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HDWEBSOFT is one of the most prominent offshore companies and has immense experience developing applications with our serverless architecture services. Our developers have extensive knowledge about Serverless Development Services with a progressive level of programming. Join us – the dedicated serverless app developers for creating amazing mobile & web applications.


Top Serverless App Development Services

Serverless architecture enables you to manage cloud-hosted applications and services, server-side logic, and state with serverless without worrying about purchasing, provisioning, and managing backend servers & offers greater scalability, more flexibility, and quicker time to release with affordable cost. HDWEBSOFT is offering:

AWS Lambda Serverless Architecture Development with Python

AWS Lambda Serverless Architecture Development with Nodejs

GCP Functions Serverless Architecture Development with Python

GCP Functions Serverless Architecture Development with Nodejs

Hire Dedicated GCP Functions Serverless Developers

GCP Functions Support and Maintenance

GCP Functions Porting

Hire Dedicated AWS Lambda Serverless Developers

AWS Lambda Support and Maintenance

AWS Lambda Porting

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How long has HDWEBSOFT been working with Serverless Architecture?

We have started working with Serverless Architecture development for more than 2 years.

How many Serverless Architecture developers does HDWEBSOFT have?

HDWEBSOFT team with strong developers who can set up and transfer Serverless Development Process for any supported programming languages.

How can HDWEBSOFT determine if Serverless is good for a specific project?

Serverless is very good for cost savings and component decoupling. This hot trend is controlled by HDWEBSOFT’s teams and we will suggest clients using this technology whenever possible.

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