Author: Anh Hoang

Top 5 .NET Development Trends in 2022

When it comes to the technology world, the .NET Framework is already the most widely used among developers. However, by 2022, the platform is expected to dominate strongly, cover almost all industries and markets, as a result of its application and upgrade over the past few years. With all of the commitment of Microsoft to innovation and the constant addition of new features to their platform, then the future expansion of .NET may come very close. In this article, we will...

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According to Forbes in 2021, Information Technology, especially software and app developers, is in the top 5 growing career fields in 2022. The article mentioned that by the end of the decade, the software development field will grow by 22%. Thus, to reorient your career toward tech, you may understand computer science and software engineering. Individualities who do not work in technology may find it delicate to distinguish between these two generalities. Although they all partake in some overlapping commonalities, each...

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