Author: Tuan Nguyen

Software Outsourcing Development Trends 2022

Software Outsourcing is constantly evolving and introducing new approaches. This article will guide you through the leading Software Outsourcing Development Trends forecasted to dominate in 2022 as well as their possible implications for your business cases. Though facing opposition when initially introduced, outsourcing has proven its revolutionary value as a full-fledged business methodology for software development. This technique not only helps cut down unnecessary costs in training and retaining IT specialists but also removes technological burdens on non-tech companies of any size....

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A Dedicated Development Team - Your Ultimate Weapon

When it comes to outsourcing software development, business owners often have to search far and wide for the most suitable partnership model. Out of all the available models, hiring a Dedicated Software Development Team has proven its values and thus deserves a proper consideration. In fact, this model comes with high transparency and effectiveness, so it works well for not only long-established companies but also developing startups and is the best choice for offshore clients who seek reliable remote collaboration. What is...

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Big-Bang-Offshore-Software-Development -The-Big-Bang-for-Your-Buck

What creates a high-quality system that can easily meet strict requirements such as tight budget or relatively short time frame? The answer could come from careful planning and execution. Those steps are integral parts of the system development life cycle (SDLC), a standardized multiphase process. Such a process has proven its significance in the construction of any system from initial ideas to functional application. Through time, a splendid array of SDLC methodologies or models have emerged including the Waterfall approach, deemed...

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