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As a reliable software automation-testing development company in Vietnam, HDWEBSOFT takes pride in being your trusted partner providing high-quality mobile and web automation testing services for many worldwide corporations in various industries. With over a decade of experience providing automated testing services, we offer top services at competitive prices.

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Test Automation Services

Test Automation can be simply understood as a software testing technique in which we use special automated testing tools to execute a test case suite. We perform various testing and around-testing components. For our automation testing process, we will do as follows. First of all, we identify the suitable testing tool based on the technology on which the application is built. Secondly, we will define the scope of automation. “Automation scripts development” is the third stage of the process, in which we create an Automation testing strategy and plan. The Automation Scripts are executed during the test Execution stage. Last but not least, our final step is “Test Automation Maintenance Approach” – an automation testing to ensure that newly added functions operate smoothly.

Test Automation Services
We provide top-notch services at competitive prices.


With over a decade of experience in software automation testing development, HDWEBSOFT provides fully-loaded automation testing services, including mobile and web automated testing with guaranteed quality. We are honored to be one of the top automation testing companies that attract big corporations worldwide.

12+ years of experience in software automation testing development and automation services offering.

Competitive cost.

Test engineers with in-depth knowledge about test design and technology to work closely with development teams.

Sustainable automation tests – We commit to providing an automation testing tool that is reusable, maintainable, and resistant to changes in the app’s UI. In a word, automated tests still work well with the UI changes.

Providing fully-supported – With an expertise team, we provide entire support during automation tests.

Integrated Manual and Automated Testing

We combine manual and automated testing in our automation testing services to utilize the best of each. Besides, it also allows us to achieve the highest software quality with high release frequency and cost savings. Below are notable benefits of this combination use.

Test case design

Test case design

Manual Testing

Manual Testing

Automated test development for repetitive task

Automated test development for repetitive task

Exploratory testing to create new test case

Exploratory testing to create new test case

Automated test maintenance

Test case design

This methodology allows:

The flexibility and freedom of manual testing.

Allow QA engineers to focus on the main business logic.

High speed and enhanced coverage of automated testing

Reduce a huge workload of manual trivial regression testing.


Reduce testing time and increase testing coverage.

Creativity – Competency – Diligence are the outstanding traits of HDWEBSOFT.


HDWEBSOFT acknowledges the challenges with which companies can deal while doing QA. Therefore, we offer fully-loaded services to implement an advanced and extensive automation testing solution following the process below.


Test automation strategy development

HDWEBSOFT provides various options for your requested workflow. Precisely, we can split traditional frameworks and use a hybrid approach, taking the best suitable elements from Agile, Scrum, and Kanban. Basically, the best process will be set up to your point of view.


Agile development methods are more suitable and efficient when the final project’s objective is unclear. Additionally, it allows making further changing requirements rapidly and effectively.


The scrum approach will be the best match for managing complex software development in fixed-length iterations. The development process is divided into sprints and the team interacts with the customer once the sprint is completed.


The Kanban approach is based on Agile but involves a bigger visual component. It allows businesses to be active towards customers’ demands instead of predicting their needs.

Test environment setup and configuration

With the awareness of purpose, we are cautious in creating a test environment. We may have more than one test environment depending on the testing tools we use to deliver the best outcomes.

Automated test data generation

As we know, testing is a process of producing and consuming a large amount of data. Furthermore, data quality has a substantial direct influence on the software’s quality. Therefore, we generate proper extensive test data for automated and manual tests based on the test environment.

Automated UI testing

Automated UI testing is the process of using specific tools to verify UI functionality. To clarify, it saves time and human effort in testing an application’s UI. Our team plans up, creates, and designs test cases, test scripts, and regression test suites via UI.

API testing

We take advantage of API for planning up and designing test cases. Specifically, API allows us to validate the architecture’s logic in a short amount of time and create automated tests with high coverage in both functional and non-functional testing. Thanks to the use of combined UI and API testing, our software development teams can release the products faster and at a higher frequency. HDWEBSOFT assures our automation testing services to our customers.

Performance testing

We evaluate the speed, responsiveness, and stability of the automation testing architecture. It helps us ensure a positive user experience.

Test scripts migration from other platforms

We do the test scripts migration to ensure the automation test works well on other servers, platforms. Furthermore, it also supports additional features and bug fixes (if any).

CI/CD pipeline implementation

Our Development team designs Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery pipelines to improve the process of automation testing applications. In particular, it enhances the integration, testing phases, and deployment.

Testing center of excellence setup (optional)

We also conduct the Testing Center of Excellence to help non-IT enterprises run the automation test smoothly and efficiently.

A guarantee of quality with the most affordable prices.


Test automation cost estimation is a complex story. It depends on the project scope of work. From our experience, below are factors that affect the automation cost:

The type of tests: Which part of the project will apply automation testing (API, UI, Performance, Security, Unit).

The coverage: How many test cases will be applied? The more tested edge cases, the more time-consuming.

Tools & frameworks: The cost of testing depends on the tools and frameworks used. In fact, each tool has its pros and cons. Therefore, it is essential to use a suitable one to leverage the strongest side for the best outcomes.

Complexity: It depends on how we combine the above factors—the more complex integrations, the more added cost to your project.

We are willing to provide an estimate for your projects.

We are willing to provide an estimate for your projects.


Automation index: Once we’re aware of how we automate, we can measure success.

Automation progress: It allows us to track the progress towards our automation goal.

Test automation coverage levels: It helps us calculate how many codebases are covered by our automation test.

Ability to identify and remove defects before production. We always aim for around 85% to 95%.

Automation stability: It calculates how well our automation performs over time along with changes.

Equivalent manual test effort (how much manual effort would it take to execute the same automated test?


Below are our steps in order to build an effective automation strategy:

Access customers’ needs.


At the beginning stage, we will access customers’ needs via an in-depth consultation with our experts. Then, we can define the suitable automation scope for their products.

Define the automation scope.


After identifying customers’ expectations and requirements, we will hold a meeting with our team members to discuss then select testing tools and test automation structures that will bring the best results.

Select testing tools and test automation structure that will bring the best result.

Service delivery

Our experts create automated test scripts and regression tests that suit flexible execution options. We design and prepare test environments. After that, we collect, evaluate, and report the results.

Create automated test script and regression test suites with flexible execution options

Service Evolution

We conduct training sessions for our clients. Furthermore, our engineers handover the automation test pack for future maintenance.

All strategies are built and compiled by our veteran engineers.


SaaS/XaaS applications

SaaS/XaaS applications

We provide comprehensive testing for your SaaS/XaaS applications such as messaging apps, EHR/EMR, streaming software, etc. With our top-notch software automation testing services, we ensure that your releases are frequent and risk-free.

Custom enterprise applications

Custom enterprise applications

We evaluate how effective the enterprise apps are, compared to the setup quality necessities and performance. Specifically, we provide a full-cycle testing process, including end-to-end testing for complex systems such as mobile enterprise apps, web portals, and financial management solutions.

Platform-based solutions

Platform-based solutions

Our veteran test engineers ensure the stability and seamless evolution of your platform-based solutions after passing our automated tests.

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