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Flutter vs. React Native - Flutter is a better choice

Flutter and React Native are among the best choices for cross-platform software development. Many still wonder whether Flutter or React Native is the better choice. Why don’t we sit down and take some time to enjoy this 10-minute read to make an informed decision? What is Flutter? To decide if Flutter is the better choice, we have to take a careful look. Flutter is a portable UI toolkit – a comprehensive application Software Development Kit (SDK), supported with many widgets and tools. A brief...

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Vuejs vs Reactjs - The race

VueJS vs ReactJS, they are both JavaScript-based toolkit ecosystems, have gained popularity in web app development. Additionally, they are prominent to developers due to their capacity to build dynamic user interfaces. Amid the technology race in 2021, the outstanding performance of these two open-source JavaScript frameworks has raised a debate about who leads the race - VueJS vs ReactJS. In fact, there is no winner, but we can give them credit for what they do better. As a result, we can...

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Front End Developer

HDWEBSOFT is a young software development company, located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We provide custom software outsourcing development services to the global market. Our size is 250 software engineers now and we are growing. We are hiring front end developers; this job is in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Job description for Front End Developer position Collaborate with the team to enhance our Javascript publishing platform Build large scale web application Job requirement for Front End Developer position Very good knowledge in...

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