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HDWEBSOFT has been a leading HRM Development Company that helps optimize the HRM workflows for customers all over the world. Our innovative HRM Software Development Services enable businesses of all sizes to improve their HR management system, to inspire more people in their work and to recruit valuable assets more easily


What Is HRM?

HRM Development Services | What is HRM?

Human Resources Management (HRM) is the strategic method to take care of the employment, development and wellbeing of the people in an organization. It usually involves management decisions that impact the relationship between the business and its human resources.

In practice, Human Resources Management (HRM) is a tool to optimize human resources, promote individual development and comply with government regulations. In other words, businesses of all sizes need effective and user-friendly Human Resources Management software to effortlessly manage the entire process related to HR.

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Benefits Of A HRM system

As your business grows, it will face certain problems such as scaling, workflow and process automation. This will complicate managing human resources even more. Fortunately, this is when the benefits of having a custom Human Resources Management (HRM) development solution shine. Below are the benefits that you will reap from such a system:

Automating business processes

Preventing human errors

Comprehensive reporting to identify points of improvement

In-depth analytics, granting valuable insights

Easier storage of important documents

Facilitating routine HR tasks

Enhancing employee performance and KPIs monitoring

Cost-effective recruiting and clear onboarding process

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Our HRM Development Services

When it comes to choosing the right HRM Development Services, there are so many options to consider. For example, commercial-off-the-shelf software, one-size-fits-all products or Custom HRM Development solutions are the most common.

Commercial-off-the-shelf software comes with basic functions, reasonable costs and the ease to implement. However, this means it will not satisfy different business needs and policies. This also applies to one-size-fits-all software as it cannot completely meet each customer’s specific needs and requirements.

Our HRM Development Services

On the other hand, Custom HRM Development Services may come off a bit pricey and may require more time to develop. Nevertheless, the benefits they bring will rapidly outweigh the drawbacks in the long run. Custom HRM Development Services ensure that the software will cater to the specific needs and requirements of the customers and even support future features should the need arise.

It is ultimately up to you to decide the right type, whether it is off-the-shelf or custom HRM software or a combination of both. Read more about the types here.

Developing a unique HRM system

CRM Solutions IconConsulting of technical products.
CRM Solutions IconApplication architecture design.
CRM Solutions IconUX/UI design.
CRM Solutions IconAutomated testing.
CRM Solutions IconPre-configuration of the system.
CRM Solutions IconImplementation and integration support for customers.
CRM Solutions IconMaintenance and customization support.

Adjusting existing HRM product development

CRM Solutions IconReasonable development costs.
CRM Solutions IconMinimizing risks of defects in production.
CRM Solutions IconEnhancing code quality.
CRM Solutions IconImproving service availability.
CRM Solutions IconQuickening response time.
CRM Solutions IconBoosting performance and security.

Switching to SaaS Model

CRM Solutions IconUtilizing cloud-based development and microservices architecture.
CRM Solutions IconDefining the functionality of OOTB for your SaaS product and your customization.
CRM Solutions IconBuilding a multi-tenant architecture that is flexible and easily scalable.
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Our HRM System Architecture

As a leading HRM Development Service Company, we design and develop our HRM system architecture while keeping our customers’ interests in mind. Building a complete and functional system will speak volumes for our proficiency and gratitude.

API for smooth integration with customers’ enterprise systems.

OOTB Security Policies

Information Protection and Access Control.

Operational Data Storage

User Behavior Analytics

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Key Modules Of our HRM development services

A functional HRM system means that your business can perform well like a well-oiled machine and achieve your goals. Our custom HRM development team understands that and strives to deliver a comprehensive HRM solution with all the key modules.

HR administrative tasks

Personnel database.

Employee profiles.

Employment cycle transactions.

Payroll management.

Employee welfare.

Reporting and analytics.

HR service management

Business policies and processes.

Employee handbook.

Organizational charts and graphs.

Employee knowledge base.

Self-service portals.

Virtual assistants and chatbots.

Talent management



Performance management.

Career and succession planning.

Internal job transferring.

Employee behavior prediction through AI and analytics.

Self-learning and development.

Workforce planning.

Labor management

Tasks and activities logs.

Employee scheduling.

Time and attendance evaluation.

Absence tracking.

Work time tracking.

HDWEBSOFT’s team is ready to help your company get a feature-rich and easy-to-use HRM solution to improve your performance. Getting your own HRM module development has never been easier.

Timeframes for HRM development services

MVP development: 2-4 months (negotiable).

MVP with innovative components for better competitiveness: 3-6 months (negotiable).

Releases: every 2-6 weeks (negotiable).

Minor changes and hotfix: as many as required.

As a leading HRM development service company, HDWEBSOFT strives to deliver the perfect product within a reasonable amount of time.

Pricing models for HRM development services

Capped Time and Material

React quickly to user feedback and changing requirements.

Best in Agile development cases.

Capped Time

Fixed Price

Can be divided into many phases to reduce risks and facilitate precise evaluation.

Best in well-defined and stable projects.

fixed price

Fixed Monthly Fee

Best for developed SaaS HR products in support mode.

fixed monthly
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Why HDWEBSOFT for your HRM Software Development?
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HRM Development Case Studies

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