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Our expertise covers integration with a variety of APIs, data collection, automated data processing, and compilation of accurate maps with multiple tiles for custom business use. Our clients develop innovative location-based solutions for car navigation, vehicle fleets, open data platforms, cross-industry drone applications, agricultural machinery, and venues worldwide.


Our location based app development expertise

We provide our clients with full cycle development services for business solutions that rely extensively on location data. We start with a discovery phase, provide expert consultancy, figure out the most relevant data to collect, improve internal processes, and develop a visually appealing application within a scalable cloud infrastructure. When you choose HDWEBSOFT, you tap into the joint expertise of developers working with various data formats, designers creating user interfaces for narrow industries, and infrastructure engineers managing CI/CD pipelines for large data platforms and location-based solutions.

Real-time visualization and analytics

Display in-depth analytics of massive data sets to find common patterns and get real-time insights on traffic, fleets, and assets.


Mark geofenced areas on maps to restrict access, track border crossings, send alerts, and monitor objects within virtual boundaries.

GPS and Navigation

Build a smart navigation system with a user-friendly interface that guides vehicles and users accurately while calculating arrival times.


Track valuable assets by applying technologies like GNSS, GPS, QR codes, RFID trackers, NFC tags, and IoT scanners.

Third-party API integration

Connect business applications with the world’s best-known data services, traffic feeds, weather stations, and satellites.

Embrace location technology for business applications

The other benefits of Location Based Software Development

Comply with widespread industry standards

Providers of solutions extensively rely on location data use maps in various formats. We work with HERE maps, Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Bing Maps. Our engineers always make sure your location data comply with proprietary formats you use in internal software tools with the most popular NDS and Open Street Maps formats.

Our expertise in location-based services covers geolocation, navigation, and positioning within many industries including transportation, logistics, agriculture, retail, and mobility. We ensure your innovative location solutions receive only current data in any chosen format aligned with your software requirements for smooth map rendering and fast compilation.

Provide platforms for customer convenience

Platforms are a new way to deliver solutions and tools that are easily accessible within one ecosystem. We apply our expertise in DevOps and cloud technologies to build complex multi-purpose location platforms for developers and businesses. We’ve honed our skills working with the largest consumer of AWS and managing CI/CD for their multiple projects.

We help clients migrate their on-premise location solutions to cloud platforms. This simplifies usage for end customers, they will not need to worry about requirements, servers, and malfunctions. Supporting and maintenance are also covered by the platform providers. We, moreover assist in establishing all processes within an organization as well as with knowledge sharing.

Raise location awareness among businesses

A number of companies are integrating location services into their business applications, covering nearly every aspect of users’ mobility. Mobile location-based services provide users with amazing experiences in navigation, enterprise security, social networking, infotainment, search and advertising, asset tracking, games, and augmented reality.

Customing location software allows a business to improve their content and the user experience with indoor positioning, navigate to PoI, and targeted advertisements. HDWEBSOFT experts help companies adopt mobile location-based services and implement solutions for multiple platforms while complying with GDPR requirements for location data privacy.

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