expanding businesses.

On the other hand, ready-made software is for general users. Even if they have personalized options, they cannot be modified based on an individual’s needs. Microsoft Office is an example.

What is custom software development?

Speed up your digital platform with our expertise

Business situations are changing. Our reliable IT experts can assist you with your digital transformation to accomplish your business objectives. As a custom software development company, we provide:

Custom Web Application Development Icon

Custom Web Application Development

HDWEBSOFT provides full-stack custom web application development for clients worldwide in different industries. We develop well-designed, secured, and client-centric web-based software.

We offer complete support for the entire custom web app development stage.

Our team uses cutting-edge technologies such as Nodejs, Express, Python, Django, PHP, Laravel, React, Vue, Angular, HTML5, CSS3, WebSocket, WebRTC, and more.

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Custom Mobile Application Development

Our custom mobile app development services will help your business grow. They expand your market reach and increase efficiency.

Our mobile developers are proficient in custom mobile application development. We excel at both iOS and Android. Besides, we develop cross platform apps with React Native and Flutter. In addition, we can develop HTML5 based hybrid apps with Ionic, Meteor, and more.

icon UX UI design

User Experience And User Interface (UX/UI Design)

We offer complete UI/UX services. First of all, we gather your requirements and perform extensive research. Then, we translate them into elegant and intuitive UI/UX design.

UI/UX design plays a vital role in both custom web application development and custom mobile app development since it determines the efficiency of the applications and dictates the development plan.

Accelerate your business with strong technical expertise.

Our primary custom software development services

We are here to help clients achieve their business goals. Specifically, we offer cost-effective, innovative, and flexible full-cycle custom software development solutions.

Custom Software Development Services We Provide

Software Product Development

Product development is a complex process. Developing an innovative customized software application requires high level technical skills. It is also about building good partnerships. Above all, we want to be the reliable partner you need.

We will confidently carry out any project however challenging, whether it is simple or extremely complex. All project types are welcomed. We can build your customized software from scratch and maintain your existing projects.

Our team will collaborate with you from beginning to end. We guarantee that by applying Agile project management approach.

Enterprise Software Development

Do you want your business operations to be more accurate, transparent, and efficient? Our enterprise software development team can help you.

We provide enterprise custom software development services to different industries. In addition, we have partnered with numerous companies from across the globe. We help in solving their business challenges, including organizational strategies, business processes, reports, data analysis, and profitability.

SaaS - custom product development

SaaS (a.k.a Software as a Service) is one of our most popular custom software development services.

It is ideal for start-ups due to its cost-efficiency, flexibility, and convenience. Additionally, it reduces the costs of laborious software and hardware maintenance. It’s simple, all you need is a networked device. Then, you can access it from wherever you are.

The subscription plan offers payment flexibility. It reduces the financial risk of your customers. For example, Slack and Dropbox are SaaS products.

Without a doubt, our custom SaaS development services team is ready to build similar customized software for you. We can build your SaaS with both custom mobile app development services and custom web application development services.

Our SaaS team is proficient in driving the SaaS model. As a result, we can help you optimize your business’s success with our SaaS development services.

Software Integration & Modernization

Technology is changing fast. Your old IT system may disrupt the organization’s operations. Hence, businesses need to keep abreast of these changes to remain competitive.

Also, the 3rd party services are getting more and more modern every day. Obviously, your software integration needs updating to catch up.

Therefore, software integration and modernization are inevitable. They are indispensable in custom software development. Unfortunately, legacy systems can be uninspiring for developers. But we have experience with this situation. Furthermore, we can commit to completing even a boring job with the highest sense of responsibility.

We can help you with software modernization and integration. We can rebuild your old system and remake the integration. Moreover, we can link various systems simultaneously. They may include applications, internal services, and external third-party services.

Additionally, we can migrate data from your current database to another server or a later version.

It Consulting

Choosing the right technologies for your business can be difficult and intimidating. If you are a start-up company looking for the right technologies to expand your operations — we can help. If you are a large enterprise planning to upgrade your systems — we can support.

Our IT experts can explain the most appropriate technologies for your business because we have experience choosing the right technology for each purpose. In addition, we know how to accumulate advantages in custom software development. We can do that for both custom mobile app development and custom web application development services.

Quality Assurance & Software Testing

A well-designed customized software application is pointless if it is slow and inaccessible. A simple bug could affect your operations or cause financial losses. Consequently, these will hurt your business growth.

We can help you avoid these situations. Our team provides complete quality assurance and software testing. Besides, we are proficient in in-depth testing of various software at any stage. We are committed to giving our clients a good user experience.

Do you have exceptional needs? Don’t worry about that. Tell us about it then we will cook it in our software solution kitchen.
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Our custom software development process

We implement an efficient development process that guarantees quality results based on your requirements, schedules, and budget.

These are the stages:

Requirement Analysis

Requirement & Feasibility Analysis

This is the most critical stage of the custom software development cycle. Firstly, we gather the requirements, projected costs, and client’s business goals. Secondly, we propose comprehensive solutions. Lastly, we identify the process, work scope, timeline, and so on. They ensure proper execution in developing a high quality customized product.

We are a qualified custom software development company. Therefore, we always follow the best procedures right from the beginning.

UI/UX Design

UI/UX Designing

UI refers to how the product looks: buttons, icons and so on.— that people use to interact with the product. Whereas UX refers to the functionality and the user experience of the product. Is it slow? Are the icons responsive?

How can we release well-designed software in terms of UI/UX? Keep it simple! Our maxim is to keep the end-users in mind. We think like end-users, therefore we always give them a great user experience.

This stage is critical, especially in custom software development, since it determines how the product will look and function. Thus, this implicates not only the end-users, but also the workload and project plan.

Software Development

Software Development

This is the stage of programming languages and technologies. We combine them to bring your requirements to life. It includes front-end and back-end development. The goal is to write clean and elegant code.

Our IT development teams are fluent in various main technology stacks; therefore, they can recommend the most appropriate ones for your product.

QA Testing

QA Testing

QA Testing is identifying software defects and fixing them immediately. We do this at each stage of custom software development to ensure that we will deliver a seamless customized software product.

Deployment and Support

Deployment and Support

When everything is ready, we launch the product. Then, we will run a rigorous checklist on the production environment to ensure precision.

Then, we provide training, support, and maintenance. Once people know how to use it correctly and maintain it properly, it will be more effective.

Contact us to learn more and open a chance for a long term partnership.

Our project management approach

We implement an “Agile” approach in our project management. This is highly effective for a custom software development company.

Firstly, the development team will understand the Product Owner’s requirements. Secondly, they will estimate the workload for each task. Then, the Scrum Master will create sprints with appropriate task allocation. Each sprint will be reviewed to see what can be adjusted. Finally, if everything is good, the requirements for the next sprint will be provided. The same process applies after each sprint.

The Scrum Master will work with the team and the client to ensure that everyone is aligned and all issues are resolved.

Our Approach To Project Management
These are the advantages of using Agile:
Transparency Icon


It’s collaborative. It considers the development team, the business owner, and the end-users in the decision-making process.

As a result, it gives a good information flow. The team is aware of the project’s goals, status, expectations, and timelines at every stage. Transparency builds trust. It makes the process of developing the customized software easier.


Reliability & Efficiency

It is easier to track down progress and challenges in each sprint when the correct data is known to everyone. As a result, it helps to solve problems and make adjustments faster.

There are no surprises. The quality of your output becomes more predictable. Therefore, you will be more confident in having a customized product which is of excellent quality.


Business Value

Scrum requires regular stand-up meetings. They align everyone with the tasks, goals, and delivery dates of each sprint. The issues are solved day by day. As a result, your project data will be accurate on a daily basis.

With the right data, it is easier to cut out the variables that could cause project failure.

Also, the stakeholders’ inclusion in the software development process reduces risks and errors. As a result, everyone saves time, money, and energy.

We have been developing high quality customized software enthusiastically for years.
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Software Development And Deployment

Regarding the process, we are systematic in addressing our client’s problems efficiently. On the programming side, we apply SOLID principles to ensure that the codes are clean and elegant.

The source codes must be easy to read, understand, and maintain. Therefore, we run code evaluations before releasing the customized software to our customers and their end-users.

Nowadays, automated processes are necessary for a custom software development company. Thus, we always apply the most advanced automation techniques.

Software Development And Deployment

Agile Software Outsoutcing Company

Cutting-edge Solutions

Our development team is highly skilled in various new technologies. We use PHP, Java, Python, Node.js, Vuejs, Reactjs, Java, and so on, in developing customized products. As a result, we are proficient in handling migration on both legacy and new systems.

Automated Builds

What happens if you continue to apply manual step-by-step processes? Specifically, building your software will be difficult, time-consuming and prone to huge errors. Instead, we use automated builds in our software development process to avoid these problems.

Through automated builds, we can give continuous software quality feedback. Also, we can reduce the critical errors in the software faster and make the deployment easier.

Automated Tests

We do automated testing instead of manual testing because it is more efficient and accurate. Also, it provides immediate feedback and reduces errors. As a result, it increases the quality of our clients’ customized software.

Automated Deployment

Automated deployment accelerates the process of releasing your customized software to end users. It guarantees the same quality for every build and deployment. In a word, it makes the development cycle more efficient and accurate.

Cloud Computing

Our IT experts will ensure that your customized software is built smartly and deployed easily through the cloud or virtualization services. We can work well with both public and private cloud network interfaces.

All of our cloud integration (AWS, GCP, Azure) will be done with Terraform, Vagrant and similar infrastructure as code (a.k.a IaC) tools.

Do you have software development needs? Get in touch with our IT Experts for a FREE CONSULTATION! Let’s talk about how we can work together to achieve your business goals.

Our Technology Stack

We have expert teams in most advanced technologies. They are ReactJs, Angular, .NET Core, Java, PHP, Ruby on Rails, AWS, Azure, ML, and more. We don’t choose a technology because of its flashy appearance. Instead, we choose one only when it’s appropriate for your project.

php mysql
Custom software development - Ruby on Rails
Custom software development service - React.js
Custom software development - Vue.js
Custom software development service - Angular
Custom software development service - iOS
Custom software development service - React Native
Custom software development service - Android
php mysql
Custom software development service - Java
Custom software development - spring
Custom software development - ember
Custom software development service - mongoDB

Why go with us?

Top Software Development Company

A Top Software Development Company

HDWEBSOFT has clients worldwide. We are considered a top-performing custom software development company. Since we are recognized not only for our technical skills but also for our client-centric approach, we always aim to excel and grow.

Extensive Development Expertise

Extensive Development Expertise

HDWEBSOFT has more than 12 years of experience in custom web application development. During that time, we have successfully delivered over 250 projects worldwide.

HDWEBSOFT developers can handle simple to complex technical requirements thanks to our in-depth knowledge of different technology stacks. For instance, we can use LAMP/LEMP (a.k.a Linux, Apache/Nginx, MySQL, PHP) for rapid development. In addition, we can use MEAN-MERN-MEVN (a.k.a MongoDB, Express, React/Vue/Angular, Node) for SaaS and products. Last but not least, we can use Java and .NET for enterprise applications.

Individual Approach

Individual Approach

We understand that every client is unique. Therefore, we work closely with them to fully understand their distinctive requirements. Finally, we design the most suitable technical solutions for their business needs.

That’s the way we create the hallmark of our custom software development services.

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Your success – Our position

Creating your ideal software development project is our magnetic needle to success.


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