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You are running a website, but its display and performance are not great? You are looking for an experienced UI/UX Design and Development Company in Vietnam to enhance your product’s user experience? – HDWEBSOFT, an expert in UI/UX Design service, is your trustworthy partner to ease your headache.

Based in Vietnam, we are long-time partners of companies across the globe. With our extensive experience in software development, we guarantee to bring you a world-class experience.


What is UI/UX Design?

UI and UX designs are the technical terms, and they are the crucial elements to a product and work together. Despite the interchangeable usage, their meanings have a huge difference. Let’s have a deeper look at them.

UI Design stands for User Interface.

UX Design is User Experience.

UX Design is tied to recognizing and tackling client issues, whereas UI Design is tied to making instinctive, aesthetically pleasing, and intuitive interfaces.

In the development process, UX design is often in the first place, then UI design.

UX can apply to any item, service, or experience. On the other hand, UI is explicit to digital products and experiences.

What is UI/UX Design?

With over 12 years of experience, HDWEBSOFT provides UI/UX design services as a part of the full cycle development process at an affordable price.

HDWEBSOFT, an experienced UI/UX design services company in Vietnam, ensures that your ideal applications come true regardless of the stage.

The importance of User Experience design

Would you stick with an aesthetically pleasing interface and a usable app? Or would you be satisfied with a sketchy and confusing app?

Imagine you download a new app, but it takes about an hour to find the menu bar. What do you think? How do you feel? Satisfied or dissatisfied?

The importance of User Experience design

There is no doubt that you will delete that app to find a more visual, better, and usable application. User experience is the most critical factor in creating a practical application. In a word, positive user feedback is a signal of any app’s success. Thus, UX and UI designs are vital to business achievements. Instinct and engaging quality of arrangement are answerable for making clients fulfilled and satisfied, which straightforwardly converts into better business results.

Above all, UI/UX designs play a crucial role in software products in Vietnam and the globe.

What is User Experience?

The user experience is how a user reacts to and experiences a product, framework, or administration. UX is understood as a set of tools used to detect, predict, and avoid potential risks when users communicate with and encounter an item. In a word, it helps your products meet users’ needs without any difficulty.

With the professional relationship, UI/UX design’s primary goals are to increase availability to an application, performance, and efficiency. In addition, user experience-oriented, they also focus on users’ feelings, promoting comfort, and creating positive energy when experiencing.

What is User Experience?
With this in mind, our experts always listen to customers and develop products based on end-users perspectives together with your budgets.

The benefits of including UX/UI services in software development

UX/UI services have been playing a vital role in software development. As one of the keys to an application’s success, the absolute benefits of including UX/UI design are impossible, not to mention. Let’s dive into the benefits of these fertile services as follows:

The benefits of including UX/UI services in software development

Increased sales

Your sales will be enhanced significantly.

A visual, convenient, and easy-to-use app is always a user’s choice. Instead of using a sketchy and confusing app, users can save their time from looking for necessary displays, then do more profound research on available features of the application. It keeps your product from being abandoned and increases users’ satisfaction. As a result, they would suggest your product to their friends and become your loyal customers. Besides the growth in sales activity, it enhances your reputation and position on the market.

Besides, stakeholders can benefit from these boosts in sales on account of the testing stage. Also, your product can receive more investment since investors recognize its value at the testing stage. It is also a great chance to enhance your product before the official publication. Above all, a good UI is what everyone looks for.

Also, it helps reduce user irritation. There are no feelings of loss of control or time-wasting. Instead, user experience has been enhanced in both features and interfaces.

Increased sales - UI/UX Design
More accurate development estimations - UI/UX Design

More accurate development estimations

The success of an application is meant for more than just one party. Budgets and deadlines are two top priority factors for stakeholders. However, by acknowledging the importance of users’ feedback/reactions, UX designers focus on end-users to minimize risks such as not meeting customer needs, not understanding the market.

Furthermore, designers can save time and expenses on the prototyping stage since they can identify and avoid potential issues before official publication. Thanks to an effective prototyping and testing stage, as a result, it increases the accuracy of estimations.

Useful skills, great result

The sooner you acknowledge its advantages, the better outcome you perceive.

As a crucial factor to an application’s success, our expert UI and UX designers concentrate on transforming the boring raw technology into an attractive appearance following design standards and principles. Thanks to prioritizing user experience, above all, we ensure that our products always have the most impressive and unique highlights among a million applications on the market.

UI and UX designers always bring you benefits, regardless of your business type/size/requirements.

We provide responsive UI/UX
UI/UX designs are the useful set of tools to produce an application’s success. In a word, they are the decisive factors that you have to prioritize to achieve your business goals.

We provide responsive UI/UX

Over 12 years of experience, HDWEBSOFT’s expert engineers have gathered insights and skills to produce and develop web applications. We also provide comprehensive solutions for your business management activities based on ERP and CRM systems. Our UI and UX design services will help you enhance your position on the field and provide a powerful and unique application.

We provide responsive UI/UX
UX Design Service

UX Design Service

Bringing value in use by providing coherence, clarity, and transparency in the arrangement and storage of users’ information.

UI Concept Development

UI Concept Development

We always keep up with technology trends. Therefore, we create innovative UI Concept applications for future technology products.

Web User Interface Development

Web User Interface Development

With a wide portfolio of web applications, we are confident in delivering an outstanding user experience. As a result, users will become your loyal customers.

Mobile App UI Development

Mobile App UI Development

Besides the web, we also provide the visual UI/UX design service by applying UI development for mobile apps on the two largest technology platforms – Android and iOS.

UI/UX Development

UI/UX Development Services for Cross-platform Apps

We guarantee visual image consistency across all platforms to avoid confusion and difficulties when using applications on different devices.

Desktop App UI Design and Development

Desktop App UI Design and Development

In order to bring the best user experience, we create and develop UI design for desktop applications, which operate smoothly and suit every system and environment.

Which primary functionality in a desktop application are you looking for? – Obviously, the seamless and friendly operation for all systems and environments.

Our UI/UX design and development process

As a reliable company providing UI/UX design services in Vietnam, we understand that only transparency and quality will be the right path to create successes for HDWEBSOFT itself and our clients. Above all, we are delighted to introduce our UI/UX design and development process briefly.

Understanding the needs - UI/UX Design

Understanding the needs

We delve into your business needs and criteria. Then, we identify and list out the requirements and essential elements to develop your project.

Market research and analysis - UI/UX Design

Market research and analysis

Market research will be conducted to investigate target customers. Then, we extract data to address users’ needs and reactions.

Information architecture - UI/UX Design

Information architecture

We create a logical structure and arrange the content in order to avoid risks such as misrepresenting information.

Wireframe and prototype - UI/UX Design

Wireframe and prototype

A wireframe is a sketch of future application’s looks and feelings – structures, content, page functionality. Besides, A prototype is a model that illustrates the item’s performance and flow.

Visual design - UI/UX Design

Visual design

We create a visual and aesthetically pleasing interface for an application, including formats, fonts, elements, etc,. in order to bring end-users satisfaction in terms of graphics and feelings.

Development - UI/UX Design


Providing design materials to the development team for further additional action.

Accelerate your business with strong technical expertise.

UI/UX Design Tools

Figma - UI/UX Design Tools
Invision - UI/UX Design Tools
Canva - UI/UX Design Tools
Zeplin - UI/UX Design Tools
Adobe Xd - UI/UX Design Tools
Adobe Photoshop - UI/UX Design Tools
Jotform - UI/UX Design Tools
Balsamiq - UI/UX Design Tools
Do you have any question?

What makes us outstanding in UI/UX design

With years of experience in providing UI/UX Design services, we have gained awareness about the industry’s sensitivity and competitiveness. There are no hidden processes or hinder communications. In a word, we are transparent in everything we do. As a result, from small to big worldwide corporations, they love to collaborate with us.

Interactive Prototype - UI/UX Design

Interactive Prototype

Feedback has played an essential role in affirming the quality and creating trust for other potential customers. Acknowledging its influence, we create interactive prototypes to assist user feedback. Specifically, we develop prototypes suitable to industry standards.

Illustrations - UI/UX Design


Our artists guarantee to create tremendous and visualize illustrations that deliver a feature or screen’s whole meaning without further explanation.

Animation - UI/UX Design

UI Animation

We provide customized animation graphics to attract users’ attention and improve user experience.

Design System - UI/UX Design

Design System

For other product teams, we gather and outline a set of principles/guidelines/standards for the use of identity, styles, typography, colors, UI elements, photography and graphics, graphs, spacing and layout, and so on.


UI/UX Research

We do research and gain knowledge about your product’s industry, competitors, and target customers. Therefore, we can evaluate and qualify the most suitable design for user experience and interface enhancement.

Information Architecture - UI/UX Design

Information Architecture

A mind map is a form which we use to gather, evaluate, and collate information for clarity. As a result, we begin to comprehend the extent of different features and modules.



The drawings, changeable and easy-to-create frames, indicate the product’s flow and reaffirm the necessities, highlights, and stream of the application or site.

Visual Mockups - UI/UX Design

Visual Mockups

To build visual mockups of the website or app, we generate layouts, typography, graphics, and color theory. Precisely, these mockups will determine the final appearance, feel, and behavior of the product.

We treat your business as our own.

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Very clearly we know, we are serving your clients.


How much time does HDWEBSOFT need to start a new project?

It almost depends on your software development requirements. By learning from our many successful outsourcing development projects, it could take from1 day to 1 week total time of communication for a regular project. We’ve been experienced in project initialization from the first touch to the kick-off moment.We have a pool of backup resources, so we can haveimmediately the first team members to handle your project and can ramp up your team within1 week on average.

How can HDWEBSOFT solve the timezone issue?

We are very active in communication. Honestly, no one can keep working overnight everyday. So our strategy is to avoid dead-time as much as possible by applying these policies:

  • We can work at night for important circumstances. Especially when we start transferring requirements, interviewing developers, resolving a major issue or delivering an important software package.
  • Project leaders need to expand their time of communication after the office hour. So they may not be working officially but keep opening their messengers, emails to have feedback for any of your concerns.
  • Our commitment is to have as detailed as possible a daily report with the team’s needs from your support so you can check on your day time and unblock our work next day.

By doing this, we can make sure there is no blocker to the whole team and we always have enough workload to go with.

How can HDWEBSOFT solve the lingual and cultural issues?

We have been keeping training for all of the team members before starting any projects. So they can keep working with spirits of:

  • Active: Keep responding for any request as quickly as possible.
  • No guessing: Keep communicating with clients until everything is clear. Guessing is good sometimes but in general it will reduce productivity.
  • Can do: Never say I don’t know. Never say I can’t.
  • Got understood completely then making good questions: It’s the key to communication.
  • Meticulous: Consider carefully before delivering any question. The questions need to expect as short as possible answers. We called them case/yes-no questions.
  • Language support: We have a supporting team with very good at English. They have responsibility helping all the teams for their best expressions.

How can HDWEBSOFT commit to have a high productivity?

With 12+ years of experience, we can commit high productivity by controlling well the known issues of software outsourcing development models.

  • Timezone issue
  • Lingual and cultural issue
  • Communication

By solving those issues, we can avoid the hidden costs and improve working productivity.

Choosing the right technology is the key of success for a software development project.

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