Why Laravel is the Best PHP Framework in 2021?

Why Laravel is the Best PHP Framework in 2021?

Why Laravel is the Best PHP Framework in 2021?

The 21st century is a time of fast-paced changes in software development. Among various web application development choices, you must have the most suitable frameworks for your business app development. With notable Laravel features, there is no doubt about why it is the best framework in 2021. I bet that you must have come across many online sources before reading this blog; however, let’s have an in-depth look at its reasons under a developer’s scope.

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What is the Laravel framework?

Laravel, born in 2011, is an open-source PHP framework for custom web application development. Following an MVC – Model – View – Controller design pattern, the Laravel-based products are well-designed, structured, and pragmatic, reducing executed tasks and concentrating on business-related features and apps.

Furthermore, Laravel provides a comprehensive set of functionalities that incorporate the fundamental features of PHP frameworks such as CodeIgniter and Yii and other programming languages such as Ruby on Rails. Laravel has a plethora of features that will accelerate web development. Last but not least, it offers high web security and prevents cyber-attacks.

Laravel in Comparison with Other Frameworks

There are many valuable frameworks to choose from for your web application development. However, why Laravel is the best fit for various types and purposes is the most interesting question. Let’s have a look at its comparison among other frameworks in the following order.

A Developer Friendliness Framework

Laravel, a PHP open-source framework, inherits the friendliness of the PHP framework such as free use, simple structure, rich library, and supportive community.

Huge and Supportive Community

With its growing popularity, Laravel has expanded its community significantly. Additionally, owned in part by the PHP frameworks community, users can get help from the knowledgeable and huge community immediately when the need arises. Furthermore, with prominent and experienced IT engineers joining, your web app developers can take advice from experts and develop your dream web application.

Comparison between Laravel and other Famous Frameworks

Laravel vs. CakePHP

  • Open-source PHP framework.
  • MVC support.
  • Powerful ORM system for data mapping.
  • The ease for common web development tasks.
  • Large community.
Laravel CakePHP
  • Best suited for large and complex websites and web applications.
  • 2-way data binding for driving data activity.
  • Robust and full feature templating for better understanding at the functional level thanks to HTML attributions.
  • More preferable for performance testing and data backup and handling.
  • Best performance for small projects.
  • No data-binding process was provided.
  • Using Underscore templates, which don’t provide as fully-featured as Laravel offers.
  • Less preferable for big and complex projects; additionally, data backup and handling.

Laravel vs. Symfony

  • Cross-platform PHP frameworks.
  • Popularity.
  • Robust templating offers.
  • ORM for data support.
Laravel Symfony
  • The most popular PHP frameworks.
  • Better performance than Symfony as in the same version of PHP.
  • Less preferable to experts due to its MVC model once you expand over the MVC paradigm.
  • Blade provides more advantages in templating than Twig.
  • The second most popular PHP frameworks.
  • Is not as great as Laravel. However, it is still a good framework.
  • Easier and more preferable by experts for its modularity and scaling.
  • Using Twig is good, but it cannot compare to Blade.

Laravel vs. Zend

  • PHP web frameworks.
  • Available for cross-platforms.
  • Big community.
Laravel Zend
  • A full-stack web app PHP-based MVC framework.
  • PHP programming language.
  • MIT license.
  • Huge community.
  • Is not as fast as Zend in performance.
  • A PHP-based MVC framework for web app stability and scalability.
  • Using Package Dependency Manager for integration.
  • New BSD license.
  • Is not as huge as Laravel’s community.
  • Faster in performance.

Laravel vs. Yii

  • ORM for data access.
  • Caching’s components:
    • APC
    • Database
    • File
Laravel Yii
Testing requirement
  • PHPUnits out-of-the-box and Symfony components.
  • PHP only and Codeception.
Migration requirement
  • Migration class.
  • Data filling tool.
  • Only migration class.

Laravel vs. Phalcon

  • PHP web frameworks.
Laravel Phalcon
  • High scalability.
  • Simple and friendly for developers.
  • Powerful templating system.
  • No need for root access for PHP extension and framework installation.
  • Is not as good as Phalcon’s design practices.
  • Less scalable than Laravel.
  • More complex and difficult to learn and work with.
  • Using the Volt template system, which is less robust than Blade.
  • A need for root access for PHP extension and framework installation.
  • Good design practices.

Why Laravel is the Best Framework?

The Laravel framework has gained popularity over the years. Below is the list of its outstanding.

Authorization and Access Control

It is believed that data in different databases is more secure thanks to authorization and access control. In fact, implementing authorization and access is quite complicated when deploying on several frameworks. However, this would not be the case with the Laravel framework. Specifically, in Laravel, the process is simplified with configuration settings. It automatically generates valuable features such as login controllers, user models, views, and registries for authentication setup.

Additionally, depending on logic and apps, it is extendable for implementing functionalities. Laravel integrates with social apps and allows user authentication through Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus sites. Authorization and Access Control is well-known as Laravel’s notable feature.

MVC Support

Laravel’s most significant advantage is that it uses an MVC-based architecture that is the first and best of its kind. Its expressive, beautiful syntax makes it an object-oriented framework. Using MVC can make your code more structured and easier to work with.

Eloquent Object-Relational Mapper (ORM)

The Eloquent ORM that comes with Laravel makes data retrieval faster and is one of its best features. As a pre-installation of with object-oriented libraries, Laravel’s libraries have the following features such as:

  • Active users monitor.
  • Password resets.
  • Cross-site request forgery (CSRF) protection.
  • Encryption mechanisms.

Furthermore, Eloquent ORM eliminates compatibility issues between databases and provides a friendly and straightforward ActiveRecord implementation for working with your database.

Artisan Command-Line Interface (CLI)

Artisan, a command-line interface, is used for task automation orders, known as one of the most crucial features of the PHP Laravel framework. It allows developers to create their own tasks, some of which are task-explicit or modified. Some commands can cover regular duties with flexibility, including database beans creation, model creation, controller creation, and database migration.

Blade Template Engine

Like ORM, Blade, a simple and powerful visual templating engine in Laravel, is a pre-installed feature that provides a global view helper for quick task performances and impressive layout developments. In addition, it supports a structure to create files with built-in conditionals and helps segment templates into different sections logically with follow suit.

Task Scheduling

As a matter of fact, task management and configuration are the two most critical factors of any web application. The Laravel web framework provides setup and task scheduling ease like email sending, database clearance, etc. In addition, the configuration of each task is schedulable on the server and available for easy task calculation and execution.

Database Migration

With the Laravel web app framework, database migration has been easier, faster, and more efficient than ever. Specifically, it eliminates database synchronization and allows for incorporation into different machines. Therefore, this is one of the most prominent features of Laravel.

Automatic Package Discovery

Automatic Package Discovery was once an issue with Laravel. However, Laravel 5.5 and after allows automatic package detection, and users can benefit from it. With this enhancement, the Laravel framework adapts to users’ comprehensive different package needs. In a word, it has improved user experience significantly.


Application performance testing helps developers resolve errors and ensure that the web application grows and operates efficiently. Therefore, PHPUnit out-of-the-box was born to make it easier for developers to accomplish.

Automated testing process to analyze the command lines and feasibility, build the right features, evaluate and test, and finally execute the procedure performed on the application that allows to detect regressions and prevent them.


Security has played an essential role in every aspect when it comes to technology development. Laravel web app framework ensures high-level protection and cycle-attack prevention. With the Bcrypt algorithm, the passwords are well-protected and difficult for unauthorized entry. Besides, Laravel offers several notable security features such as:

  • Encryption.
  • Protection of routes.
  • Password reminders and reset.
  • User authentication.
  • Authentication for HTTP.
  • Store passwords.
  • Logging in users manually.
  • Authentication drivers.

Official Useful Packages


Laravel Fortify is a front-end-independent back-end authentication implementation for Laravel. It is a package that allows Laravel to use all of its authentication abilities, including logging in, registering, resetting passwords, verifying emails, and more. You can trigger many methods manually when working with Laravel’s authentication services, such as password reset and email verification documentation.


Laravel Sanctum, formerly known as Airlock, is a Laravel package built specifically for the authentication of single-page applications (SPA), mobile apps, and simple token-based APIs. With Sanctum, the app allows users to generate multiple API tokens for their account, each with different permissions. To clarify, the token can be granted abilities/scopes that define which actions they are permitted to carry out.


Laravel Passport, built on the League OAuth2 server, provides an easy-to-use OAuth2 server implementation for your Laravel application in minutes. Created and maintained by Millington and Hamp, it is the most suitable to use Laravel Passport if your project requires OAuth2.

On the other hand, if you wish to authenticate a different page app, a mobile app, or supply an API token, Laraval Scum will be a better match. Despite the fact that it doesn’t support OAuth2, it is simpler to develop authentication using the API than other methods.


Laravel Socialite offers a more straightforward and convenient approach to authenticating with OAuth than typical form-based authentication. Several big platforms are supported by Socialite, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, etc.


As its name suggests, Laravel Cashier is a valuable toolset to ease all your writing dread of all boilerplate subscription billing codes. Indeed, it brings a visual and friendly interface to Stripe and Braintree subscription billing services. Furthermore, coupons, subscription shifting, subscription “quantities,” cancellation grace periods, and even invoice PDF generation are all possible with Cashier.


Laravel Scout is a driver-based solution for full-text search to Eloquent models. It stores and syncs your search with Eloquent via model observers. On the other hand, custom drivers are straightforward to write, and you are free to enhance Scout with your search implementations. Currently, it supports Algolia MeiliSearch.


We have gone through every reason for the Laravel framework’s reputation. In fact, the Laravel web app framework has gained popularity thanks to its consistency and user-oriented development. However, the framework should benefit your web development and business budget. Therefore, HDWEBSOFT offers an in-depth consultancy to ease your questions, then recommends the most valuable framework for your web development, which fits your budget and boosts your business forward.

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