Android Instant Apps – A Leading App Development Trend

Android Instant Apps - A Leading App Development Trend

Android Instant Apps – A Leading App Development Trend

Have you ever uninstalled or abandoned your newly downloaded apps due to their little value to your needs? Or, have you ever been in a situation where you have to delete some apps to install new ones? Do you feel frustrated? – I bet that you have experienced these at least once. According to a public statistic, 25% of apps are abandoned after the first use, which has caused a tough challenge for individual developers and businesses for a long time. Furthermore, to experience a mobile app, you must download it in advance, and it consumes much time if you need to test out which apps can meet your requirements. Therefore, Google has introduced an Instant App to eliminate this unsatisfactory experience. Last but not least, only available on Android – Instant App development, an outstanding invention to solve the dilemma, is a top app trend that benefits users and developers.

Android Development Background

First released in 2008, Android OS has become the most notable platform for touchscreen mobile devices, attracting over 3 billion monthly active users, as recorded in May 2021. It is developed by Open Handset Alliance and sponsored by Google as in commerce; therefore, Android has received support from Google, with over 70% of it operating on Google’s ecosystem.

According to Google’s announcement in 2020, Android developers have gained $80 billion in revenue. With a market share of over 72% as of September 2021, it is the world’s most-used operating system for mobile app development. Furthermore, Android proposes many models, prices, and versions.

What is Android app development?

Android application development, a multitasking open-source operating system for touchable devices, is used to create apps to run on the Android platform. It is also a friendly and flexible platform for both users and developers. Specifically, it can be written in many different software languages, including Kotlin, Java, and C++, with the support of SDK. Besides, it allows end-users to customize everything to their tastes, such as changing appearances, themes, and ringtones, by downloading apps on Google Play. Furthermore, all apps must adapt to the criteria of Google and Android OS versions before official publication. Last but not least, it likewise permits progressive release or testing versions.

Android versions

After 13 years of development, Android has released several versions to enhance performance and functionality. The security fixes support is available only for the latest versions, from Android Oreo to Android 12. Below is the list of Android versions that developed over its history.

  1. Android 1.0
  2. Petit Four – Android 1.1
  3. Cupcake – Android 1.5
  4. Donut – Android 1.6
  5. Eclair – Android 2.0
  6. Froyo – Android 2.2
  7. Gingerbread – Android 2.3
  8. Honeycomb – Android 3.0
  9. Ice Cream Sandwich – Android 4.0
  10. Jelly Bean – Android 4.1
  11. Kitkat – Android 4.4
  12. Lollipop – Android 5.0
  13. Marshmallow – Android 6.0
  14. Nougat – Android 7.0
  15. Oreo – Android 8.0
  16. Pie – Android 9.0
  17. Quince Tart – Android 10
  18. Red Velvet Cake – Android 11
  19. Snow Cone – Android 12

Read more about Android Version History in the Wiki.

Android Instant Apps – Top App Development Trend 2021

Android has had solid innovation throughout its development. Therefore, every release unlocks new capabilities and eliminates potential errors from previous versions. Furthermore, acknowledging the inconveniences that users may experience, Google has created and introduced an instant app, which is only available on the Android platform. With the hope of relieving pressure and satisfying customers, the Instant App has become a trending Android app development of the year.

What is an Android Instant App?

Android Instant App is a mobile application developed on the Android platform and published via Google Play Instant. Specifically, it allows users to experience the native app’s contents without the entire app installation in advance. Therefore, it can save space for internal storage and eliminate frustrating feelings. In a word, it enhances the user experience and fosters Android’s position in the competition. Furthermore, users can reach out to Android Instant Apps via URLs. It runs as a web browsing with a native application experience more than a download app. Without any re-navigations or downloading requirements, Android Instant Apps are believed to be a remarkable milestone for seamless accessibility among features and a new step in the online experience era. Last but not least, it would help enhance performance, attract users, boost positive feedback, and increase the number of installations for your product.

Android Instant Apps Benefits

Android Instant App development benefits are even extraordinary beyond your imagination.


As a notable benefit for business growth, Android Instant Apps offer the most incredible visibility. It proposes advantages for appearing on the top of app stores. Specifically, it helps drive attention and attract users to click the “try now” button. As a result, your app revenue will grow, and you can enhance your position. Moreover, your business goals are achieved.

Breakthrough Opportunities

Sale volumes and positions are always two factors in a business development evaluation. It is challenging for businesses that do not have relevant growth to overtake the competition and occupy the prime spot. Thanks to the development of Android Instant Apps, a breakthrough opportunity has come to them. With greater visibility and time savings, businesses can break apart from the pack and gain a competitive advantage.

Great App Advertising Opportunities

The significant influence of advertisements on business growth is undeniable. An excellent promotion strategy can gain the products’ popularity and attract buyers/users. Android Instant Apps are best made for a promotion opportunity. With its small size and availability via URLs, it breaks playing fields’ restrictions as searchable components featured on multi-platforms, such as social media, websites, and ad apps. As a result, it helps businesses avoid the difficulty of ranking high in the app store.

Full-fledged Customers

As mentioned above, the Android Instant App provides an opportunity to trial experience the native app before officially downloading a full version. Thanks to the given chance, users who are satisfied with the application will become full-fledged customers. In contrast, less engagement in the app’s contents can save time and phone storage. In a word, it proposes high conversion rates and reliable data-driven for later analysis.

Storage Savings

Storage has always been a sensitive factor for users. Every new phone offers various storage spaces; ample storage space is more expensive. It is beyond the expectation to ask users for the latest smartphone with the most extensive storage. However, apps that acquire a lot of space create pressure on users. In addition, no one wants to delete some old apps to install a new one. Therefore, the appearance of Android Instant Apps has helped to relieve this pressure. Users can experience functions without storage consumption.

What is Google Play Instant?

Support launching on Android Lollipop and later versions; Google Play Instant allows access to native apps and games without installation. Android Instant Apps give benefits to ads and games apps. With the rise of gaming installations from Android users, Google Play Instant was once introduced as a tool where users can find Android Instant Apps to experience content before downloading a complete application. In a word, it offers a native-try-before-purchasing option to avoid unnecessary and inconvenient tasks.

Technical Development Requirements

Due to its benefits, your business would be a massive loss if you don’t invest in Android Instant App development. However, there are some notable technical requirements that you should keep in mind.

Google Account Settings

Since it is not available as a default installation, users must activate the functions on Google account settings and then enable c permissions.

App Size

  • Required features
    • Total APK size: ≤ 15MB.
    • Storage consumption: ≤150MB.
  • Best practices
    • Speed: ≤15s via an LTE and 4G connection.


  • Required features: A clear installation mark or pre-registration button must be displayed using one of the following appearances.
    • Firstly, a diligent button is displayed throughout the experience.
    • Secondly, a constant button is displayed on the principal screen.
    • Lastly, a switchable button is displayed between activities during the experience.
  • Best practices
    • Clear labels for independent icons.

In-App Navigation

  • Required features
    • Enables Android supporting button.
    • App exit: ≤2 taps.
  • Best practices
    • Confirmation prompt before leaving the app.

Ads Display

  • Required features
    • Use only unobtrusive banner advertisements.
    • Do not interrupt the user experience.
    • Do not design like in-app navigation buttons to avoid frustration.

In-App Purchases

  • Required features
    • Transaction support.
    • Support in-app items transformation to installed apps.


As a robust and promising mobile app development, Android Instant App testing has significantly produced solid results. Furthermore, it ensures the smooth operation of all features without a full-app installation.


Without the requirements of the installation, Android Instant Apps can be accessed from a URL. Specifically, it will redirect to your phone’s web and provide a better on-phone user experience. In a word, users can experience the app via your mobile web and access features per single click. It proposes a sense of familiarity throughout the experience.


Besides the excellent accessibility, creativity is one factor that has users’ attention. Acknowledging this requirement, mobile developers have introduced a lite version that ensures applications pass the Google Play instant testing procedure to give a superior client experience.

Space savings

Android Instant App has been proven for its storage savings. To ensure quality, newly developed Android Instant Apps must go through the strict testing process of Google Play Instant. If qualified and published on Google Play Instant, it will operate smoothly and consume no space on your phone. On the other hand, the apps won’t be available on the Google Play Instant Store if it is unqualified.


The engagement between users and the app can be lost after the initial requirement of app use. Since Android Instant Apps have reduced the effort of users, they increase app engagement and save much time for users.

Value Gain

Thanks to its easy access, users can find the most suitable apps that meet their requirements. Once users download your app after the trial experience, it represents their satisfaction with the products and decreases the abandonment rates.

Notable features of Android Instant Apps

Thanks to its benefits, Android Instant Apps are best made for ads and games. Without installation requirements, it provides an opportunity to experience games in advance and have your advertisement noticed by potential customers.


As one of the instant Android app developing requirements, the product must adapt the required features before officially launching. It pops up on the screen yet doesn’t interrupt the user experience. As a result, it catches the users’ attention and attracts further approaches to the advertisement.

Games Applications

According to an app revenue report, 78% of gamers were Android users, generating over $3.1 billion as of 2020. It goes without saying how competitive the game app development industry is; therefore, the advantage of the native app experience before installation offers a breakthrough opportunity for businesses to overtake the competition.

Android Instant Apps pros and cons


As the iconic advantage of Android Instant Apps, users can experience games and apps before installation. In a word, it frees them from being afraid of running out of space, removes the barrier of entry, and enhances business download streams. Additionally, it benefits e-commerce through a convenient and easy-to-use online transaction system. Besides, since user experience has improved significantly, it also helps increase the traffic and discoverability of your business. Last but not least, with the support from Google, users can experience Android Instant Apps from the Android Lollipop version.


Due to one of its app development requirements, small size becomes a restriction for implementing all features on Android Instant Apps. Some features are incompatible due to the lack of third-party support from Google. Therefore, although performance is pretty good, it can never perform as smoothly as native apps. It also requires much time to implement features because developers must rearrange the project or create separate modules.

However, with the bold innovation from Google, we can expect enhancements to eliminate these disadvantages, such as increased app size and older version support.


From a software developer’s perspective, Android Instant Apps are the best solution for ads running or commercialized games. Specifically, it allows you to earn money from advertisements and users’ download rates. Furthermore, it is also a good choice for app events and business app demos.

Android Instant Apps will be a top app development trend in Google’s ecosystem. Thanks to Android Instant Apps’ benefits, it will be the most popular application that optimizes user experience without spending time on app installation.

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