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If you are after the priceless data from an extensive list of online platforms, we have web crawling and data scraping development services to handle that. As a top Offshore Software Development Company headquartered in Vietnam, we are able to automate your data mining through web crawling development and web service integration. More than that, we have all specific, economical and optimal Web Crawling and Data Scraping solutions to help you become the best master of web crawlers and data scrapers.

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Introduction to web crawling and data scraping development

Our deployed robotic devices can guarantee you the scraped data of outstanding quality. Specifically, the web crawlers and scrapers can gain access to a large number of worldwide websites to collect raw data and present it in apple pie order. This enables you to maintain efficient management of your business models to scale up your monthly profits.

Data Scraping & Web Crawling Development Company & Services
Want to build your data scraper and web crawler?

Web Crawling & Data Scraping Development Services We Provide

We develop data scrapers that crawl millions of web pages and data sources across the internet. Obviously, we build tools to extract the raw data into a structured model then enrich the results using Big Data, BI Tool and ML.

Database add

Data Scraping Development

The first service we offer is data scraping development. To fuel your business growth, our data scraping development team can design beneficial and feature-rich scraping applications. Such devices can give you relevant information from a large quantity of sources: databases, websites, legacy systems and any application in operation. Then, you can extract, analyze and incorporate the statistics into your business systems however you want it.

Data Source

Data Extraction Services

We also provide data extraction services. In particular, our data mining experts are capable of creating tools or software to process raw data to transform it into a comprehensive presentable one. These handy tools will truly give you a competitive advantage in the market to leverage the full potential of all the gathered data. In fact, you can easily see that these pieces of virtual equipment are employed in almost all industries from governmental agencies to corporations of all sizes.

Data Scientist

ERP & BI Integration

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and BI (Business Intelligence) integration is part of our expertise as well. We can integrate a wide range of ERP applications and a lot of BI software into your management platform. Particularly, this action would ease the troublesome handling of thousands of data points on a daily basis. What is more, this combination can substantially speed up the decision-making process of your organization.

Data Scraping & Web Crawling Development Company & Services
We offer comprehensive data scraping development services at very affordable prices. So, give us a chance to prove it to you now.

Our Solutions in Building Web Scrapers

PYTHON SCRAPY for Data Scraping & Web Crawling


Are you a fan of Python? Fortunately, web scraping would be no more than just a piece of cake with Python Scrapy. This tool, Scrapy, is based on a completely free-of-charge and open source application foundation designed in Python. Such a tool is able to effectively perform various tasks (crawling, scraping and extraction of raw data from any web page). All in all, we recommend this tool for such tasks as mining data, processing information and archiving historical records.

NODE PUPPETEER for Data Scraping & Web Crawling


Are you a fan of Node.js? Puppeteer can be understood as indeed a node library that offers a top-level API (Application Programming Interface) to control Chromes via the DevTools Protocols. This can be operated on any existing node program. With this tool in hands, you no longer have to perform the common manual tasks in the browser, for example generation of screenshots and PDFs of web pages or the processing of form submission, UI testing and keyboard input.

API Integration for Data Scraping & Web Crawling

API – Standing on the shoulders of giants

Do you want fast but desirable results and avoidance of complex technical issues? If yes, the right choice for you is ready-made APIs. For clients who can take advantage of their financial potential, we employ APIs developed by third-party services. Although this method may cost more than your intended budget, its benefits deserve consideration. In greater detail, employing available APIs can save time of web crawling development to produce viable products faster. Some APIs we often use include ScraperAPI and RapidAPI.

Libraries for Data Scraping & Web Crawling


The above mentioned are the typical tools of great versatility. They are suitable for all possible cases in reality. Rather than these, we can take into account other heavyweight and complex solutions, namely Selenium and Nightmare. For more lightweight options, we have Urllib, Request and Osmosis. All these libraries can act as amazing supporting sidekicks for the more superior data scraping libraries as mentioned.
Our data scraping development experts guarantee you the best quality tools for any data you need. So, do not hesitate to cooperate with us.

Our Expertise in Data Crawling & Scraping Development

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Practical high-level skills in data scraping

In the past few years, we have developed a large quantity of projects that necessitate data scraping tools or solutions. Furthermore, the thorough knowledge of the architectural infrastructure of a complete data scraping solution is in our hands. Last but not least, with plug and play methodology, we know how to best incorporate different solutions in an effective manner.

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Vast knowledge of solutions to any bottlenecks and resource clashes

The most efficient operation of data scraping calls for the close cooperation between resource scaling and scraping threshold. With our extensive technological expertise, we are able to tackle this problem effortlessly. Moreover, we incorporate the queuing technique, various proxy providers and high-quality coding skills to control the number of scraping requests to target web pages.

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True master of technology for storage and search

One of the most mind-boggling tasks is to search and store data effectively. Luckily, we have found the most appropriate remedy for this problem. In particular, we have achieved the absolute mastery of the best standardized practices for all phases including storage of raw data, analysis of such data and search engines that support speedy queries.
Are you in search of quality data to scale up your business? Give us a call or just leave us a message and we will help you.


Automated browsers and data scraping can truly help your business thrive. Let’s take a look at their validated applications.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) - Data Scraping

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA will remove the tedious and repetitive tasks your staff have to do manually. Consequently, this gives them chances to focus on more important assignments for higher productivity. A few of the jobs this method can take over are automation of manual work, online form filling-out, automated accounting and automation of sales process.

Product Development - Data Scraper & Web Crawler

Product Development

Product Development

Data scraping can greatly empower product development. Specifically, the vast collection of data from this practice can turn any product idea into tangible results such as price trackers, tools for SEO auditing and data aggregators.

Price and Product Comparison - Data Scraping Application

Price and Product Comparison

Price and Product Comparison

Comparison of products and prices helps you keep real-time track of what all your rivals have been doing on their sites simultaneously. As a result, you can promptly react to that with new lines of products or pricing strategies.

Market Research - Web Crawling Services

Market Research

Market Research

Precisely related knowledge from market research makes it possible for collecting existing and potential clients’ information and behaviors. More than that, it brings you the insights of your competition and your business industry. Data scraping of this manner can be seen in many business sectors: social media, car dealerships, accommodation and real estate.

Machine Learning - Data Scraping & Extraction Application

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

With the availability of data from infinite sources, web crawling and data mining can aid the training of your AI (Artificial Intelligence) models. In particular, the training can be conducted smoothly in any field from the processing of natural language to the recognition of images.

Lead Generation - Web Crawling Application

Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Obtaining valuable data of customers through web crawling enables you to create products that can easily match existing and potential customers’ demands. Specifically, contact gathering from social networks and other platforms would generate a broad array of leads for your business products.

You can start scraping valuable data now with our affordable web crawling and data scraping solutions. Just contact us if you need some help.


What is web crawling and data scraping?

To put it in a few words, web crawling refers to the practice of search and discovery of URLs or links on websites while web scraping simply means scraping or extracting certain data from the webs. These allow you to collect valuable information for different purposes such as consumer behavior study or evaluation of software performance.

What are the benefits web crawling and data scraping development services offer?

Frankly speaking, our services can help you collect relevant and priceless data without monotonous manual work. As a result, you can maintain effective management of data.

What kind of data can web crawling tools mine?

We do not scrape porn websites and websites that contain personal details like Credit Card Details, Social Security Number and other personal information.

Are web crawling and data scraping illegitimate?

We need to have permission from website owners in order to scrape the site. So, it is totally legal.

How long does it take to perform data scraping on a website?

It entirely depends on the web complexity, integration of CAPTCHA and use of Ajax. Specifically, the existence of those makes it hard to scrape the web.

What kind of webs do you refuse to offer scraping development services?

We say no to pornographic sites. Also, we refuse to provide services to those who wish to collect important personal information such as social security numbers and credit card details.

Try to leverage the vast amount of data from infinite online sources to keep your business growing. Indeed, we can easily help you do that with our data scraping services.

Case Studies of Web Data Scraping Development

As one of the most reputable web crawling development services in Vietnam, we have developed various web crawling and data scraping solutions to cater for the needs of any customer. Hence, if your business is in need of such technology, you have just found yourself the most reliable web crawling and data scraping development company.