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As one of the leading e-commerce platforms in the United States, Magento has gained more popularity around the world and proven its versatility and values with as many as 200,000 worldwide websites built based on it. If you want to access Magento’s huge collection of unique features to scale up your online sites, you should look for HDWEBSOFT’s highly-ranked Magento Developers to hire.

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    High-caliber Magento Developers for Hire

    Hire Magento Developers & Programmers Introduction

    Hire top-rated Magento Developers to create responsive, security-enhanced, and feature-rich websites and portals.

    HDWEBSOFT always offers you the best deals to hire our quality Magento Developers at reasonable rates. With our expertise in Magento Development, we will help you build e-commerce stores with customer-centric functionality and seamless experience in every single aspect.

    Our high-caliber Magento engineers possess a good grasp of customers’ needs/specifications and thus can deliver e-commerce shops with custom themes employing leading-edge tools and industry-optimal practices.

    We will work in collaboration with you and your retailers to gain maximum business growth. In fact, we will spot and seize any possible opportunity to bring customers the best experience and electronic commerce operations.

    We specialize in utilizing Magento with smooth integration with various information systems, sales platforms, packaging, inventory storage, and CRM & ERP. We truly grasp everything about Magento: Magento itself and all software to incorporate well with it.

    If you are interested in building your ecommerce websites using Magento technology, hire Magento Developers from HDWEBSOFT.

    Key Differentiators of Hiring Magento Developers from HDWEBSOFT

    Hire our Magento Developers with their unmatched expertise and trackable records of success to launch your online stores in any field.


    Focus on Business

    Focus on your business operations, embrace any opportunity, and foster future development simply by hiring our talented Magento Developers for your projects of any scope.


    Flexibility & Scalability

    Meet the ever-increasing demand for developers with the flexibility and scalability of our committed Magento Developer team.


    Risk Management

    Enjoy your smooth operations with our offshore Magento specialists who will help you significantly minimize risks of all kinds.


    Cost Savings

    Assign tasks to our remote Magento Developers, which can bring you huge savings while boosting your efficiency in business operations.

    Are you after a top-rated eCommerce website? Go for it with our highly-qualified Magento Developers.

    Hire Magento Developers for Custom eCommerce Development


    Magento Development and Design

    Our Magento Developers of high rank are capable of designing, customizing and maintaining any ecommerce stores.


    Magento Theme Development

    Hire our highly-qualified Magento experts to conduct your theme integration of great responsiveness, cross-browser compatibility and search engine concentration.


    Magento Extension Customization

    Show the customers the outstanding qualities of your business and stay ahead in competition with the customization of Magento extension.


    Magento Version Upgrade

    Upgrade to the newest version of Magento to avoid interruption in support and performance with our superb services.


    Maintenance and Support

    Enjoy our prompt and professional maintenance and support services to keep your ecommerce sites disruption-free and glitch-free.


    Magento Migration

    Hire our skillful Magento Developers to help you smoothly migrate your online operation to another host platform or a newer edition of magento.

    Are you looking for Magento Developers to work on your ecommerce projects? Learn more about our quality yet affordable services now.

    Benefits of Hiring Magento Developers from HDWEBSOFT


    Direct POC (Point Of Contact)

    HDWEBSOFT provides you with direct POC for necessary and smooth communication across all phases in the Magento e-commerce development process from scratch to finish. Your POC will work in collaboration with you in all stages including UX/UI design, development, integration, testing, and upgrade.


    Personal Team Formation

    You can hand-pick developers and designers for your dream team based on the requirements of talents and skill sets as well as stage-specific needs. Our Magento experts are the true talents sought after by various head-hunters in the IT field and have proven their capacity through success in a great many projects of different complexity.


    Technical Expertise

    We are proud of our expertise in developing advanced e-commerce applications in multiple industries using the most dominating trends in the Magento platform. Our Magento professionals exceptionally excel in various aspects of the digital revolution.


    Flexible Models

    HDWEBSOFT gives you the chance to hire Magento Developers with models of great flexibility. Whether it is full-time, part-time, project-based, or hourly-rated engagement, our services can help you operate at ease without financial burdens in infrastructure, recruitment, training, and development of new IT staff for different technologies.

    Don’t hesitate to contact us for your Magento eCommerce Store Development. We will serve you with our best.

    Our Models to Hire Magento Developers

    We provide you with three viable options for team formation models. Each model would bring you specific benefits as explained below. Whatever your choice is, our top Magento Developers will work for you with 100% commitment, expertise, and responsibility to bring you guaranteed results.


    Team Managed by HDWEBSOFT

    As regards this model, our development team (a dedicated team and project manager) is comprehensively responsible for the entire process. Our professional Magento Developers will conduct and supervise the whole process from inception to completion.


    Team Managed by Client

    Our offshore Magento experts will fully cooperate with your in-house specialists and/or project lead or managers to implement the project strategically, which will enhance productivity, speed up the process and streamline long-term development.


    Hybrid Model

    As the name suggests, this model incorporates the advantages of both in-house and offshore development parties to produce the best tailor-made strategy to respond to the highly-competitive business cases.

    You will worry about nothing when hiring our Magento Developers. Our rates are quite competitive, so check us out soon.

    5 Simple Steps to Hire Magento Developers from HDWEBSOFT

    Normally, customers are concerned about lengthy paperwork and the process of hiring digital talents. At HDWEBSOFT, we carry out a simple procedure to hire our top-rated Magento Developers, so rest assured that you can always recruit the right Magento talents for your projects by following these effortless steps:


    Leave us a recruitment request for Magento Developers;


    Consult with our on-site experts;


    Choose an engagement method;


    Sign the contract and initiate work;


    Scale up your team.

    Our Magento Developers will work for you in your way to help you realize your goals. Don’t hesitate to hire our talents.

    Engagement Models to Hire Magento Developers from HDWEBSOFT

    We provide you flexible engagement models as presented below. Whatever the model you prefer, we guarantee you the dedicated Magento Developers you have been looking for. We treat your project as our own and thus will give you the best human resources we get in house.

    Full-time Part-time Hourly
    Time 8 hours 4 hours Hour basis
    Period 1 month 1 month 25 hours
    Methodology Agile, Scrum, Kanban
    Communication Phone, Chat, E-mail
    Project Trackers Daily reports, Basecamp, Jira, Trello, Asana, Monday, Redmine and etc
    Our unrivaled Magento Developers‘ expertise will never disappoint you. Learn more about how to hire our Magento experts right here.

    Magento Developer FAQs

    What is Magento?

    With built-in PHP, Magento functions as an open-source platform that allows developers to build e-commerce websites. Acquired by Adobe and deemed as one of the best e-commerce platforms, this technology provides its users with multitudes of such beneficial tools and features as marketing, search engine optimization, and catalog administration tools. Moreover, the control over the interface, functionality, and content on the users’ e-commerce websites is in their hands.

    What gives this platform its fame is its capability to cater to any store regardless of its size. Specifically, it will closely accompany and accommodate the growth of your business whether you serve just a few clients or millions of them.

    Last but not least, Magento can easily satisfy any demanding customers by offering them a wide array of plug-ins and themes for their personalization regarding the functions and appearance of their online site. This brings substantial enhancement to clients’ experience and relationships.

    How much would it cost to build a Magento ecommerce store?

    The cost will solely depend on the caliber of developers, the number of breakthrough features, degree of customization, market trends and application complexity.

    Why should I hire dedicated Magento Developers from HDWEBSOFT?

    A simple answer for this is you will get dedicated Magento Developers to handle your projects exclusively.

    Can I manage my team alone?

    I don’t see why not. You can be in full control of your team. In particular, you can delegate work, conduct meetings and receive complete reports on finished assignments and acquired milestones.

    Could I hire a developer for a project-based Task?

    Definitely yes. you can employ just one developer to work as your remote staff member for any projects you want.

    Can the Magento Developers from HDWEBSOFT communicate in English?

    Yes, our Magento Developers can handle that. However, if the project requires an advanced level of English, we will designate a leader/BA of near-native level to accommodate the communication.

    What are your options of payment?

    Wire Transfer is our preference. If you wish to use any other method, just discuss with us and we can figure it out together.

    How can I communicate with my hired Magento Developer(s)?

    We will agree on the channels for communication. Usually, common instant messaging tools would do.

    How will I get project updates from my hired Magento Developers?

    Based on our mutual agreements, you will be updated on the process daily or weekly. If you wish to schedule the update time for your own convenience, we are willing to help you with that.

    Let us lend you our world-class Magento Developers that everyone is looking for to handle your ecommerce website development.

    Case Studies

    We always hire out the best Magento Developers that everyone is looking for. We work with high professionalism and dedication, so we always deliver the top-quality software products. If you want to see why we have been the partner of choice for hundreds of worldwide clients, contact us to check us out. It costs you nothing and it is highly likely that we have what you need.