The right Offshore Service Provider to Trust

The right Offshore Service Provider to Trust

How to choose the right offshore service provider?

In business today, in software offshore and outsource, there are hundreds of companies are standing outside your business door hoping to be picked and get a stand in your business. The chosen is right in your hand. Just pick one but who? Who can make you a happy client? Who can be a part of your business and can go a long with you for a long time after?

Hire an offshore service provider vs hire an employee

From our point of view, there is no different between them in the way you execute them. You broadcast your need in social channels, you read the profiles or curriculum vitae, you interview them and choose the top ones for the final round, then you temporarily hire them to do some pilot jobs, etc. No difference at a glance.

The different thing here is you are hiring a running business not a particular employee. Yes, not a particular employee. So what you have to do must be at business level, not employee level.

What is a good offshore service provider?

It depends on what you need for your business. If your business is big with many stages you should choose a big and universal partners. Else, what you need is only a specialized partner. That’s theorem. But universal or specialized, here are what must have in a good offshore service provider especially when you are in progress to choose a specialized partner:

  • They must have great communication. You can easily detect this via some emails and talks.
  • They must get finished their commitment in delivery and communication plan. You can check them by some pilot projects (test projects) in which you can set some hard deadline that requires the team to spend some extra working hours to finish. Their attitude to bring you the best result is very important because it shows their high responsibility.