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Big Bang in Offshore Software Development | The Big Bang for Your Buck

What creates a high-quality system that can easily meet strict requirements such as tight budget or relatively short time frame? The answer could come from careful planning and execution. Those steps are integral parts of the system development life cycle (SDLC), a standardized multiphase process. Such a process has proven its significance in the construction of any system from initial ideas to functional application. Through time, a splendid array of SDLC methodologies or models have emerged including the Waterfall approach, deemed...

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How to Choose the Right Software Development Partner in Vietnam

You are running a business and looking for the right software development company as a long-term partner to support you. Vietnam is a great place for you, in the top 15 outsourcing destinations. In case, you are still worried and wonder how to choose the right software development partner. These tips below would be valuable for you. In particular, I have a specific section about Vietnamese companies. Before diving into the detailed list, we thoroughly point some major issues/disadvantages out when finding an...

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What is the Best Way to Interview Software Developers?

Recruiting good software developers can be a challenge for many software development companies. To get the best out of the interview process, it's important to have the right method and questions. In this post, we'd like to share HDWEBSOFT's experience and tips on interviewing software developers in a friendly way. Whether you're a developer, tester, IT specialist, or HR specialist, we hope our advice can help you find the perfect developer for your team. To help, I've looked around to see what...

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