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HDWEBSOFT, one of the early adopters of AWS Lambda & Serverless App Development, is praised as the most prominent and reliable offshore AWS Lambda & Serverless App Development Company in Vietnam. Years of experience in Serverless Architecture empower us to offer a wide array of top-notch AWS Lambda and Serverless App Development Services. Our veteran ITs are skillful in leveraging all the advantages to produce your ideal app.

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Setting Server Management free with a help from experienced Serverless App Development Company

In the era of technology 4.0, cybersecurity is the most significant concern. In fact, any traditional data management encompasses higher risk during migration and digitalization to a cloud-based system. Knowing the critical role of information protection, HDWEBSOFT eases your headache with our AWS Lambda and Serverless App Development Services. To be exact, we ensure a robust, scalable, and secure solution development with the serverless architecture.

Serverless is sophisticated, HDWEBSOFT makes it simple

Use Cases

AWS (Amazon Web Services) Lambda, released in 2014, is a serverless computing platform that can manage computing resources automatically. In addition, the growth of the Serverless Framework helps complex application development on the Lambda platform. Above all, AWS Lambda is beneficial for various types of projects.

Integrating AWS Lambda with other AWS Services helps eliminate the data leaking threats. To be exact, it delivers a scalable and highly secure experience. In fact, with AWS Services, we can build backend features and expose executable calls through the API Gateway, making things more straightforward than ever. It’s become an essential part of Serverless App Development Methodology.
Back-end Application - Serverless Development Services
AWS Lambda facilitates data ETL (Extraction – Transformation – Loading) processing to run safely and efficiently via a stimulus like an event or schedule. This technology scales automatically based on the system’s number of push calls. Data processing is valuable to AWS Lambda since the data flow and scale work constantly change. In some cases, it handles a great deal of processing. On the other hand, it sometimes does not require any action.
Data Processing - Serverless Development Services
Have the experts develop your well-crafted Serverless Apps under AWS.

Our Serverless App Development Proficiency

At HDWEBSOFT, we make your futuristic AWS Lambda and Serverless Application. It is time to standardize your project for the best, solid, and flexible technology platform.

Eliminate your business obstacles with our AWS Lambda Architecture & Serverless App Development Services.

Business Benefits from Serverless Technology

As a competent AWS Lambda & Serverless App Development Company, we leverage Serverless computing with the FaaS model that requires no infrastructure management and provision. It helps remove unnecessary costs to focus on maximizing in-depth and scalable app development. Besides, AWS Lambda is valuable due to its notable advantages for many business industries.


Reduction of code implementation to scale.

The uninterrupted scale of applications.

Software’s complexity removal.

Rapid release.

High frequent times to market.

Microservices compatibility.

Agile development technology compatibility.

No administration overhead.

Enhance your application agility with AWS Lambda App Development & Serverless Architecture


What are AWS Lambda key features?

AWS Lambda is a valuable event-driven and serverless computing platform. It offers a wide array of benefits, such as:

  • High security in data migration and digitalization.
  • Automatic scaling.
  • Saving operational costs.
  • Excellent ability in handling peaks in load.
  • Serverless ecosystem.
  • AWS services extension.
  • Simple code.

Are there any hidden charges?

No. There are no hidden charges. At HDWEBSOFT, our Serverless Development Services ensure a transparent weekly report. In fact, we provide a cost estimate on the consulting day for your reference.

How long has HDWEBSOFT been working with Serverless Architecture?

We have years of experience working in Serverless Architecture. Precisely, our skillful and dedicated developers have had their hands on building a number of resounding successful AWS Lambda-based projects, which have all the advantages of AWS.

How many Serverless Architecture Developers & DevOps does HDWEBSOFT have?

HDWEBSOFT takes pride in having a team of knowledgeable IT professionals. In fact, we have 2 skillful AWS System Architecture developers and 5+ experienced AWS DevOps who are proficient in AWS integrations. These numbers are still modest, but their skills are our power to ensure HDWEBSOFT is a competent AWS Lambda Development Company.

How can HDWEBSOFT determine if Serverless is good for a specific project?

Since Serverless is the most cost-savings technology, we keep up with the trend and offer this Serverless Development Services whenever it benefits your business and budget. Above all, it is best suited for on-demand tasks thanks to its resource liberations when it has no requests.

Will I get the copyright of the source code?

Absolutely yes. We acknowledge and respect the importance of privacy, especially in any collaboration. Therefore, HDWEBSOFT ensures transparency during the development process including sharing all licensed documents relating to your project.

Any questions about AWS Lambda, Serverless Framework and our Serverless Development Services?

Serverless Development Case Studies

Accompanying in product development and post-development period, we are delighted to contribute to your success. Besides, we are honored to receive trust and love from partners.

The Platform for Healthcare Knowledge: A Case Study
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