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Are you looking for a trustworthy Nodejs Development Company from Vietnam? You can leverage our Nodejs expertise to create and deliver real-time, feature-rich, and scalable solutions with full-stack Node API Development for your products. With top-tier Nodejs Dedicated Developers in Vietnam, HDWEBSOFT excels in a wide range of Nodejs Development Services including website development, enterprise web portal development, and complex e-commerce & e-business solutions.

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Nodejs Development Company

Over years of experience, our company offers a wide array of Nodejs Development Services. Our skillful and experienced Nodejs Developers guarantee to deliver feature-rich, scalable, and high-end Nodejs backend solutions that accelerate your business growth and help you stay ahead of your competitors. Our tech-savvy experts have intense knowledge about the Node.js runtime environment, so they always develop result-oriented and innovative applications utilizing the agile methodology.

At affordable prices, we help empower businesses with Nodejs Web Development Solutions and take care of and develop your business’s ideal applications.

NodeJS Development Services HDWEBSOFT
HDWEBSOFT – your reliable partner in Node-based App Development

Nodejs Development Top Solutions

Being one of the most reliable Nodejs API Development Services Companies in Vietnam, our Nodejs Dedicated Developers excel in developing client-centric Nodejs applications with feature-rich, business-oriented, and high performance.

Real-time Application Development

Take advantage of fast information transmission with a real-time Nodejs application.

Rich Web Portal Development

Achieve your goal of rich web portal development with our company’s Nodejs Development Services.

E-commerce Solutions

Design and grow exceptionally with responsive, scalable, and secure Nodejs-based e-commerce platforms.

Social Network Applications

Develop seamless and dependable social network applications with Node Development Services.

Nodejs Development Services

Implement a robust and error-free microservices architecture developed through Nodejs technology.

IoT-Based Applications

Upgrade to IoT application by employing Node technology.

ERP Applications

Improve your business processes and operations with ERP applications proposed by experts.

Nodejs Development Services

Select the most appropriate tools and models to optimize your business processes and operations.

Nodejs Application Migration

Make use of the latest features with Nodejs migration.

API Development for Mobile App or Backend

Utilize a highly-secured shared API for mobile, web, and backend server applications.

API Development and Integration

Enjoy seamless integration with further improved Node API development provided by Nodejs.

Nodejs CMS Development

Access greater adaptability, editing, and content types with the Nodejs CMS system.

Stay ahead of your business race with Node-based solutions.

Benefits of Nodejs Development

Thanks to its notable advantages, Nodejs allows the creation and development of a robust Node-based application with a diverse set of features to accelerate business processes and operations.

Reduced Expenses and Production Time

Based on a robust and resource-efficient Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine, Node.js makes possible the building of real-time network applications at a record-setting speed. More importantly, you do not have to hire an additional team as our Node.js experts can cover both the client-side and the server-side development, hence a huge saving for you.

Enhanced Scalability and Upgradability

By leveraging a single-threaded event loop mechanism to create all code executions asynchronous and non-blocking, we help boost your solution’s scalability. Moreover, you can integrate charge-free ready-made modules into your application to allow for a smoothly running functionality owing to an open-source ecosystem.

Streamlined Performance

Node.js is the best up-to-date choice to handle large input/output operations and concurrent requests. Nodejs itself is one of the most efficient server-side frameworks to make your app operate at a lightweight speed, which enhances the productivity of your business and transforms the user experience.

JavaScript Base

As an open-source JavaScript runtime environment, Nodejs leverages internal communication and enhances the product’s understanding.

Event-driven Architecture

Nodejs is the best choice for developing apps with excellent data flow, multiple connection requests, and asynchronous I/O thanks to event-driven model design.

A Lightweight Developing Environment

Node is one of the most proficient server-side software programs that propose blazing-fast loading time.

Real-time Authorization

You can be in greater control over your business activities and interactions with constant authorization.

Great Speed Of Database Management

With Node-based solutions, you can accelerate your business processes and operations with a significantly-improved speed of database management.


You can take advantage of a higher level of security and steer the access of unvalidated directs or cyber-attacks.

Access to Recent Updates

The unlocking of and access to the newest updates are made possible with our services. Specifically, you can get complete access to all the latest updates with our Nodejs App Development Services.


Nodejs is a more DevOps-friendly technology that brings together the operations and the developers.

Have your ideal business app developed by Nodejs experts.

Who is Using Node.js

Join the team and enjoy success with HDWEBSOFT Nodejs API Development Solutions.

Nodejs Development Services We Offer

As the prominent Nodejs API Development Company in Vietnam, we guarantee to offer top-notch Nodejs Development Services at the most competitive prices.

Microservices DevelopmentMicroservices Development

We offer various microservices development services such as developing microservices, using NodeJS web frameworks for building RESTful APIs, and building Node apps with JSON web tokens. Also, we provide multiple solutions: e-commerce portals and marketplaces, social networks, online payments systems, dispatch systems, content management systems, and many more.

Custom Nodejs Application DevelopmentCustom Nodejs Application Development

Our top-rated developers utilize cutting-edge technologies to build an ideal custom NodeJS app. We guarantee to deliver scalable, robust, and function-rich web and mobile applications.

Real-time Application DevelopmentReal-time Application Development

We can develop real-time chat applications including chat-bots, real-time analytics dashboards and charts, and real-time multiplayer games with WebSockets and NodeJS.

Hire Dedicated Nodejs DevelopersHire Dedicated Nodejs Developers

We offer an excellent pool of Dedicated Nodejs Developers with an hourly-based or project-based engagement model at an affordable price. In detail, they can create or take over your Nodejs app project at any given stage.

Application Backend Development with NodejsApplication Backend Development with Nodejs

We have all the latest solutions for you if you are looking for server-side development for web applications or API development for mobile applications.

Nodejs Maintenance and SupportNodejs Maintenance and Support

Our support and maintenance services are open for projects built from scratch and all arising issues, including database migration, Nodejs porting, or element updates.

API Integration and DevelopmentAPI Integration and Development

Our Nodejs programmers are proficient in developing scalable and robust API-based Node.js solutions.

Test-driven Development with NodejsTest-driven Development with Nodejs

We excel in well-designed intertwined coding and testing development to deliver industry-leading applications.

Nodejs Application MigrationNodejs Application Migration

Our high-tier Nodejs developers can migrate any existing framework application like .NET, PHP, or Java to Nodejs.

Package DevelopmentPackage Development

Our expert Node.js developers have extended experience in creating reusable packages in Node.js.

ERP Software DevelopmentERP Software Development

HDWEBSOFT provides enterprise Software Development with Nodejs: Node-based SaaS and Node-based Solutions.

Nodejs Consulting ServicesNodejs Consulting Services

We always offer a free consulting meeting to help you outline your project, discuss viable tech options, or resolve issues.

Let us develop your ideal web apps using Nodejs.

Nodejs Development FAQ

How can HDWEBSOFT determine if Nodejs is suitable for a specific project?

Nodejs is suitable for all project types. However, it is essential to identify objective goals and target customers in advance to utilize its advantages. If your application architecture is microservices, real-time, and multi-threaded, Nodejs is the best choice for your app development.

How much time will your team take to deliver my Nodejs project?

It depends on several factors such as the complexity of the concept, design, debugging, and error identification. However, we guarantee to deliver a completed project as soon as possible – usually based on your required schedule.

Can I hire a Nodejs dedicated developer on an hourly basis?

We do provide a service of hiring Nodejs Dedicated Developers on an hourly basis. The bill will be calculated on the total hours of working time that the developer has spent on the project.

How much will it cost to build a Nodejs app?

Just like development time, there is no fixed cost for building a Nodejs app. The cost depends on your app’s comprehensive set of criteria such as project ideas, requirements, complexities, functionalities, and the like.

No worries! We will run and propose the most suitable cost and an estimated cost template for you.

Is Nodejs good for enterprise applications?

Nodejs is the best choice for enterprise applications since it can compete with other programming languages in terms of modernity and convenience. Furthermore, it is scalable and suitable for complex development.

What are the best Nodejs Web Frameworks and Nodejs Packages we should use?

At HDWEBSOFT, we are flexible in selecting the most appropriate framework based on specific situations. We use ExpressJS for general cases, Sails for MVC, Hapi for RESTFul API, and Fastify for lightweight development.

Let us develop your ideal web apps using Nodejs