BaseRow - 03

IMPORTXML is an amazing feature of Google Sheet that allows you to crawl and parse data. But it has a few limits on the parser or performance. That's the reason why our client, with their extended requirement on the number of records, the complexity of parsing script and the situations of error handlings, wants to build that utility without changing user experience. Learn more about our AWS Lambda & Serverless Development. Features Extend as the data editor, this is a software that...

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02 - A Linkedin Business Auto Search with Chatbot Integration

The client has a LinkedIn business account but it’s very hard for them to find contacts, build reports and share valuable data through their organization. This application will help them to receive requests from any department and crawl LinkedIn data via their business account. Features Scrape data from Linkedin. Integrate with Chatbot. Learn more about our Real Time Application Development. The web interface allows all staff members to access and query data via chat messages. All the UI/UX has been built using Vue. Learn...

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