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which kind application nodejs best fit for

As a decent robust solution, Node.js has been the best choice for web application development. Having an excellent influence on software development, Node.js is now being viewed as a high-end and best fit tool for real-time data-intensive applications. However, there are some interesting questions about Node.js. Most of them are about which kinds of applications that Node.js is the best for. To clarify, is Node.js suitable for all types of projects or only suitable for some specific applications? What is Node.js? Definition First released...

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Java and .NET frequently clash in the programming scene. Indeed, Microsoft discharged .NET (C#, explicitly) to contend with Java, which has a firm hang on numerous stage advancement ventures. Java vs .Net: Which one is better for web development? Java Development vs .Net Development, at the point when it's time to find a developer, you will find that there's a spellbound enthusiasm between the Java developers and .NET developers. These two stages both perform comparable capacities, so it's dependent upon you to choose...

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