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HDWEBSOFT is the forefront NodeJS Development Company in Vietnam, offering bespoke NodeJS Development Services that cater to your needs, from website development & enterprise web portal development to complex e-commerce & e-business solutions, etc.

As the industry pioneer, our NodeJS proficiency ensures the delivery of real-time, feature-rich, and scalable solutions through full-stack NodeJS API Development for your products. With our team of Dedicated NodeJS Developers committed to excellence, rest assured your projects are in capable hands.

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Nodejs Development Company

With 12+ years of experience, HDWEBSOFT provides an extensive range of Node.JS Development Services. Our skillful and seasoned NodeJS Developers ensure the delivery of feature-rich, scalable, and cutting-edge NodeJS backend solutions that accelerate your business growth and maintain your competitive edge. Equipped with extensive knowledge of the Node.js runtime environment, our tech-savvy experts consistently develop result-driven and innovative applications using agile methodology.

At very competitive rates, we empower businesses with NodeJS Web Development Solutions to thrive and cultivate tailored applications to suit business needs.

NodeJS Development Services HDWEBSOFT
HDWEBSOFT – your reliable partner in Node-based App Development

Nodejs Development Top Solutions

Being one of the most reliable NodeJS API Development Services Companies in Vietnam, our dedicated NodeJS Developers excel in developing client-centric NodeJS applications with feature-rich, business-oriented, and high-performance solutions, ensuring unparalleled quality and satisfaction for clients.

Real-time Application Development

Take advantage of fast information transmission with a Real-time NodeJS Application.

Rich Web Portal Development

Achieve your goal of rich web portal development with our comprehensive NodeJS Development Services.

E-commerce Solutions

Design and grow exceptionally with responsive, scalable, and secure Nodejs-based e-commerce platforms.

Social Network Applications

Develop seamless and dependable social network applications with Node.js Development Services.

Microservices Architecture

Implement a robust and error-free microservices architecture developed through Nodejs technology.

IoT-Based Applications

Upgrade to IoT application by employing Node technology.

ERP Applications

Improve your business processes and operations with ERP applications proposed by experts.

Nodejs Development Services

Select the most appropriate tools and models to optimize your business processes and operations.

Nodejs Application Migration

Make use of the latest features with Nodejs migration.

API Development for Mobile App or Backend

Utilize a highly-secured shared API for mobile, web, and backend server applications.

API Development and Integration

Enjoy seamless integration with further improved Node API development provided by Nodejs.

Nodejs CMS Development

Access greater adaptability, editing, and content types with the Nodejs CMS system.

Dominate your market with forward-thinking Node-based solutions!


Node.js presents a multitude of unique advantages, empowering NodeJS developers with the tools and capabilities to develop robust Node-based Applications enriched with a diverse array of features. Thereby, businesses can streamline and enhance processes and operations, ultimately driving innovation and accelerating business growth.

Unlock your business potential with a Node.js app crafted by experts!

Who is Using Node.js

Ready to achieve greatness? Partner with us for cutting-edge NodeJS API solutions!


As the prominent NodeJS API Development Company in Vietnam, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled Node.js Development Services that exceed your expectations. With our team of seasoned NodeJS developers and proven track record of success, we ensure top-notch solutions tailored to deliver results that drive business growth and success. Moreover, our competitive rates ensure that you receive exceptional value for your investment, allowing you to leverage the full potential of Node.js technology without breaking the bank.

microservices development

Microservices Development

Microservices Development

We provide comprehensive microservices development solutions, including developing microservices, using NodeJS web frameworks for building RESTful APIs, and building Node apps with JSON web tokens. Also, we offer diverse solutions such as e-commerce portals, marketplaces, social networks, online payment systems, dispatch systems, content management systems, and many more.

Custom Nodejs Application Development

Custom NodeJS Application Development

Custom NodeJS Application Development

Leveraging our team of top-rated developers with cutting-edge technologies, we are committed to crafting custom Node.js applications tailored to your unique requirements. Our comprehensive approach ensures your custom Node.js app is scalable, robust, and feature-rich, catering to both web and mobile platforms.

Real-time Application Development

Real-time Application Development

Real-time Application Development

We specialize in developing dynamic real-time chat applications with advanced features like chatbots for automated interactions, real-time analytics dashboards, and interactive charts for insightful data visualization. Plus, leveraging WebSockets and Node.js, we create immersive real-time multiplayer games.

Hire Dedicated Nodejs Developers

Hire Dedicated Node JS Developers

Hire Dedicated Node JS Developers

Unlock access to our exceptional pool of dedicated Node JS developers, available for flexible engagement models, such as hourly-based or project-based, at affordable rates. With expertise spanning custom application development and seamless project integration, they ensure continuity and efficiency from inception to completion.

Application Backend Development with Nodejs

Application Backend Development with NodeJS

Application Backend Development with NodeJS

Our proficiency in Node.js backend development elevates your digital presence through innovative solutions. With advanced server-side development for web apps and API development for mobile platforms, we ensure seamless integration and enhance your overall digital strategy.

Nodejs Maintenance and Support

NodeJS Maintenance and Support

NodeJS Maintenance and Support

Our dedicated support and maintenance services cater to projects at every stage, from handling database migrations and facilitating Node.js porting to managing element updates and resolving performance bottlenecks. We also offer proactive monitoring and troubleshooting to mitigate potential performance impacts.

API Integration and Development

API Integration and Development

API Integration and Development

With our robust API-based Node.js solutions, we enable seamless communication across platforms, ensuring efficient data exchange and functionality. From API design to authentication implementation and performance optimization, we provide comprehensive support throughout the lifecycle.

Test-driven Development with Nodejs

Test-driven Development with NodeJS

Test-driven Development with NodeJS

By prioritizing test-driven development (TDD), we rigorously test every line of code for robust and reliable applications. Intertwining coding and testing throughout development, we adhere to industry-leading practices, ensuring quality and fostering improvement and innovation.

Nodejs Application Migration

NodeJS Application Migration

NodeJS Application Migration

Our high-tier NodeJS developers possess the expertise to seamlessly migrate existing framework applications, such as .NET, PHP, or Java, to Node.js, ensuring a smooth transition process and preserving data integrity and functionality while optimizing performance and scalability.

Package Development

Package Development

Package Development

Our Node.js developers are experts in crafting reusable packages within the Node.js ecosystem. Also, whether crafting custom packages or contributing to open-source projects, our team delivers top-tier solutions that elevate Node.js development and foster innovation.

ERP Software Development

ERP Software Development

ERP Software Development

We offer enterprise software solutions with Node-based SaaS solutions and custom Node-based applications across various industries. Our expertise in ERP development empowers our clients to streamline their operations, optimize business processes, and drive growth through innovative and cutting-edge software solutions.

Nodejs Consulting Services

NodeJS Consulting Services

NodeJS Consulting Services

Our commitment begins with a complimentary consulting meeting to assist you in outlining your project objectives, identifying potential challenges, and exploring optimal technological solutions. With our free and comprehensive Node.js consulting services, we ensure that your project is set on the path to success from the very outset.

Create feature-rich web apps with our NodeJS development services.

Nodejs Development FAQ

How can HDWEBSOFT determine if Nodejs is suitable for a specific project?

Node.js is versatile and suitable for various project types. However, we still need to conduct a comprehensive analysis beforehand to leverage its advantages fully. Some key considerations:

  • Project objectives analysis: Define project objectives clearly, outlining desired outcomes and functionalities of the application to cater to user needs.
  • Target customer identification: Identify and understand the target audience, which involves demographics, preferences, and behavior patterns of potential users to customize the application for a personalized experience.
  • Application architecture consideration: Node.js is ideal for applications with traits like microservices, real-time functionality, and multi-threaded operations.
  • Scalability and performance requirements: Consider scalability and performance needs, with Node.js excelling in high-traffic and real-time scenarios.
  • Ecosystem compatibility check: Assess the Node.js ecosystem for essential tools, libraries, and frameworks to support the project’s needs. This should include checking for modules and packages that streamline development and enhance application functionality.
  • Team expertise evaluation: Evaluate your development team’s expertise with Node.js, ensuring they are familiar with Node.js best practices, asynchronous programming, and relevant tools.

Is NodeJS good for building MPV products?

Absolutely! Node.js is your perfect partner for MVP development, providing the flexibility and speed required to develop MVPs efficiently.

  • With its lightweight and efficient runtime, vast library, and framework ecosystem, Node.js offers the ideal environment for rapid MVP development.
  • Its quick iteration and prototyping capabilities mean you can bring your MVP to life in record time.
  • With its non-blocking I/O model and event-driven architecture, Node.js ensures highly responsive and scalable applications, crucial for gathering feedback and validating concepts swiftly.

Don’t wait any longer! Reach out to us today, and let’s build your Node.js-powered MVP together!

Can I hire a Nodejs dedicated developer on an hourly basis?

Of course! To meet your project needs, HDWEBSOFT provides the flexibility of hiring Dedicated Node JS developers hourly.

You have full control over utilizing our developers’ expertise for as long as necessary, with payment calculated based on the total hours they spend on your project.

This hourly hiring model is cost-effective and allows you to manage your project budget effectively while benefiting from the skills and experience of our Node.js talent.

How much will it cost to build a Nodejs app?

Determining the cost of building a Node.js app is not straightforward, as it varies based on several factors, such as project scope, requirements, complexity, and desired functionalities.

At HDWEBSOFT, we understand the importance of aligning costs with your project’s specific needs and objectives. Our team will carefully assess your requirements and provide a detailed cost estimate tailored to your budget and timeline.

Rest assured, we will work closely with you to propose the most suitable cost structure and provide transparency throughout the development process. Let us handle the cost considerations while you focus on bringing your Node.js app idea to life!

How does Node.js handle scalability and performance for enterprise applications?

Node.js is not just good but exceptional for enterprise application development, offering a robust foundation for building scalable and high-performance solutions tailored to the needs of large organizations.

Node.js empowers enterprises to tackle complex challenges and innovate rapidly by ensuring seamless handling of concurrent requests, making it well-suited for demanding enterprise environments with heavy traffic loads.

Moreover, Node.js boasts a vast ecosystem of libraries, frameworks, and tools that facilitate rapid development and deployment of enterprise-grade solutions.

Let’s embark on your enterprise journey with Node.js today!

What are the best Nodejs Web Frameworks and Nodejs Packages we should use?

At HDWEBSOFT, we tailor our choice of Node.js web frameworks and packages to suit the unique needs of each project.

  • For general cases, we often leverage ExpressJS, known for its versatility and robustness.
  • When working with MVC architecture, we turn to Sails for its comprehensive support and ease of use.
  • For building RESTful APIs, we prefer Hapi due to its intuitive design and extensive plugin ecosystem.
  • Additionally, for lightweight development, we opt for Fastify, which offers exceptional performance and minimal overhead.

Rest assured, our experienced team selects the best tools for each project to ensure optimal results.

Take your web apps to the next level with our Node.js expertise!